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Warm up to the Shin Megami Tensei series with Digital Devil Saga before Persona 4's grand entrance, immerse yourself into Megaman Universe both in the game and out & much more!

From the publisher: Junkyard, a town of endless rain...

With his four companions, Serf, the main character and a member of a tribe called Embryon, sets out for Nirvana, a land that can only be reached by the champions of Junkyard. They devote themselves to fighting against the never-ending resistance mustered by other tribes.

In the midst of chaos, a mysterious object, the Pod, suddenly appears. Countless spheres of light are emitted by the Pod and infect Serf and his comrades, awakening their demonic powers. An unimaginable battle unfolds within their faint conscience.

They develop a desire to tear the flesh and shatter the bones of their enemies, who have also been transformed. Their instincts tell them to devour every being in their path. Until then, Serf and his comrades only knew of battle, but for the first time, they experience new emotions.

At that time, a dark-haired girl, Sera, comes to their rescue. Although she does not know where she came from, she holds a strange power - the power to control the party's demonic transformation. They receive orders from the Church of Karma to head for Nirvana, and they are accompanied by the dark-haired girl.

"They who reach Nirvana first shall be recognized as the champions of Junkyard." The struggle intensifies, and they discover that the girl holds a key to the mystery. But, true fear still awaits Serf's party...

Rejoice as Play-Asia.com has been able to locate reprints of one of Atlus' most highly acclaimed and very difficult to get RPG titles. Experience the darkly magnificient world of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga on your PlayStation2. The game is shipping as an NTSC encoded US version for US$ 44.90 only.

Please bear in mind that the these reprints are not bundled with the bonus items that came with the original collector's box set release.

Go from the Junkyard to Tartarus by changing game discs, discover the truth about the Shadow Hour in Persona 3 FES. The game is available as US and Japanese versions, shipping for US$ 34.90 and US$ 78.90 only.

If you have a copy of Person 3, the original game, you can buy the append version to enjoy FES action. The expansion pack is available as a Japanese version, sold for US$ 59.90 only.

While those new to the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series marvel at the elegantly shadowy worlds by exploring the re-released games, Atlus is continuing the series with Persona 4.

The newest game is available as Standard and Konamistyle Special editions, the two versions are arriving later this week and are available for preorder for US$ 68.90 and US$ 129.90 only.

As mentioned in newsletters before, Play-Asia.com has been able to locate limited supplies of two hot game titles that have been out of print for years. One of them is Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne while the other is NIS America's AR Tonelico: Melody of Elemia.

Both of them are NTSC U/C encoded US versions compatible with PlayStation2™, sold at US$ 44.90 and US$ 34.90 respectively only, available for as long as stocks last.

Rockman, (a.k.a Mega Man) is seeping into every crack and crevice of gamer's life. Getting high scores and becoming a guru in the game world is a good thing, but never neglect the real world either. Make your addiction known by using Rockman apparel, let your favourite game character fill your life.

Getting stationery for a new school term is an exciting process for many students, just think about the looks of envy you will draw from your friends when you show them your new Rockman notebooks.

To go with Rockman's image color, the pages are tinted with a pale blue color that suits both blue and black ink. Aside from notebooks, get the matching pencil case to complete your Rockman fan image.

Rockman X6 NotebookJPN N/A sold
Rockman X6 Notebook (X and Zero)JPN N/A sold
Rockman X6 Pen Case (Black)JPN N/A sold

Group tiny essential objects together or carry small change with Rockman pouches. Make use of the characters printed on the fabric to identify which pouch carries what.

Keep your mobile phone clean, its surface free of scratches and dents by putting it away in a Rockman mobile phone pouch. Make use of its compartments to store spare batteries, wires, etc.

Rockman X6 Money PouchJPN N/A sold
Rockman Zero Mobile PouchJPN N/A sold
Rockman Zero Money PouchJPN N/A sold

A Rockman game can be so absorbing and exciting that it roots you to your chair in front of the television for hours. To bring a little more comfort to your adventure, Play-Asia.com brings you a Rockman cushion for you to lay on your chair or on the floor.

Hours of gaming might dehydrate a an avid gamer, remember to drink plenty of water, especially in this summer heat. The use of a Rockman cup to drink with may make the process of tearing yourself from a game less painful.

Home Uses
Rockman X6 CupJPN N/A sold
Rockman Zero CushionJPN N/A sold

Summer heat coupled with the adrenaline in your bloodstream during an intense game result in a lot of sweating. Fear not, Play-Asia.com has a series of towels and handkerchiefs for you to wipe your sweat and tears on. You can even wear them on your head like a bandana to keep your hair from obstructing your view of the television.

Towels and Handkerchiefs
Rockman X6 HandkerchiefJPN N/A sold
Rockman X6 Mini TowelJPN N/A sold
Rockman X6 Sports TowelJPN N/A sold
Rockman Zero BandanaJPN N/A sold
Rockman Zero HandkerchiefJPN N/A sold

Play-Asia.com is a treasure trove full of Rockman goods, please check here for a full list of products under the franchise.

Also in stock today:

PlayStation3™ Accessories
Controller Charger N/A sold

Nintendo Wii™ Accessories
Racing Wheel N/A sold

Sony PSP™
Communicator Headset N/A sold

New toy arrivals:

Final Fantasy XII Play Art Arms Box SetJPN N/A sold
Spice and Wolf 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Holo (Re-run)JPN N/A sold


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