Thomas & Friends - Hero of The Rails

Version: Hong Kong
DVD Region 3
USD 0.00

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Language  English, Cantonese
Subtitles  Chinese, English

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It's summer in Sodor and to all the Sodor engines dismay, Spencer has come to town. Spencer's rude remarks about how slow everyone is rile up the engines and a race is planned for Thomas and Spencer around Sodor. When Thomas' brakes fail, he goes crashing into a hidden runby only to find a strange old engine hidden in the undergrowth. He introduces himself as Hiro and tells Thomas his sad story. Thomas decides he can restore Hiro back to his original grandeur and sets about fixing him but with sneaky Spencer lurking around, Thomas finds it very difficult. With the help of his friends, Thomas gets Hiro rolling again but Spencer finds out before Hiro is ready and threatens to tell the Fat Controller who will surely send Hiro to the smelters yard.

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