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From Showa to Heisei, and now to Reiwa. The footsteps of Toshio Miike, who weaves the soul of Japanese special effects art, are condensed into one volume. A complete collection of special effects art drawings is finally complete.
This is the birth of a visual autobiography that condenses the trajectory of Toshio Miike, who continues to be active at the forefront of the Japanese special effects scene, as a "special effects artist" in one book.
Since starting his career in 1984, Miike has served as special effects art and special effects director for TV series such as "Kamen Rider," "Super Sentai," and "Ultraman," as well as the Heisei series "Gamera" and "Godzilla." He has continued to convey the appeal of "Japanese special effects," which are proud of the world. His 40-year footprints can be called the history of Japanese special effects art itself.
This book looks back and summarizes the footprints of Miike, who pursued the appeal of special effects by the next generation, from the Showa era to the Heisei era and the Reiwa era, with valuable materials such as miniature blueprints from the time of filming, special effects set plans drawn by his own hand, and production site photos taken by himself.
This book is filled with treasured and secret materials not available to the public and will be a treasured keepsake for all fans. The cover is a masterpiece by his close friend, director Shinji Higuchi!


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