25. Sep, 2004 05:04 (HKT)

Tokyo Game Show 2004 impressions: Sony PSP™, Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 and much more (lots of pictures & videos inside)

The Tokyo Game Show is known as the world's largest game and entertainment event. Taking place once in a year, the TGS 2004 is currently held under the theme "A Brand New Sensation for Everyone in the World.".

A total of 116 exhibitors in 1,481 booth units (compared to last year's 111 companies in 1,426 booths) including game software companies from Korea, Taiwan, U.S. and of course Japan are showing a total of more than 500 new titles for all major gaming platforms, including the PS2™, Gamecube™, Xbox™, Gameboy Advance™, PC and for the upcoming Sony PSP™ and Nintendo DS™ as well as for the (Japanese) mobile phone market.

Same as last year, we have attended today's first business day of the show and have taken the effort to compile a quick news sheet directly from our hotel room. Luckily we have had broadband access in this year, so you will find lots of more pictures and even a few videos, compared to our post from last year.

Certainly the most fascinating attraction (next to the large number of booth babes of course) from this year's show has been Sony's PSP™ handheld device which we've been able to lie our hands on for some time. A total of about 100 games were shown on the TGS (around 20 of them playable) and PSP™ handhelds were found on lots of different booths.

The PSP™ surely demonstrates astonishing graphics (similar to PS2™ quality) on a relatively big 16:9 screen. The device fits perfectly into every gamer's hands and all action buttons are easily reachable. We are certainly looking forward to the final release of Sony's handheld console and the upcoming software flood...

If you want to check out more about the TGS2004, head over to their official website here. The exihibtion will still last for another 2 days, if you are residing in Japan, you still have the chance for a visit.

Just like last year, we have collected a bunch of interesting stuff on the show, including a few demo games, stickers, buttons and of course lots of flyers which we are going to include randomly into parcels shipping out in around 1-2 weeks time.

Finally heading over to the most interesting part of this post, below you will find a picture gallery from this year's show as well as a very few videos. Click on each tumbnail for an enlarged view.

Approaching Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe), Chiba, Japan

Top view: Main hall (Microsoft booth in the back) and Square-Enix

Sony's booth presenting the PSP™ handheld and once more Gran Turismo 4

Capcom's booth presented in neon color: Viewtiful Joe 2 & Rockman X8

biohazard4 and Devil May Cry III - Capcom's potential Winter 2004 hits

Vampire Chronicle (PSP™), Capcom Fighting Jam & HORI arcade stick

More HORI arcade, biohazard for mobile phones & PSP™ game packing

Sega has been showing a playable version of Sega Rally 2005 for PS2™

Shinsengumi Gunrou-den, Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst & Shining Tears

Limited Editon Puyo Puyo Fever Pad, Puyo for PSP™ & Shenmue Online

Sega's Shenmue online presentation with guest Yu Suzuki and others.

Konami's booth with Rumble Roses and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

As usual, Microsoft got some of the hottest babes on their booth.

Tecmo presenting their potential fighting hit Dead or Alive Ultimate/Online.

Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children & Do Not Tuchi!.

Full Metal Alchemist & biohazard gear - not for sale though...


As promised, here's the videos we have managed to bring online within the last hour. They were taken directly on the show a few hours ago - TGS feeling should definitely come up while watching them.

Besides being unable to show you some PSP / DS videos in action - the reason for this has yet to be determined (and our team in Tokyo did not comment on this), we'll show you Sega-Sammy's opening trailer and a huge, 32MBytes large Shenmue-Online video. The second was actually planned to have the closing words (besides the booth-girls) in this first-day TGS 2004 report, but, we found something different. Probably something that you will also be interested in. Look below to find out what it is and please do not feel bothered by the missing sound in the last video. We really tried to deliver all content as 'live' from the TGS as possible but all we got for this was noise. Our apologies and here we go:
  • Sega-Sammy Presentation (12MBytes)
  • Shenmue-Online (31.5MBytes)

    And footage for Bandai's much anticipated Anime Fighter: Naruto 3.
  • Naruto 3 - Intro (8.5MBytes)
  • Naruto 3 - In-Game (10.5MBytes)

    And.... The Booth-Babes

    Last not least, what would the TGS (or apply this to any entertainment show around the globe) be without their babes. Play-Asia.com gives you an impression on what you really miss by not attending the show. Go!

    That's it ! Thanks for reading - And stay tuned for more updates within the next few days.

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