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  • 3 Disc Edition


The battlefield is Tokyo in 2012.
An action entertainment masterpiece drawn on a Hollywood scale!
Consists of a main Blu-ray disc and two bonus Blu-ray discs. The bonus disc 1 includes a program "Token Ranbu the Movie - Reimei -," event footage, VFX BREAKDOWN, and more. The bonus disc 2 contains interviews with casts and a director, making-of footage, and unreleased footage.

995 A.D. Kyoto.
Minamoto no Yorimitsu and his friends are ordered to subjugate Shuten-doji, a demon who lives in Mt. Oe, through secret talks between Fujiwara no Michinaga and Abe no Seimei, but their path is blocked by an enemy they have never seen before. Its true identity is a "time retrograde army" launched by "historical revisionists" who aim to alter history. It was Mikazuki Munechika and other "sword men" who fought to protect history, saving them from this predicament. However, Kunihiro Yamabagiri, who stepped into Oni no Kuni Castle first, receives Shuten-doji's final curse and disappears along with the light.
AD 2012 Tokyo. Kotone, who was on her way home from school, hears an unfamiliar sound. What I saw when I headed towards it as if it was being drawn towards me was a sword that was swinging to fight against an ominous shadow. Kotone is bewildered, but is led by a mysterious voice to say the name. "- Mikazuki Munechika."
What is the fate of Mikazuki Munechika, who is chasing after Yamanbagiri Kunihiro? What is the true purpose of the Time Retrograde Army?


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