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Tour the 13th Ani-Game Convention with us - meet the manga heroes, the figures and the cosplayers! - Picture galleries inside.

Summer is the time for the pools and the beach, but for manga and anime lovers, no matter how inviting the water seem, they queue into a coiling line under the blazing sun in the 33 degrees Celsius heat. All the effort is for the sake of the 13th ACG Convention that took place from 29th July to 2nd August in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

The convention grows and grows, at first, it was merely for manga publishers to show off their new titles, later anime, game publishers and figure suppliers join in the fun. Lately it has also became an event for cosplayers to see and be seen, stalls that sell costumes, swords and shuriken just explode in numbers.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let's start from the Opening Ceremony. Important guests from Hong Kong at the ceremony gave speeches about how the event is an occasion to encourage international exchange and how it pushes the local creative industries.

They gave awards to the winners of the original manga competitions and figure creation competitions. The organizers have also invited Tokyo Brass Style to perform a medley of anime themes as an opening act and the girl band Fudanjuku came on stage at the end of the ceremony.

Since related local industries are thriving, they get their very own corner. Some sell cute trinkets such as bracelets and hoods and some display classic comic magazines. Most of the local comics feature martial arts, but quite a few of them are comedies suitable for the whole family.

Let's hurry on to see the displays before the crowds come in and take up the best spots. Favorites characters such as Doraemon float in the air in large balloons. Publishers open special stalls for new best selling series such as Ao no Exorcist and Fairy Tale. Lego, of course, creates another world with their blocks:

For more displays, please visit our image gallery

Gundam is a very popular franchise in Hong Kong. A competition for the best built Gunpla is held every year, these are the best works from the participants:

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The Gunplas in the competitions are one of a kind, but these figures are for all collectors. Suppliers display their limited collectibles and attracted coils of queues (the organizers left half a hall empty for the queues). Some of them are soon-to-be released figures, come meet the dolls, Silvia from No More Heroes, Bruce Lee and all the hottest toys:

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Anime and manga characters infiltrate their fans' everyday lives through merchandise:

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Game publishers open their own stalls, try out demos, win prizes from the game girls and sign up to online games:

If anyone wants to get into cosplaying, the convention is a good place to start. Costumes, wigs, accessories and masks, the hall has everything, in fact, participants can buy their costumes, head off to the changing rooms and start immediately. Puella Magi Madoka is the most popular in the convention, there are magical girls outfits from almost every stall:

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Maids and magical girls walk the grounds. Maids are the most frequently seen, perhaps because the Maid's Study employs teams of them to serve customers. After the maids, the magical girls from Madoka are very popular as well, we have seen at least five girls dressed up as Tomoe Mami. Other series do not go unloved, quite a lot of people dressed up as aristocrats and ninjas:

For more pictures of cosplayers, please see this image gallery.

Spend some time with classic anime characters. Some of them grew up with the Hong Kong population such as Doraemon and Chibi-Maruko-chan.

Local artists have their corner to display their manga and their figures.

For some of the deleted scenes and discussions about the convention, please visit the our facebook page and access the gallery there.


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