Ultraman Leo Mac Super Weapon Photo Book

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The fifth release from "Ultraman Cho Heiki Shashinshu (Super Weapon Photo Collection)" features "Ultraman Leo" which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024! Contains still photos of MAC (Monster Attacking Crew) mecha, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024, in the largest size possible! The book also includes a special section on MAC female members and many more still photos! Selected from the numerous still photos taken at the production sites of the time in Tsuburaya Productions' photo library, the photos are presented in large images that show as much detail as possible. The black-and-white pages will include photos that remain only cuts taken with black-and-white film. This book contains the original stills of props (props or miniatures) taken at the time of the production of the TV program, with no cropping to show only the main body of the props. A special section on female characters is included in this issue. The book will include many still photos of MAC members Junko Shirakawa and Haruko Momoi, whose still photos remain in the photo library, and Momoko Yamaguchi, who is Gen's lover. The still photos used in the announcement have not been color-corrected. Some photos have been partially cut by cropping. In this book, dust, scratches, and fading due to age have been corrected as much as possible, and photos of mechanisms and equipment are uncropped.