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Toy and party games - Lips, Scene It?, Moon, Miku music boxes, One Piece ships, cosplay Nami, Bulma figures, Chopper, Dokodemoissyo cat plushes, Bleach, Evangelion heroine figures & much more!

From the publisher: Microsoft Corp. is taking a whole new stage with “Lips,” an all-new music franchise exclusively for Xbox 360.

“Lips” is the only singing game that offers wireless motion-sensitive microphones and the ability to sing from your own music collection of DRM-free songs.*

Start channeling your favorite pop star because it’s you, your friends and most important your music that turns “Lips,” the new singing game for Xbox 360, into the world’s ultimate party experience this holiday season.

Keiichi Yano, celebrated developer behind some of the industry’s most beloved rhythm games, brings his vision of collaborative and social musical entertainment to “Lips.”

The first and only singing game that offers interactive motion-sensitive microphones to make your party rock all night long, “Lips” encourages players to toss apprehensions out the window and join the party.

Nothing keeps a party rolling the way singing does. The Asian version of Lips is available for Xbox360™ for US$ 69.90 only.

The US version is also available and is selling for US$ 79.90 only.

From the publisher: Scene It? ® Box Office Smash for Xbox 360 brings movie and trivia fans together for a game that provides hours of laughter.

Challenge your friends and family to see whose movie knowledge reigns supreme while you relive some of your favorite moments from the silver screen

With all-new questions, more high-definition (HD) movie clips, and several new puzzle types, you have a trivia game overflowing with images plus audio and video clips from hundreds of films you know and love.

See if you are a true film encyclopedia you claim to be. Scene It is bundled with a controller and is available as an Asian version for US$ 69.90 only.

From the publisher:2058, Lunar Outpost Alpha. Contact with Outpost Beta was lost hours ago when routine excavation revealed a subterranean structure of unknown origin.

You are Major Kane, Chief of Military Operations for the Extra Terrestrial Encounter Organization, and you and your team have been brought in to investigate. Erratic energy readings from deep below the lunar surface tell you that this will not be a diplomatic mission. Welcome to the Moon.

Take a walk on the Moon's surface and experience what the astronauts did 40 years ago. Moon is available as a US version for Nintendo DS for US$ 34.90 only.

Hatusne Miku, with her floor length green hair is ready to perform for you on her rotating stage. The set of orgels come in two versions, the standard version plays Hoshi no Kakera while the super deformed veresion plays Levan Polka.

The cyber diva portrays her full technical charm in the standard version, her soft, thick pigtails are pooling onto the ground as she bent forward on her chic looking black rotating stage.

In the Levan Polka version, super deformed Miku waves her leek as she does her standard routine on the sunny, cheerful looking base.

Tinkling music adds a magical touch to the lovable vocaloid singer, take Miku home and let her cool minty charm permeate the air.

Both the standard version and Levan Polka version orgels are sold at the same price of US$ 19.90 only, take your vocaloid idol home now and have her perform a private concert for you.

Seeing that the boys are having fun cosplaying, the girls decided to follow suit. Nami and Bulma, the two heroines of One Piece and Dragon Ball see some merit in the boys' clothing and has changed into them.

Orange is Nami's favourite color and Goku's tunic matches wonderfully with her ginger hair, making the girl shine like a ray of sunlight and brought out her cheeful disposition.

The fisherman's clothing of Luffy's portrays the natural colorings of Bulma. The red vest and denim shorts showed off her hourglass figure and long legs while the straw hat that adorns her head gave her a relaxed vacation feel.

The Weekly Jump 40th anniversary parties shows no sign of stopping and with Nami and Bulma joining in, the fun is simply unstopabble.

The figures of the cosplaying girls are available for the same price of US$ 19.90 only.

Instead of figures, Banpresto is offering vessels for your favourite One Piece characters to set sail on. Both Going Merry and Thousand Sunny ships, the first and second vessels of the Makuwara Kaizokudan have arrived.

As the homes of the crew, these ships are given lives of their own. Remember how the figure head (the goat) of Going Merry showing comical expressions or the way it talks to the crew before its viking funeral?

Taking Going Merry's place is Thousand Sunny, which maintained the spirit of Going Merry.

The ships themselves are both perfect display bases and collectibles, at around 20 cm length, the ships can carry a number tiny trading figures of the crew members. Here is your chance of owning both the exquisite Thousand Sunny and reclaiming the dearly remembered Going Merry ships.

The ships have arrived at the port of Play-Asia and are available for the same price of US$ 17.90 only.

Dressed in his favorite color, Chopper the elk doctor is reborn from a teenager into a baby.

Super-deformed with chubby cheeks, this plush is suitable both as a cushion and a perfect movie, reading or game companion, especially for people who like to touch, or even pinch an infant's cheek.

Using a soft felt cloth to form his clothes and a satin-like material to make his face, the plush is smooth to the touch and comfortable to hold. Spare you younger brothers and sisters or nieces and nephews, come take baby Chopper home and pinch him instead.

Adopt a little play-mate with Play-Asia, Baby Chopper is available for US$ 17.90 only.

Our favourite cat woman in the series, Shihoin Yoruichi has performed her shunpo and landed into our warehouse in her full femme fatale glory. Dark and sleek with her reddish purple ponytail flowing behind her, Yoruichi is the epitome of fit and stylish.

As the trainer and major ally of Ichigo, the Shunshin is a powerful figure. This sculpture of her shows off her catlike agility and the confidence in her prowesses as an ex-death god.

Aside from the dark skinned fighter, her ex-pupil has also arrived. Suifeng and Yoruichi share a very close tie once, this link between the women is shown best on Yoruichi's butterfly tattoo and Sui Feng's Zanbakuto Suzumebachi, which causes a butterfly shaped mark to appear on its victim's skin when stung.

Although her image is associated with the butterfly, she is hardly fragile or flighty. Steadfast and loyal to her orders she is an excellent soldier who held herself very well even when pitted against her previous tutor Yoruichi. The sculpture shows the leader's confidence in her eyes and in her straight backed stance.

The teacher and pupil have reconciled and have arrived in a rather peaceful fashion. the figures of Yoruichi and Suifeng are available for the same price of US$ 17.90 only.

Dragon Ball fans throughout the world are counting down to the moment the live action movie appears on their local silver screen.

To make the waiting process more enjoyable, a number a Dragon Ball toys have arrived in our warehouse. Take them home and see if the actors in the action movie fulfill the expectations you have in their roles.

Son Goku, the hero is ready to have a fight, standing upright with his fists raised, you can almost feel the glow of orange ki enveloping him like a ball of flames. Although not in his most powerful Super Saiyan form, the dark haired Goku reminds old time readers of the good old days when everyone is young and innocent.

Frieza is one of the arch villains in the Dragon Ball universe. Seeing the Saiyans as an obstacle to his conquests and ambitions, the overlord ordered to have the Saiyan's planet destroyed, resulting in Goku's landing on Earth.

Frieza is a nightmare come true for the author Toriyama Akira as he confessed that the white alien is all the horrifying elements in monsters combined. Let the hero and his arch nemesis stand side by side on your desk.

Hero and villain has both arrived, see the ultimate face off between Goku and Frieza on your desk. The figures are available at the same price of US$ 17.90 only.

The feature film version of Evangelion further heats up the never fading fascination people have with the philosophical anime series as well as their appealing female cast.

Misato Katsuragi is the closest thing to a mother figure to the hero, Ikari Shinji. Maternal instincts combined with a ripe figure and an attractive face, Misato is an ideal elder sister figure for people who look up to older girls.

The figure makers captures the beauty at a wary moment, with a pistol in her hands, Misato is ready for battle. Are you, then, ready to take on this many faceted lady?

Rei Ayanami is arguably the most popular 2D girl in anime history, her silence and mysterious past heightens her already very high level of prettiness.

The figure captures the girl at a dreamy, unfocused moment. Standing high but looking elsewhere, the girl is ready to board her Eva mecha. The mystery behind the girl's misty gaze is fully portrayed in her bland but somewhat thoughtful expression. Take her home today and find out what is in the quiet girl's mind.

Pilot Ayanami Rei and your supervisor Misato Katsuragi is here to protect your city from malicious angels. Take the two female warriors home for US$ 17.90 only.

Plushes usually sit on your lap as you watch TV or sleep in your arms on your bed. To return the favor, the Dokodemoissyo cats are letting you sit on them.

Heavier than normal plushes and tighter packed with stuffing, these plushes work well as TV stools, especially for children or petite people.

Place them in front of the TV screen and bounce on their heads when you see something exciting. Mirror the cats' moods when you sit on them, smile happily or be hysterically happy, after all, these cats are here for just that, to cheer you up.

Your TV stools Dokodemoissyo cats are available as Happy and Super Happy versions. Both of these white cats are available at the same price of US$ 19.90 only.

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Stitch Pre-Painted Figure SpeakerJPN N/A sold
Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 1/100 Scale Plastic Model Kit: PTX-015R Wild WurgerJPN N/A sold
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