12. Jul, 2004 19:36 (HKT)

Toys: Mario Kart Radio Control Karts, Robosapien R/C Robot & Dead or Alive Ultimate Gashapons

Inspired by Tomy's Bit Char-G Mario Kart license, Nkok has come up with another officialy licensed Mario Kart Remote Control Kart. Certainly not as small as Tomy's version, the following 2 models are now available:

Mario Kart 3-Function Radio Control Kart:

The 3-Function model (with a scale of 1:32) supports basic remote functions, including "Forward", "Reverse Right" and "Engine Light". The device is controlled by a "Gamboy Advance™" style R/C controller and shipping as 3 different character models: Mario, Yoshi & Donkey Kong.

Each item weights around 400g and is now available at US4 14.90 only.

  • Mario Kart 3-Function Radio Control Kart: Donkey Kong
  • Mario Kart 3-Function Radio Control Kart: Yoshi
  • Mario Kart 3-Function Radio Control Kart: Mario

    Mario Kart Full Function Radio Control Kart:

    The Full Function model (with a scale of 1:12) offers a larger variety of functions, including "Forward", "Reverse", "Left", "Right", "Turbo Speed", "Game Sounds" and "Engine Light". The set ships with a "Gamecube™" shaped R/C controller to perfom all necessary functions. Again, 3 different character models are available: Mario, Yoshi & Donkey Kong.

    The set weights around 1900g and each kart is now available at US$ 39.90 only.

  • Mario Kart Full Function Radio Control Kart: Mario
  • Mario Kart Full Function Radio Control Kart: Yoshi
  • Mario Kart Full Function Radio Control Kart: Donkey Kong

    RoboSapien RoboSapien is the first robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics, enabling him to move and react more like a human. Feisty, moody and filled with personality, RoboSapien is artificial with attitude. He waits politely for your commands and then performs them in quick and amusing succession. At 14 inches high, the RoboSapien is a rambunctious, realistic, recreational robot, easily directed and programmed from his remote control.

    RoboSapien’s features include over 67 pre-programmed functions, including pick-up, throw, kick, sweep, dance, fart, belch, snore, sweep and half a dozen different Kung Fu moves, just to mention a few. All operations are prompted by ergonomic remote control, (though he does have autonomous interactive skills) and can run on regular alkaline batteries for up to 15 hours.

    Well, like many male humans he speaks international caveman to get his feelings across. He grunts and stretches and makes other amusing body noises. From the moment RoboSapien is switched on, he awakens to life with a yawn, a stretch, an ‘uh-huh’ and then he’s ready to go. That’s pretty human like. RoboSapiens’ default to touching objects is to stop but you can easily change his reflexes so that he can push something, back away, go around it or even turn and try to pick the thing up.

    Advanced features allow him to roam around for a while exploring but how he responds is up to the user. He can be curious, functional, aggressive, or playful based on how his reflexes are set. The only decision he makes totally by himself is based on the users attention; if he’s not given any after a while he will go to sleep and snore.

    RoboSapien requires 4xD sized batteries (those you use for your ghettoblaster) and 3xAAA batteries for the remote control. WowWee's RoboSapien is available now at US$ 89.90 only.

    Scroll down on the RoboSapien product page for a demonstration video.

    Last but not least, Bandai has opened preorders for a Dead or Alive Ultimate Gashapon. 5 (+1 secret) characters from Tecmo's upcoming potential 3D fighting hit are featured in this series. Shipping in October this year, preorders are now welcome at US$ 3.90 per randomly selected figure.

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