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The sleek and the sexy: HORI PRO.3 Premium VLX (for PlayStation3™), Saber Alter Maid Version, One Piece Warlords - Donquixote, Jinbei, Rilakkuma plushes & more!

Licensed by Taito, the Hori Premium VLX fighting sticks don't just simulate your arcade gaming experience; they are 100% arcade.

They are created to the exact dimensions of the VELIX controllers in the arcades and have perfect ergonomic designs to support long gaming hours.

This is perfect for shooter fans, as you can set the speed at which you shoot. Start off with 5 bullets per second and move up to 10, then 20. The extra option board in the package will give the joystick more stability. So all you've got to do is to concentrate on your game.

For more information on these joysticks, please see this special news. HORI Real Arcade PRO.3 Premium VLX for the PlayStation3 has arrived and the Xbox360™ version will come soon too:

HORI Real Arcade PRO.3 Premium VLXJPN N/Asold

Servant Saber sheds her usual armor and lengthy dress for this skimpy costume, and picks up the bucket and the mop. Although she is now a house servant, there is no obedience in her expression, her upright posture alone tells you not to mess with her.

The mop is painted a metallic red, and she will certainly wield it like the Excalibur if she sees one wrong move.

Small details, such as the frills, lace and ribbons are made to perfection, her stockings, garter and shoes are all painted with a pearly sheen; maid Saber simply shines with sensuality.

Chibi Saber comes with regular Saber, display them together for a touch of humor.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia 1/6 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure: Saber Alter Maid VersionJPN N/Asold

Banpresto brings you the seven war lords of the sea. The first pair to come are the flamingo and the whale shark. The flamboyantly dressed captain Donquixote shows you his signature bow legged strut and toothy smirk. The figure included all minute details, including the hair on his legs.

Jinbei is a sumo fighter of a pirate with all his samurai spirits intact. The figure maker captures both the fearsomeness and the fearlessness of this captain through his sharp teeth, his bushy eyebrows and his powerful hands.

Although they are not scaled, they display the impressive qualities of the sea kings:

One Piece DX Seven War Lords of the Sea Vol.1 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Donquixote DoflamingoJPN N/Asold
One Piece DX Seven War Lords of the Sea Vol.1 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: JinbeiJPN N/Asold

Summer is the time for fun. Chopper will join many anime/manga fans this season, and cosplay as his crew members: Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Frankie and Usopp.

Not only does the box contain the key chains, it also has a ramune candy, so enjoy it's fizzy sweetness as you find out which character Chopper cosplayed as.

All the mascots are around three centimeters big and is linked to a ball chain, so attach it to your bag or keys and take it with you wherever you go.

One Piece Chopper Pre-Painted Candy ToyJPN N/Asold

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are on a journey and have set your home as their last destination. Come collect both big and small bears home today. The fabric is even softer and the plush bears are even more comfortable to hold. You can even place them behind your back and use them as cushions.

To go with the traveling theme, these bears wear new, chic scarves and berets. Please put them in a dry, cool place to prevent the colors from fading. Washing them might result in their losing their shape or turning their stuffing into clunky bits, so please do not drop them in the wash.

Let the Rilakkuma bears help you relax.

Bon Voyage Rilakkuma XL Plush Doll: KorilakkumaJPN N/Asold
Bon Voyage Rilakkuma XL Plush Doll: RilakkumaJPN N/Asold


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