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A place that has been forgotten from history. There, humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits and others led their lives. Surrounded by deep forests and clear rivers, this was just like paradise. But, the cries of the monsters tore these peaceful lives to shreds. The “King of Monsters” who ruled over this land before it was called paradise returned. And so, the curtains to the war that all the races got embroiled in were raised.After several years of harsh conflict, the “King of Monsters” was finally sealed by the hands of the hero, “Rastil”. But the land became dark as it was cursed by the blood of the “King of Monsters”. Imprisoned on this cursed land, the people lived moments as if eternity. And the term cursed land sprang out.In this kind of world, a brave young spirit suddenly awakened. He/she started to look for his/her lost memories in this despondent world. In the end, will he/she find his/her true memories and a future of paradise, or false memories and the end of the world…3Dダンジョンを探索モードで移動しながら、様々な依頼、そしてクエストを解決する事でゲームが進行していきます。ダンジョンなどで敵に接触すると、探索モードから戦闘モードへシームレスに切り替わります。アドホックモードで繋ぐと、2P対戦に加え、友達と一緒にギルドの依頼達成を目指す、2P協力プレイも可能に!!困難な依頼も友達と協力すれば、きっと攻略出来る。

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Great game
It is a good rpg
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great game
it is a great game but it could be better
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Great graphics
fun game but had a bad story
the battle system was a good idea but bad
use of it
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Valhalla Knights
reminds me of maplestory
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Valhalla Knights
Valhalla Knights harks back to the early 1990s with its rudimentary gameplay and simplistic approach to the world. As a nameless Hero, your only goal is to travel through a gigantic dungeon fighting off monsters in order to defeat the Dark Lord who has brought evil into the world. Along the way, you can return to the only town in the dungeon to hire new recruits, buy and sell equipment, or to rest. Adventurers get exponentially more expensive as you purchase more to add to the party, with up to six in the team at once. Players can allocate tendencies to their computer-controlled companions; the tweaks work surprisingly well. There is also an excellent variety of classes and an admirable attempt at customisation; characters can choose to sub-specialise and become more robust. What it has going for all is its addictive nature. Combat is basic, with only two attacks and a small assortment of magic possible, and the best approach to any monster is to simply gang up and attack it repeatedly till it dies.

Valhalla Knights is, unfortunately, hampered by two glaring flaws. First, its poor camera position: it frequently chooses to fly behind walls and around corners, obscuring your view from fights and enemies. Second, a poor frame rate. Initial parts of the game are fine, but once you have recruited six characters and begin fighting up to 10 other enemies at once, the game turns into a slideshow the moment battle erupts. Being able to overlook these flaws depends entirely on how much you enjoy looking for powerful equipment. Even so, this title is recommmended only to the most patient gamer who can afford to crawl through its tedious battles.
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