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Trailer Roundup of the Week! - Nintendo Direct Edition

Hi again, everyone! Hope you've been enjoying your week. It's time for another trailer round up but this time it's a little bit different. Nintendo recently held their Nintendo Direct and released several new trailers for upcoming games on both the Switch and 3DS! Let's take a look.

1) RPG Maker Fes | 3DS | Western Release: Jul, 2017

RPG Tsukuru Fes (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN)US$ 42.99 24h
RPG Maker Fes (Nintendo 3DS™, US)US$ 44.99 1w
RPG Maker Fes (Nintendo 3DS™, EUR)US$ 34.99 24h

Ever wanted to create you very own RPG adventure? Ever wanted to do it on the go? Will now you can with the release of RPG Maker Fes. This new 3DS title gives you all the tools you'll need to craft you own adventures and share them with everyone!

2) Disgaea 5 Complete | Switch | Western Release: May, 2017

Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo™ Switch, US)US$ 59.99 24h
Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo™ Switch, EUR) sold
Makai Senki Disgaea 5 (Nintendo™ Switch, JPN)US$ 68.99 1-5d

Next up is a new trailer for Disgaea 5 Complete for Nintendo Switch! The popular JRPG series will be bringing it's quirky SRPG style gameplay to the Switch and it looks like the cast from past Disgaea games will also be making an appearance in this one!

3) Culdcept Revolt | 3DS | NA - Jul, 2017 / EU - Sep, 2017

Culdcept Revolt (Nintendo 3DS™, US)US$ 39.99 24h
Culdcept Revolt (Nintendo 3DS™, EUR)US$ 39.99 24h
Culdcept Revolt (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN)US$ 39.99 24h

The Culdcept series is a long running card/board game hybrid series in Japan and is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! With hundreds of cards to choose from players will be able to build their very own custom decks with which to tackle the addictive strategic gameplay!

4) ARMS | Switch | JP - Jun 2017 / NA - DEC 2017

Arms (Nintendo™ Switch, US)US$ 62.99 24h
Arms (Nintendo™ Switch, JPN)US$ 52.99 24h
Arms (Nintendo™ Switch, EUR)US$ 52.99 24h

ARMS is Nintendo's new first-party IP for the Nintendo Switch. A fun looking boxing game that takes advantage of the Switches JoyCon tech and pits players as wacky looking boxers with interesting skills and even more interesting boxing gloves! This new trail shows off some actual gameplay as well as a new fighter, the noodle inspired "Minmin"!

5) Splatoon2 | Switch | Western Release: May, 2017

Splatoon 2 (Nintendo™ Switch, JPN)US$ 52.99 24h
Splatoon 2 (Nintendo™ Switch, US)US$ 59.99 24h
Splatoon 2 (Nintendo™ Switch, EUR)US$ 54.99 24h

Lastly is Splatoon 2!! One of the most popular new series that came out on the Nintendo WiiU is now getting a sequel on the Switch! Like the previous game the main mode of play is 4 Vs 4 territory control but as the above trailer shows several new game modes will also be available as well as new Amiibos!

Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Direct Headlines

New Nintendo 3DS XL (Pearl White) (US)US$ 244.99 1w
New Nintendo 3DS LL (Lime x Black) (JPN)US$ 194.99 1-5d
Nintendo 2DS Pokemon Sun Moon (Light Blue) (JPN)US$ 129.99 1w

Of course that's not everything was covered by the recent Nintendo Direct! Several new titles and more information previous announced titles is covered by the about Nintendo Direct Headlines video, including news on Hey! Pikmin!, Monster Hunter Stories, Yo-Kai Watch 2, and more!

Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Direct Headlines

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue / Neon Red) (JPN)US$ 409.99 48h
Nintendo Switch (Gray) (JPN)US$ 409.99 1-5d
Nintendo Switch (Gray) (Australia)US$ 384.99 2-4w

To cap this all off is the Nintendo Direct Headlines video covers more of the coming titles for the newly released Nintendo Switch! Learn more about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, Sonic Forces, and one's that got me personally excited, Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star!!

Hoped to enjoyed the trailers from this week's round up. If you want to see the Full recent Nintendo Direct you can view it HERE! See you all next week! (maybe...)
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