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Vrooom, family fun with Nintendo's long-awaited Mario Kart Wii for Nintendo Wii™ and related products, Wii Handle & more.

From the publisher: Mario Kart is heading to the Wii and it's bigger than ever. The game boasts a new exprience including this time the intense Mario Kart action you've come to know and love with a few added bonuses including online, including battle mode for the first time ever and motocycles. New tracks, vehichles, characters are also added to the experience.

Nintendo's Mario Kart Wii (w/ Wii Handle) is in stock today, shipping as NTSC J encoded Japanese version for US$ 64.90 only.

Freeloader update (April 15th): Our initial Freeloader tests were performed with a 3.2 firmware version installed on our Wii™ systems. After hearing about various reports from other sources, we have given our tests another try and have concluded that Mario Kart Wii requires a special update that allows the Wii™ system to boot dual layer discs.

This update is NOT installed when your Wii™ is upgraded via the Internet, however the double swap boot method can be used to install the upgrade from the Mario Kart game disc. If you have previously been playing other dual layer games, such as Super Smash Bros., the update may already have been installed on your console!

Though we've been able to install this upgrade from a Japanese Mario Kart game disc on a US Wii™ console, we'd like to point out that such installations may result into incompatibility issues in the future. Play-Asia.com reminds all customers that such installations are made on the customer's own risk. If you want to be fully sure about compatibility issues now and in the future, go and get a Japanese Wii™ system.

Conclusion: At current state, the Japanese version of Mario Kart Wii is playable on US/PAL version Wii™ consoles using the Freeloader when the Wii™ system is updated to the latest firmware version (3.1 or 3.2) and has the Dual Layer support patch installed (which is on the Mario Kart Wii or also Smash Bros. game disc.)

Please note that the Japanese edition of Mario Kart is only compatible with Japanese Nintendo Wii consoles, which are in stock at Play-Asia.com at US$ 299.00 only. Tests that we have performed on a US and PAL Wii™ machine using Datel's Freeloader only resulted into a black screen!

Game Features:

  • Wii Wheel: Transform your Wii Remote in to a steering wheel that feels natural in anyone's hands.
  • Worldwide Racing: Play with up to three friends locally or challenge up to 11 friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in the biggest Mario Kart race yet! All tracks and modes of play are available for online races.
  • Mario Kart Channel: Visit the Mario Kart Channel on your Wii Menu to check regional and worldwide stats, friend rankings, download ghost data, participate in worldwide Time Trial events, and more!
  • New Wheels and Courses: cruise brand-new tracks and arenas, or enjoy a blast from the past going fender-to-fender on one of the classics. Tired of riding on four wheels? Bust out one of the all-new motorbikes for special tricks and techniques.
For multiplayer action, spare Wii Handles are also sold seperately at US$ 19.90 only.

The NTSC U/C encoded US version of Mario Kart Wii (w/ Wii Wheel) is arriving soon and is currently available as for preorder at US$ 59.90 only.

To learn more about your racing courses and karts, purchase a copy of Mario Kart Wii Prima Office Game Guide from Play-Asia.com. The book is arriving at the end of the month and is currently on preorder for US$ 19.90.

For those of you with an addiction to Mario Kart and want to live, or relive the history of this game, several Mario Kart games for classic systems are available at Play-Asia.com:

Mario Kart: Double DashUS N/A sold

Mario Kart AdvanceJPN US$ 67.99 1w

Different versions of Mario Kart are also available on Nintendo's newest portable system:

Nintendo DS™
Mario Kart DSKOR N/A sold
Mario Kart DSUS N/A sold
Mario Kart DSJPN US$ 64.90 1w

Mario Kart is also taken from the TV screen and brought to the actual world through toys numerous of times. If participating in the races through a TV screen does not sate your addiction, two race sets, together with karts and race courses are available for preorder at Play-Asia.com:

Mario Kart DS Mario vs Donkey Kong Race SetASIA N/A
Mario Kart DS Mario vs Yoshi Race SetASIA N/A

Also in stock today:

PC and MAC™
Assassin's Creed (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 44.90 wait
Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold
Musou Orochi (Chinese Verson) (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold
Sango 2 (Chinese Verson) (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 24.90 1-5d
XIII Century: Death or Glory (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 23.90 1-5d


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