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Language  Japanese
Subtitles  Chinese (Traditional), English

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「人,到底為乜返工?」打工仔壓力爆煲,有返工 冇放工。黑仔王青山隆(工藤阿須加 飾)工作做 唔完,日日捱罵,沒有最慘,只有更慘!青山隆自 尋短見時竟被失散多年的同學山元(福士蒼汰 飾) 拯救。山元的出現令青山隆對人生有新領悟,但原 來山元在三年前因工作壓力自殺了!那麼眼前的山 元是何方神聖?《所羅門的偽證》成島出導演、柏 林影后《東京小屋》黑木華、日本新世代演員福士 蒼汰、工藤阿須加二人首度合作,演技大突破。想 通了,面對不合理對待,劈炮唔撈先對得住自己。

Takashi is under immense pressure to meet his tough sales quota at work. Mentally and physically exhausted, he loses consciousness at a train station and begins to fall from a platform, with a train fast approaching. At the last moment, he is saved by a man who calls himself Yamamoto and claims to be a childhood friend, who Takashi has no memory of whatsoever. After meeting the mysterious yet super- charming man, Takashi rediscovers his old cheerful self, and his job performance gradually improves. Then one day, Takashi looks Yamamoto up on the internet and finds a shocking truth: Yamamoto had died three years ago.

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