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The song of an elf: Elfen Lied Blu-ray disc box set, Psycho-pass Vol.1, P4G Comic Anthology, Mimi wo Sumaseba Artbook Comics & more!

From the first scene to the last battle, Elfen Lied is drenched in blood. The horror anime is one of the most controversial in anime history. It reveals the dark sides of human nature and doesn't shield the viewers from any scenes of violence.

A new type of human beings, Diclonius, are born, they have horns on the skulls and can control invisible hands called vectors that can pass through object and rip human beings into shreds in a blink of an eye.

The "queen" of this new species is Lucy, who has been kept at a facility for experiments. However, by killing the guards and the majority of the population in the lab, she escapes. When she falls into the sea, she suffers a head trauma, and develops a less violent and more childlike personality called Nyu.

A local university student Kohta and his cousin picks up Nyu and adopt her into their family. Not knowing her true nature and her past, they have no idea that they have been drawn to the centre of the brutal wars that await them and bloodshed that will soon wash away the last remnants of their illusions of a peaceful world.

Elfen Lied challenges your sensations and provoke your thoughts:

Elfen Lied Blu-ray BoxJPN US$ 159.991w

Gen Urobuchi is back in action. This time he takes on the sci-fi genre. In a futuristic world, people's mental states can be detected through a device called the Psycho-Pass, when their Crime Coefficient shoots too high, they will be apprehended by Enforcers and Inspectors.

Enforcers are often people with high Crime Coefficients, and their Inspector partners are in charge of supervising them during action. Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori are both working in Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division, the criminals they are dealing with are the maddest, most intelligent and most brutal.

View their first two cases via the first volume in the collection:

Psycho-pass Vol.1JPN US$ 46.901w
Psycho-pass Vol.1JPN US$ 56.9024h

Full of nostalgia, Mimi wo Sumaseba is one of Studio Ghibli's classic hits. However, few people have read the original work that inspires the film. And even fewer people know that there is a continuation to the original story. Read both episodes in one go via this anime art book, it's perfect for collectors and anyone who wants to practice their Japanese.

The Persona 4 cast is full of enchanting people. Illustrators have drawn side stories for them, from cross-dressing episodes to daily life to more stories about the new character Mari, the comic anthology includes everything that you'd find hilarious, stunningly beautiful and outrageously imaginative.

Pick up a book today:

Persona 4 The Golden Comic AnthologyJPN N/Asold
Tokuma Anime Ehon Mimi wo SumasebaJPN US$ 27.905-15d

Also available today:


Mafia II (Platinum Hits)US N/Asold


PC Cover for 3DS LL (Clear Blue)JPN US$ 24.991w

New Music Arrivals

Bianca Sings TessHK N/Asold
Gaia [2 Vinyl LP Limited Edition]HK N/Asold
Gaia [2nd Edition: CD+MOOV Live DVD]HK N/Asold
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