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A surprisingly well-rounded and excellent adaptation of Junji Ito’s manga.
--- Tomie Hashimoto is a shy introvert hidden behind thick-rimmed glasses. She is picked on by a group of girls who claim to be her friends, and despite her realization of being used; she still hangs around with them. Hashimoto has never had a real friend until she gets quickly befriended by a new girl whose name is also Tomie. Tomie (the obakemono) is the complete opposite of Tomie Hashimoto but somehow they become good friends. Tomie (obakemono) is the very same Tomie, Kazuhiko Hashimoto (Tomie’s father) encountered and fell in love with 25 years ago. Tomie (obakemono) begins creating a wedge between the father and daughter, whose relationship will retain its loyalty? --- Not only has this sequel improved upon the original TOMIE movie 10 fold, it’s also found its way into my list of top 10 favorite movies. Looking at the title you get 2 pieces of important information: 1) Tomie is back 2) Tomie’s ready for some hot lesbian action While no lesbian action does occur, the lesbianism is certainly there and while at first glance appears to be a ploy to attract more viewers; it adds a very fresh dynamic to the movie. The thing I love most about this film is not the horror aspect or the awesome obakemono transformations; it’s the excellent acting and character interaction that makes this one a favorite to watch over and over again and you won’t find out who kept their loyalty to who until the very last seconds at the film. Right from the start you feel like you’re getting a more complete package then the previous Tomie films. I just love the reference they make to RING. Like I said, the acting is excellent. I really love the way they have returned the Tomie character back into a high school student rather than a young woman, this way follows the manga more closely. Aoi Miyazaki as the human Tomie is incredibly cute and uses an excellent subtlety her character requires. Nozomi Ando also delivers an excellent performance as the obakemono Tomie; I think she’s been the best Tomie actress so far. But of course the actors are helped out by a great script. The music this time around is much more subtle and effective than the horrid synthesized rubbish you can hear in the original. The Video quality is also very nice and gives the film that sort of dream-like magical feel that places you in the workings of another reality where obakemono roam. I don’t know much more to say but TOMIE FORBIDDEN FRUIT is a very very good movie. If you were let down by the some what mediocre original, do not pass this one up because this is the way a Tomie film should be! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -Adam Kitano

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