Touhou Luna Nights

Compatible with PlayStation 5™ (PS5™)
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Version: Japan
Version: US
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Product Languages

Language  English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German
Touhou Luna Nights
Touhou Luna Nights
Touhou Luna Nights
Touhou Luna Nights
Touhou Luna Nights
Touhou Luna Nights
Touhou Luna Nights

Product Features

  • Time stop system from character’s Ability and Gimmick maps that use special abilities like time stop
  • Adapt the “graze” system of the Touhou Project into a 2D game, giving you a sense of tension in approaching to the enemy
  • Graphics that bring out the appeal of the Touhou world, such as attractive dot graphics

Item Description

Explore the world of the "Luna Nights" with Sakuya Izayoi!

Touhou Luna Nights is a Metroidvania title with a heavy emphasis on exploration and action. Developed by Team Ladybug, creators of multiple fantastic action games thus far.


“...Now, let’s begin my world.”

Remilia Scarlet, head vampire of the Scarlet Devil Mansion sends her maid Sakuya Izayoi with no warning to a world much like Gensokyo, but not quite.

A world full of strange places, filled with strange youkai, and her time manipulation sealed. What could Remilia’s end game be...?

Touhou Luna Nights includes:

- Base Game
- Color Manual
- Special Sleeves

*While supplies last.