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Unlock your kingdom: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2, Tales of Hearts R, God of War: Ascension, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 & more! - in New Games Available for Pre-ordering!

Welcome to our Weekly Pre-order Games news. Keep yourself abreast, read up on games that are just announced for release. Fly to Kingdom Hearts in the 1.5 HD Remix Collection, join Luffy's crew in Kaizoku Musou 2, and reach the deepest core in Tales of Hearts R.

Revisit the very beginning of the Kingdom Hearts series. Join Sora once again and fly toward the Disney fairy tales. Search for the princesses, break the spell and experience everything that is magical and wonderful. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix brings the games to the HD screen, so that everything sparkles.

The games included in this collection are Kingdom Hearts, Chains of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The games are based on the Final Mix Editions, they are upgraded to support trophies and added contents. The games will also include Japanese audio tracks. 358/2 Days will be turned into a movie so gamers can sit back and enjoy the visuals.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD will come in March 2013:

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIXJPN US$ 79.99

Luffy is bringing the gamers to sea once again in Kaizoku Musou 2. Sail with the crew to the new world and see what new skills they have learned during the time skip. New characters are joining the fray, and stages that didn't make it to the previous instalment is packed into this new game.

The crew will sail to the floating islands and meet new foes like Enel. The graphics are refined so that players feel like they are situated in the manga, and with a press of a button, they can execute the stunning skills. Besides new plots, the game will include new system elements that bring even more exhilaration to the gamers.

Luffy is set to sail in March 2013:


One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2JPN US$ 24.99
One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2 [Treasure Box]JPN US$ 99.99

PS Vita

One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2JPN US$ 64.99

The stunning RPG Tales of Hearts is going to link everyone's hearts together again on the PS Vita. The vastly improved game is based on the anime version. The colours are more vivid, the towns become more vibrant with life and the dungeons become even more creepy.

Characters designed by the illustrator Inomata Mutsumi springs to life, and all the main scenarios are voiced. The powerful swordsman Calcedoni will be joining the cast of heroes. His speedy attacks and sword arts are bound to be able to help Shing out of tight situations in battles. Gamers can use the Chase Link to launch aerial attacks to prevent foes from escaping.

Journey to the heart of the tale in March 2013:

Tales of Hearts RJPN US$ 54.99

Feel Kratos's incinerating rage. Return to the very beginning of the God of War franchise. Tricked by the Greek god Ares, Kratos murdered his spouse and child and has fallen into the hands of the Furies.

In Ascension, he will have to battle himself and his insanity, and gamers can experience multi-player modes in God of War style for the first time.

Pledge yourself to the gods, Zeus, Ares, Poseidon or Hades and gain their favour to unlock the equipment for their gladiator in multi-player mode. A total of eight players can engage an an objective-oriented mission. So bring your style of combat online and show it to your people.

God of War Ascension is coming in March:

God of War: AscensionEUR N/A
God of War: AscensionUS US$ 22.99
God of War: AscensionJPN US$ 15.79
God of War: Ascension (Collector's Edition)US N/A

All tailed beasts are let out of the pen as fighters march to the grounds. The newest battles of the Ninjas are starting. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 boasts the largest roster of player characters, feel the rumble of chakra in your system, and the howl of the beasts that reside within you.

You can execute a sure kill attack with the Kakusei system. Time your attacks and turn the tides. The graphics are enhanced such that you can't tell the difference between the animated cut-ins and the game-play. As the game progress, the landscape in the game changes, see how the Konoha village grow.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is coming in March:


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3ASIA N/A
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3US N/A


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3ASIA US$ 54.99
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3US N/A

They have shone brilliantly in the action adventures, it's time they make themselves known as tacticians. Lead a group of Ultramen to the battlefield. Put them into units and send them off to battle the monsters.

Ultraman All Star Chronicle gathers 50 characters into the game and contains a new original story that will surely satisfy the franchise's fans.

Develop your favourite characters and level them up with the Ultraman Evolution system. Let them learn new skills. When they execute their sure kill attacks in the battlefield, the full power of their attacks will be shown via 3D animations.

Lead the Ultramen to battle in March:

Ultraman All-Star ChronicleJPN US$ 25.99

Xbox360 (10)

Painkiller: Hell & DamnationEuropeJul 10, 2013US$ 19.99
Aliens: Colonial MarinesASIAFeb 12, 2013N/A
Bioshock Infinite (Premium Edition)EuropeMar 26, 2013N/A
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (English Version)ASIAFeb 07, 2013N/A
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceASIAFeb 22, 2013N/A
Omerta: City of GangstersASIAFeb 06, 2013N/A
SteelSeries Qck Mouse Pad (Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Edition)ASIAJan 15, 2013N/A
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3ASIAMar 05, 2013N/A
Star Trek The Video GameASIAApr 23, 2013N/A


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PlayStation3 (19)

Arcania: The Complete TaleEuropeJun 04, 2013US$ 19.99
Dragon Saga SEA Limited Edition SetASIAMar 06, 2013N/A
Painkiller: Hell & DamnationUSDec 09, 2013N/A
Painkiller: Hell & DamnationEuropeAug 30, 2013N/A
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (Limited Edition)ASIAMar 15, 2013N/A
Aliens: Colonial MarinesASIAFeb 12, 2013US$ 31.99
Bioshock Infinite (Premium Edition)EuropeMar 26, 2013N/A
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Comes with Pre-Order Cyborg Ninja Download Code)ASIAFeb 19, 2013N/A
Agricultural Mega Pack (DVD-ROM)ASIAMay 27, 2013US$ 14.90
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F [Segastore Limited First-Print Edition]JPNMar 08, 2013N/A
God of War: AscensionJPNMar 14, 2013US$ 15.79
One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2JPNMar 20, 2013US$ 24.99
One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2 [Treasure Box]JPNMar 20, 2013US$ 99.99
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken All-Star Battle (Japanese Version)ASIAAug 29, 2013N/A
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3ASIAMar 05, 2013US$ 54.99
Star Trek The Video GameASIAApr 23, 2013US$ 22.19
Star Trek The Video GameUSApr 26, 2013US$ 17.99
Arcania: The Complete TaleUSAug 30, 2013N/A
Arcania: The Complete TaleEuropeNov 08, 2013N/A


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PS Vita (3)

One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2JPNMar 20, 2013US$ 64.99
Sei Madou Monogatari [Famitsu DX Pack]JPNApr 02, 2013N/A
Sei Madou Monogatari [Limited Edition]JPNMar 28, 2013US$ 44.99


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Sony PSP (5)

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyoushou~JPNFeb 14, 2013US$ 59.90
Ultraman All-Star ChronicleJPNMar 07, 2013US$ 25.99
Princess Arthur [Regular Edition]JPNMar 28, 2013US$ 78.99
Princess Arthur [Famitsu DX Pack]JPNApr 02, 2013N/A
Princess Arthur [Limited Edition]JPNMar 28, 2013US$ 109.90


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Nintendo 3DS (1)

Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission [LaLaBit Market Luxury Edition]JPNMar 01, 2013N/A


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PC Games (6)

The Sims 3: 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack (DVD-ROM)ASIAJan 23, 2013US$ 22.99
The Sims 3: Monte VistaASIAJan 03, 2013US$ 22.90
Bioshock Infinite (Premium Edition) (DVD-ROM)EuropeMar 26, 2013N/A
Omerta: City of Gangsters (DVD-ROM)ASIAFeb 06, 2013US$ 34.99
Company of Heroes 2 (DVD-ROM)EuropeJun 25, 2013N/A
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm (Southeast Asia Edition) (DVD-ROM)ASIAMar 12, 2013N/A


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