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Treasures unearthed in the Auction House: Nathan Drake Statue, Battle Fantasia, Akiba's Strip! - in New to the Auction House!

Treasure has been unearthed and brought to the Auction House. One of them is the statue of the famed action hero Nathan Drake. Take him to your display shelf and let him explore the Uncharted territories.

Find unexplored lands and discover secret treasures with Nathan Drake. With weapons at the ready, he is off to brave whatever danger the ambitious thugs throw at him. The figure makers at the Square Enix studios bring out his ruggedness by including all the details such as the wrinkled shirt, the stubble and the body hair.

The ball joints at the wrists and the elbows allow the most natural of poses. The folds of the clothes hide the joints so every move looks smoother. He is more than sufficiently armed. The rifles are for long range attacks and the hand gun which he straps to his holster is for up-close and personal combat.

The statue of Nathan Drake in the Auction House is a Brand New Item. Please come to see him in this room.

From the publisher: After six great wars, darkness has once again fallen on this earth and it is up to the next generation of heroes to rescue their land from the clutches of evil and show their people the light.

Each of the four heroes are fighting for their own objectives, some of them are fighting for justice, some for their instincts and others for ascertaining their objectives.

This beautiful fighting game differs from games of the same genre by making use of RPG elements like having a large scale story mode. The characters are fully voiced, animated and are very expressive, you can see the look of concentration or fear on their faces when they launch special attacks or are about to be hit. The game runs on high resolution screens in the arcades and is going to push the limits of your third generation consoles. With a network mode, you can fight matches with people from all over the world.

The copy waiting on the auction block is a Brand New Item. Please come and see it in this room.

Naughtiness doesn't end. Welcome to the gamer paradise in Japan, Akiba. It is being taken over by blood suckers, and these things are afraid of sunlight. So expose them. Strip them of their outfits. Akiba's Trip Plus is a powered up version of the original game, and it's available at a new friendly price.

The Akiba streets are updated with new shops that opened in the district in 2012, and there are even more costumes to strip off. The new game comes with the Holic Mode, a challenging mode for the professional players.

The loading times are shortened to ensure smooth transition between the streets. Events are fully voiced, and there is a wealth of mini-games. Double Puri - the game's resident idols' secret concert is fully animated, so cheer with their fans in between your vampire stripping missions.

The copy waiting on the auction block is a Brand New Item. Please come to see it in this room.


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