22. Sep, 2009 10:51 (HKT)

Top secret Missions with a new team - Halo 3 ODST, Katamari Forever & more!

From the publisher: Halo® 3: ODST returns players to familiar ground on a vital, top-secret mission. The gripping story, cooperative campaign and new multiplayer content will have Halo fans "Preparing to Drop" in Fall 2009.

Originally titled Halo 3: Recon, the new game brings the perspective of new characters to the Human-Covenant struggle, as it explores the ODST, or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

Known for their courage, valor and at times, insanity, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are among the fiercest UNSC soldiers, priding themselves on being the first unit deployed into hostile situations.

Join in the battle with a couple of your own comrades from the real world, the multiplayer mode will have all the tradition features of Halo3, including full-featured integration with the Forge map editor.

Halo 3 ODST is an Xbox360™ exclusive, the Asian version has arrived today:

Halo 3: ODSTASIA N/A sold

The Japanese and US versions are coming soon:

Halo 3: ODSTJPN US$ 20.99 1-5d
Halo 3: ODSTUS N/A sold

From the publisher: GOD SAVE THE KING!

The crazy, zany, world of Katamari is back and better than ever before, complete with new stages, new visual effects, new strategies, and full 1080p HD resolution!

The gameplay has generated millions of fans worldwide and the loveable characters are ready to roll again.

The King of All Cosmos has bumped his head and lost all his memory. The Prince and his cousins created RoboKing to replace the King, but it went out of control and destroyed all the stars in the Cosmos.

To clean up the mess made by RoboKing and bring back the King’s memory, the Prince and his Cousins must roll their Katamaris and bring color back to the world. So get ready to roll that Katamari once more!

Katamari Damacy is fully translated and localized for the English speaking gamers:

Katamari ForeverASIA N/A sold
Katamari ForeverUS US$ 29.99 24h

The game is available as Japanese versions as well:

Katamari Damacy TributeASIA N/A sold
Katamari Damacy TributeJPN N/A sold

The Original soundtrack is also available, order it today:

Katamari Damacy Tribute Original Soundtrack: Katamari TakeshiJPN N/A sold

Also available today:

PC Games
Super-bikes: Riding Challenge (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 14.90 1-5d


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