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Compatible with PS2™, Xbox™, PC, PS3™
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  • The first light gun to support CRT, LCD, Plasma & Projector.
  • Compatible with MAME, and more than 100 Flash games.
  • For PS2™ , Xbox™ and PC.
  • Supports Vibration function.
  • Supports driver and gun2mouse software on PC.
  • Provides Laser Pointer.
  • Provides Auto-Fire Mode and Auto-Reload Mode.


LCD TopGun is the first light gun to support CRT, LCD, Plasma, as well as Projector. It supports every Gun Shooting games on PC, PS2™ and Xbox™. Now you can enjoy Gun Shooting games with your LCD or Plasma or everything you like, instead of your old and small CRT TV.

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lcd top gun
finally the LCD top gun has arrived, i tested it, and it works perfectly!
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OK for almost everything
Now in 2008 EMS gives a better driver for Topgun, which makes the Topgun much-much better on PC. Topgun is the only gun if you want to play with MAME games on any display. Ideal for nostalgy, works with nes emus, psx emu, arcade emus, pc games.
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I was able to calibrate this gun to near-perfect specifications, to match the laser pointer with the mouse in movement.

New Buyers:

You need to perform a hardware and software calibration to make the gun work properly.

you will have to download wingun 0.82 B if you are unable to use the calibration software that came with the cd.
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top gun for lcd tv
Having tried a couple of guns and having no luck on my lcd tv,I have at last found a gun compatible in all ways.easy to set up and having dont that quiet accurate.has everything on it that is required for shooting games.well pleased at last.
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Major benefits outshine minor flaws
Pros: Works on any TV, very accurate, cross platform compatibility, easy to use once you know the quirks, kick is fun

Cons: Issues with certain games, small learning curve on setup, sensitive to certain forms of interference

This thing is GREAT. At first it was a little frustrating setting it up, but once I figured out how to make this thing shine it REALLY did so. When you set up:

- Make SURE the bars and you are facing each other in a straight line for best results.
- UV (ie, Sun) light can mess up the sensor bars. Sounds like a big deal, but if you can set up in a basement or only play at night it\'s not an issue.
- Make sure you figure out at which distance the gun\'s sensor can see all parts of the sensor bars. When the laser (In non-calibration mode) lights up strong, you\'re in the right spot. (I use a small, ~19-20 inch TV, and stand about 2-2.5 yards from it)

Once you get the hang of doing it, calibrating the thing is painless and accurate. I tried using the gun on Time Crisis 3 and had issues with getting it going, as well as full auto fire (Use the full auto switch to use the SMG and it\'s fine).

Enough negatives here, on to positives. Once you find the sweet spot in relation to your TV, this thing is pretty much spot on. Button placement is flawless, especially the C button in the grip. It\'s funny, because not only is it convenient, but it really helps with accuracy to grip the gun firmly to depress the C button because it steadies your aim when you pop out in TC. The kick on the gun is nice too, as the slide actually cycles instead of the gun just shaking about. The mechanism didn\'t hiccup too much even when really jamming on the trigger. If it ever caught, just pull the slide back once and it will work again. The kick can be powered by your console/computer itself, or with a separate plug.

To sum things up, let me just say that I have been playing TC:2 like a madman since this arrived in the mail and I am confident that the gun does not hold back my accuracy at all, even though I had a shaky start with it when I was learning how to get it working properly. Nice kick, awesome button placement, very very good accuracy all outshine minor flaws with the system. Don\'t miss out on this thing, and stock up on light gun games while the getting\'s good.
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