UFO: Aftermath

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Version: Asia
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Product Languages

Language  English

Product Features

  • Simultaneous Combat system - Simultaneous Action System (SAS)
  • RPG elements - each soldier’s ability increases with each successful mission
  • Randomly generated tactical missions
  • Region dependent graphics –the style of building, type of flora will vary depending on what area of the Earth the player is fighting on

Item Description

“Save the earth with a small group of survivors, and fight against an unknown danger from space in this tactical strategy game taking place in the near future.” On May 25, 2004, an alien spacecraft went into orbit around the Earth. Ignoring all human attempts at communication, it released many clouds of spores into the upper layers of theat mosphere. The spores multiplied quickly, blocking out the sun, and after seven days they began to rain down to the surface, eradicating most of the life on the planet. Only isolated groups of humans, hidden in sealed, underground bunkers, survived. After several weeks, the spores disintegrated and it was possible to walk on the surface again. The first task of the scattered survivors is to make contact with each other, find out what really happened, and start to fight back.

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