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Urban Empire - Be A Mayor Player

Urban Empire
PC | Genre: City-Building Simulation
Release date: January 20th, 2017

Urban Empire (Steam)
(Windows™, Region Free)
US$ 9.56 24h

Take the destiny of the city of your dreams in hand. As the new Mayor, your duty is to master all the aspects of the town planning process; build houses, streets, factories, airports, stadiums, and the use of all of your diplomatic skills at the Council to improve the citizen's life.

Since the Industrial Revolution Era, there are four ruling families which are involved in different aspects of society - the conservative, the artistic, the progressive, and the scientifically minded - as a member of one of them, you'll be the aspiring Mayor who can introduce new ideas and technologies in the City.

Manage the five primary resources (Goodwill, Prestige, Personal Funds, Brain Power, and City Money) in the best way possible to be re-elected again and again through five eras, each with its own threats and opportunities. As ruler, you will have to fight crime and pollution, collect taxes, and balance your budget. But remember that every decision influences the life of the inhabitants, and more satisfaction means more votes!

The new ideas must be discussed, and approved at City Council. Obviously, each party has their own peculiar agenda, so flex your political muscles, and try to get everyone on board as this will let you earn a lot of "Prestige Points" which are useful for increase the re-election's rate. Face more than 800 events (such as global disasters, local crises, intrigues, and so on) and employ strategic planning and political shrewdness to solve them with minimal efforts.

If you loved Civilization VI and House of Cards, you must play with Urban Empire!