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Trizeal (Segadirect Limited Edition w/ Bonus CD & Bandana)

Compatible with Dreamcast™ (DC™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
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Trizeal (Segadirect Limited Edition w/ Bonus CD & Bandana)
Trizeal (Segadirect Limited Edition w/ Bonus CD & Bandana)
Trizeal (Segadirect Limited Edition w/ Bonus CD & Bandana)
Trizeal (Segadirect Limited Edition w/ Bonus CD & Bandana)


From the makers of XII STAG, Trizeal is a vertical shooter ported from the Naomi board arcade version, combining 3D graphics with classical 2D gameplay. Your spacecraft can be morphed into 3 models supporting different shooting types, including front missiles, homing rockets and wide shot. You will operate your ship with 3 action buttons: shoot, morph and bomb. A power up system allows you to boost your ship into 5 different levels.Trizeal is suitable for beginners who aim to complete the game as well as advanced shooting gamers seeking for a high score ranking.

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A Top Shooter from Dreamcast
Just got the game and it certainly lives up to it\'s reputation. Very accessible with great gameplay, graphics and sound. Original shooters like Trizeal are very hard hard to come by these days. Get it and own a piece of the videogame history!

Gameplay - 9/10
Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 9/10
Music - 9/10
Replayability - 8/10
Overall - 88%
Rating - Must Have - Buy It!
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The Lowdown
What a great game. Not complex like Espgaluda in terms of mechanics or scoring system. A very easy to pick up shoot em up, very much in the Raiden theme of keeping it simple.

Like Shooters? Buy this!
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Damn,such a great old-school shooter!!
This is really an awesome shooter like they used to make way back.No manga story or flashy crap included,just solid and fun shoot-\'em up gameplay.
Graphics are not that great like said before but honestly which shmup fan cares about this?Certainly not me,gameplay over graphics anytime baby!!1!1

The only thing that pissed me off is that my small package with this game inside was being held back by customs,had to pay a small fee but hey,it\'s all worth it ,honest.But i had to wait 6 weeks before i could play this new game,i guess that\'s the lamest part! Shame on you society.

The bonus bandana and sountrack cd is a very nice gift,i just hope triangle service got the sales they needed from this game and will be able to bring us more great games like this.
Dreamcast lives!
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One mighty fine addition to an already great DC shooter line up!
Will the Dreamcast ever retire and stop getting shoot em up games?
If all would be at the same quality level as this one I certainly hope not!
As mentioned the graphics are mediocre (at first seem below par, but they pick up later on in the game!), but the Music is very nice and especially the Boss battle them really get you in the mood for kicking some ass!
The game plays very oldschoolish at certain times (good thing!) but has it\'s manic moments! Control is somple and thus easily learnable for newcomers). The game has some slight slowdown at times, but this is actually quite welcome as otherwise some parts would be even harder than they are now!
The game features some nice extras over the arcade version of the game too! A \"lifting\" mini game is selectable for score attack after a while (and is very addictive), there is an extra \"omake\" stage added specially for the DC version, there\'s the unlockable ships (like the XII stag ship), sound test and even interenet ranking features (as long as TS keeps the link open, whilch is only for another 1 and a half week now AFAIK).

All in all if you even remotely like shoot em up games (especially older ones) and have a DC, this game is very much worthy of a purchase. I even got the soundtrack cd and a nice bandana with my order.

Great stuff!
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