17. Jul, 2003 13:14 (HKT)

This week's imports: 30 new items for PS2™, NGC™, Xbox™ & GBA™: Virtual View series, Bomberman Land 2, Pokemon Channel & more

A lot of interesting import goods have been released earlier this week and are expected to pop in until Saturday or Monday. Below you can find a summary of all new titles from this week.

For PlayStation2™:

While we saw 2 early releases this week with Irem's shooter R-Type Final (which we also crowned as our product of the week) as well as Capcom's 3D action title Rockman X7, there have been more interesting imports in this week, check it out:

  • Virtual View: RCT Eyes Play
  • Virtual View: Nemoto Harumi
  • Virtual View: Megumi
  • Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10
  • Bomberman Land 2
  • Marginal
  • Marginal [Limited Edition]
  • Torakapuu! Dash!!
  • Torakapuu! Dash!! [Deluxe Pack]
  • F1 Career Challenge
  • First Kiss * Monogatari I & II
  • First Kiss * Monogatari I & II [Limited Edition]
  • Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

    In addition to the Virtual View series, we have also restocked copies of the previous Motion Gravure series. While just a smaller shipment has arrived so far, a larger batch is still expected for next week.

    The price for this series went up slightly to US$ 44.90 each:

  • Motion Gravure: Harumi Nemoto
  • Motion Gravure: Megumi
  • Motion Gravure: Tomomi Kitagawa
  • Motion Gravure: Hiroko Mori

    For Game Cube™:

  • Charinko Hero
  • Pokemon Channel
  • Doraemon: Let's Play in Mini Land
  • Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10 (expected to ship until Monday)

    We also finally received sufficient quantities of Bandai's Kero Kero King DX. All pending orders will be shipped out today and further copies are in stock to ship within 24 hours now.

    Additionally, our batch of SD Memory Adapters as well as SD Memory Adapter (incl. 16MB SD Memory Card) is expected to arrive on Monday. Please note that the retail price for those units went up for new orders since Nintendo does not sell those items through any wholesale channels and we had to obtain units through retail sources which are consequently more expensive.

    For Xbox™:

  • Lakemasters: Bass Fishing Game
  • MotoGP URT2 Online Challenge
  • Bloody Roar Extreme

    For Gameboy Advance:

    Next to this week's early releases of Konami's Vampire RPG Boktai and the Game Boy Advance SP + Boktai Bundle Pack, the following other cartridges are available now:

  • Sonic Pinball Party
  • Mickey to Minnie no Magical Quest 2
  • Korokke! 2
  • Dragon Drive: World D Break

    Last but not least, as a small reminder for next week's hottest imports, we are expecting F-Zero GX for Game Cube™ (expected to ship at least 1-2 days prior its official release), Shutokou Battle 01 for PS2™, PS one Books Metal Slug as well as Shining Soul II and Onimusha Tactics (both for GBA™).

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