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VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness
VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness
VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness
VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness
VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness

Product Features

  • DESTROY YOUR OPPONENT: It is the goal of the game to destroy the Empire of your opponent. Look out for Attack-Cards to build up your dark army, but do not forget to protect & strengthen your own Empire of blood!
  • SELECT YOUR KING: Decide the king & faction you want to battle with. Depending on this choice you get your start-deck and your private-deck in the Market-Place to acquire cards from
  • COLLECT GROUPS: You collect and play Groups, the most powerful entities in the game, which are designed after its historical examples (e.g. Pairs like ‘Sisi’ & ‘Franz Joseph’). They count twice if they are completed in your Empire!
  • HOLD CARDS: Location-Cards not only provide you with permanent guldens every turn but also with 'hands', which means holding-ability, this gives you more strategic flexibility and control!
  • PLAY POWER-CARDS: Play Power-Cards for fast and surprising play! Depending on your chosen king & faction there are different types of Power-Cards available for you at the Market-Place
  • ACQUIRE OR ATTACK, ACQUIRE OR EMPIRE: Attack-Cards can be played for acquiring new cards or they can… you guess right: ATTACK!
  • PLAY SPELLS: Use offensive or defensive Spell-Cards, depending on your strategy and all for one goal: knock down your opponent!

Item Description

VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness is a vampire-themed digital deck-building game, inspired by one of history's most influential royal dynasties - the house of Habsburg. VEmpire is a deck-building game like Dominion or Ascension, just to name two popular games of this genre. It provides innovative mechanics and an exciting, atmospheric theme that is about the resurgence of the Habsburg rulers as terrific vampires!

VEmpireincludes more than 100 unique cards with amazing artwork in four factions!
All cards (vampires, locations, artifacts & spells) are drawn based on real historical characters, famous ancient buildings, and gory battles!

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