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The weather is extremely hot lately but that's easily compensated when the month of July is filled with SO MUCH GOODNESS! The Nendoroid Ash & Gary got Pokemon fans worldwide going crazy is finally here. It even comes with Mew! The amiibo fans everywhere is super hyperventilating about the new Splatoon amiibos featuring the Squid Sisters, which by the way are already on the way to you guys that pre-ordered it! Then finally, we have a 1/48th scale model kit of Formula from Xenoblade Chronicles X that can even transform! 

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

From Nintendo's Pokémon Red/Green (Blue in US/EU) video games and manga comes a Nendoroid set of the main character Red as well as his rival, Green! If you're a fan of the anime then you'll more than likely be familiar with their animated counterparts: Ash Ketchum and his ambitious rival Gary Oak.

Their outfits have been carefully designed to recreate the nostalgic feel of the original games, with an added dash of Nendoroid charm, all the way down to accessories like their backpacks and Pokéballs which are also included with the set.

The Mythical Pokémon Mew is also included with the two trainers - possibly a throwback to the two main character's first time meeting in the manga?! Enjoy recreating some epic battles between the two rivals and don't forget to celebrate the 20th Anniversary!
Nendoroid No. 612 Pokemon: Trainer Red & Green (JPN)sold

Manufacturer: Nintendo

We can't hold all the squidy goodness going on here! As a huge addition to the previously released Splatoon amiibos, Nintendo has released a fresh batch of Splatoon amiibos featuring the Squid Sisters Callie & Marie and Inklings in new color! You can watch the promotion video HERE

Releasing worldwide on July 7th, the following amiibos from the popular game Splatoon will be available:
Aori/Callie, Hotaru/Marie, Squid (Orange), Girl (Lime Green), Boy (Purple)

In addition, two amiibo diorama kits are made so you could display your Squid Sisters going live! The themes of the stages are Mozuku Farm and Shioka Live. Both come with a variety of stickers to decorate your own unique diorama! For those who purchase the Shioka Live kit can also set their smartphone or a New Nintendo 3DS on the diorama to display videos.

There's just no way any Splatoon fan can resist these amiibos when Nintendo made the Squid Sisters with "tasty textures, delicious details, and savory sparkles." They all look simply amazing and is definitely worth a glorious place in your collection. You Squids better hurry before these kids are sold out! STAY FRESH!
amiibo Splatoon Series Figure (Aori) (JPN)sold
amiibo Splatoon Series Figure (Hotaru) (JPN)US$ 19.9924h
amiibo Splatoon Series Figure (Aori / Hotaru) (JPN)sold
amiibo Splatoon Series Figure (Ika Orange) (JPN)sold

amiibo Splatoon Series Figure (Girl Lime Green) (JPN)sold
amiibo Splatoon Series Figure (Boy Purple) (JPN)US$ 24.991w
amiibo Diorama Kit Splatoon (Shioka Live) (JPN)sold
amiibo Diorama Kit Splatoon (Mozuku Farm) (JPN)sold

amiibo Splatoon Squid Sisters Pack (Callie & Marie) (Europe)sold
amiibo Splatoon Series Figure Triple Pack (Girl / Squid / Boy) [Different Colours] (Europe)sold

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

With all the great mecha kits out in the market, it's always great to see the ones modeled after video game characters; in a physical retail shop - usually amongst all the outstanding gunpla kits - coming across something unexpectedly recognizable makes it all the more special. In this case, the feature is on this Kotobukiya's extremely intricate Xenoblade Chronicles X 1/48 Scale version of Formula - and it even transforms!

Based on the Light Type Skell unit from the Nintendo exclusive RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X, Formula oozes with character despite it being the standard deployed model. It makes sense even that this frame is the basis for all the other Skell models seen in the game, and in it's transformed form, Formula beams across the terrain as a futuristic armed motorcycle.

With this model, Formula is highly articulate after completion, and in vien with similar Kotobukiya craftsmanship, even without extra painting and detailing, once finished, the model is ready for display! Pre-order while there is still availability!
Xenoblade Chronicles X 1/48 Scale Model Kit: Formula (JPN)sold

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