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Top 10 Trailers of the Week! 1st to 7th April 2017

Trailer Roundup of the Week!

Hi again, everyone! Hope you enjoyed last week's round up of trailers! Here's another bunch of trailers we thought stood out over the week and would like to share with you all to enjoy over the coming weekend!

1)  Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising DLC | XboxONE™ | Apr 4, 2017

Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One™, US)US$ 39.99 24h
Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One™, JPN)US$ 68.99 1w

The first one is for new DLC content that was released for Dead Rising 4. The story follows Frank West as he rises from the dead and has become a zombie himself. Now he races against the clock to find a cure before the area is leveled by the government. You can read more HERE!

2) Gundam Versus | PlayStation 4™ |  JPN - Jul 6, 2017

Gundam Versus (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 65.99 24h
Gundam Versus (English Subs) (PlayStation 4™, ASIA)US$ 58.99 24h

Next up is the new cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated Gundam Versus from Bandai Namco! The trailer shows of a number of Mobile Suits that will appear in the game! More info HERE!

3)  Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC - Shaolin Shuffle  | PS4/XboxONE/PC | Late Apr 2017

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 29.99 1w
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Xbox One™, US)US$ 34.99 1-5d

You ever watch Black Dynamite? Think that plus COD Infinite Warfare's Zombie mode!(if you haven't watched Black Dynamite what are you doing? Go watch that amazing movie!) In this new DLC, our heroes are pulled back in time to 1970s New York city, and it's infested with zombies!! KUNG-FU ZOMBIES!! The trailer really says all that needs to be said!

4)  Injustice 2 | PS4 / XboxONE | May 16, 2017

Injustice 2 (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 64.99 1w
Injustice 2 (Xbox One™, US)US$ 54.99 1w

A follow-up from last week, a new trailer for Injustice 2! While it doesn't show any new characters it does show more of the games villain group known as "The Society", lead by Gorilla Grodd

5) Persona 5 | PS3/PS4 | Apr 04, 2017

Persona 5 [Steelbook Edition] (PlayStation 4™, US) sold
Persona 5 (PlayStation 3™, US)US$ 49.99 24h

April 4th 2017 was much celebrated day for wester fans of the Persona series as it was the day that Persona 5 was released in English. To add to the celebrations, Atlus released a new English trailer!

6) Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls | PS4 | Jun , 2017

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 34.99 24h
Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo Danganronpa Another Episode (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 34.99 1w

Spike Chunsoft has released a new trailer for the PS4 port of Danganrompa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. This title will be perfect for those who missed out on the game with it previously came out on the PSVita! The trailer shows off some of the game's campaigns and cinematics running on a PS4!

7) Dragon Quest Heroes II  | PS4 | US - Apr 25th / EU - Apr 28th

Dragon Quest Heroes II (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 35.99 24h
Dragon Quest Heroes II [Explorer's Edition] (PlayStation 4™, EUR)US$ 39.99 2-4w

A new trailer for the upcoming English release of Dragon Quest Heroes II featuring two series favorites who'll be playable characters, Meena and Maya!

8)  Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III | PC | Apr 27, 2017

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III (Steam)
(Windows™, Region Free)
US$ 17.52 24h

As a fan of the Warhammer 40K series, I was quite interested in this one! It focuses on the multiplayer of the game and features footage and audio of a 3 Vs 3 match.

9)  Syberia 3 | PS4/XboxONE/PC | Apr 20, 2017

Syberia 3 (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 49.99 1-5d
Syberia 3 (Xbox One™, US)US$ 49.99 1-5d
Syberia 3 (Steam)
(Windows™, Region Free)
US$ 23.21 24h

A new teaser trailer for the cult classic Syberia series! The third episodes in this point-and-click series will pick apart your brain as you train to solve puzzles to progress through Kate Walkers Journey! You can read more about it HERE!

10)  Little Busters! | PC |


So that's it again for this week's trailer round-up. Hope you enjoyed it and see you next week! (maybe...)

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