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Wow, time sure flies by! A month have come and gone and here we are at another month of great toys! Here's the highlight of the toys releasing in June. I'm sure a lot of you are excited for the 1/6th statue of Quiet! I mean, who wouldn't? She is extremely detailed and just simply beautiful. Or would you prefer a cute cuddle pal such as Vivi as you play Final Fantasy IX on PC / smartphone? Or perhaps the Guile addition to the Street Fighter T.N.C series which goes "SONIC BOOM!" when you press it? 

Manufacturer: Big Boy Toys

The all-American hero from Japan is the fourth challenger to debut in BigBoysToys HK's officially licensed "The New Challenger" line of Street Fighter figures, following the very popular release of Ryu, Ken, & Chun Li.

Just like the previous characters Guile will release with full sound and light effects to match his signature move (Sonic Boom), as well as a detailed diorama and backdrop. When the button found on the stand is pressed the Sonic Boom effect lights up, and the signature sound from the game can be heard!

With the use of the discount code "BIGBOYSTOYSHK" all customers can receive a 8USD discount off their purchase!

Street Fighter T.N.C. 04: Guile (ASIA) US$ 89.99 24h

Manufacturer: Gecco

"Vengeance is what drove me to them... The only language left to me, revenge. "

The silent sniper, once deadly foe now ally to Venom Snake and the Diamond Dogs, is presented beautifully in a way that only Gecco can. In this 1/6th scale pre-painted statue standing 30 cm high, it's impossible to stay quiet as the details presented here far surpass anything else on the market right now.

Incredibly realistic, exact minutae such as the recreation and placement of Quiet's beauty marks to the tearing on her sheer tights bring her figure to life. She strikes a powerful pose of stoicism as she peers off into the distance equipped with the Wicked Butterfly sniper rifle; this perfect beauty contrasting with deadly force represents so much of why fans have come to love Quiet so much.

Set on a display base that represents the Aabe Shifap Ruins, Quiet comes with a deatchable knife and handgun; her head is also interchangeable with a butterfly mark face.

A perfect addition to a serious collection, have the most realistic Quiet figure stand watch!
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Statue: Quiet (JPN)  sold

Manufacturer: Square Enix

There's a lot of reasons why Final Fantasy IX is such a beloved title - the throwback to the classic Final Fantasies, the allusions to the past, the amazing art direction, and the music - Nobuo Uematsu's personal favorite from all the FFs! And with this cumulation of elements, the final single digit send-off to the most famous JRPG series ever had to follow with an unforgettable story, one filled with characters - characters that still enjoy the same popularity they did when they first debuted. However, there is one character from FFXI that really represented the soul of the story, a story about the cycle of life and death. This character has to be the beloved Vivi Orniter. (Can you not tell that we are fans?!)

Officially from Square Enix, this Final Fantasy IX Plush figure of Vivi celebrates the adorable black mage just in time for the launch of the HD FF9 Remaster for the PC, iOS, and Android. We're just happy that this masterpiece of a game will be able to touch a new audience, and perhaps remind fans of Final Fantasy why we love this series so much.
Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy Plush: Vivi Ornitier (JPN)  sold


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