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一封來自23年前的來信,一個彷如隔世的名字,讓封塵已久的回憶再次鮮活起來……1991年的夏天,范實(都暻秀 飾)和幾位好友相約於家鄉小島上重聚,並重遇青梅竹馬的鄭素(金所炫 飾)。五為一體的少男少女,度過了一個難忘刺激的夏天。而在相處中,純情的愛戀在互相吸引的范實和鄭素之間萌生……懵懂的愛情及忠誠的友情交織出一段刻骨 銘心的青春回憶!


Hyungjoon is a radio DJ, one day he is shocked by a letter delivered during a live broadcast, a letter from a familiar name. It is written by Jung Suok, his first love from 23 years ago, the love tucked away into a corner of his heart. As he reads the handwritten letter, old memories from all those years ago come to life.
The time is 1991, Bumsil and his friends gather at their remote island hometown for the summer vacation. The five of them are as one, and they embark on an unforgettable summer. Bumsil is willing to do anything for Suok. The two 17-year olds are headed for a moment that will never be forgotten.

Special Feature:
-Unforgettable trailer
-DO Kyung-soo interview
-KIM So-hyun interview
-Park Yong-woo interview
-Director interview

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