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Warriors of the stars: Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Eng ver., Mayo Chiki! Subaru Swim Wear, To Heart2 Kusugawa Sasara Samurai Ver., Chopper New World ver., & more!

From the lowly evil underlings to the powerful Golden Saints, Saint Seiya Senki will pit Tenma and his friends against foes across the galaxy. Release the power of the cosmos and launch a set of sure kill attacks.

Sweep the minor foes off the ground with a blast of Pegasus Meteor Punches and face off against the Golden Saints in a 1 vs 1 battle, throw your skills against them to find their week spots. Your battles will simply light up the screen with destructiveness.

Step into the boots of the saints and relive their stories. Bond with the brothers of the Cloth as you save Athena from the claws of evil once again.

The sacred wars are now available in English:

Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle (English Version)ASIA N/Asold

Other versions are also available at Play-Asia.com:

Saint Seiya SenkiJPN US$ 47.991-2w
Saint Seiya: Sanctuary BattleEUR N/Asold

Please bear in mind that the screen shots are taken from the Japanese versions.

From the publisher: Get ready to strap in, go back in time and take stick in the most pivotal battles in the history of air combat. Birds of Steel puts you right in the crosshairs of WWII's most intense skirmishes.

This original IP blends next gen supremacy and the fine details of aerial combat into a historical recreation fit for flight sim fans and history buffs alike. Use your skills to pilot the top planes from all combatants in WWII to recreate history or to change the outcomes of the most prolific battles in history.

Online and offline elements add an entire new element to the game which will ensure Birds of Steel remains a fresh combat experience long after you've played for the first time.

The US version is expected to come within a week:

Birds of SteelJPN N/Asold
Birds of SteelUS US$ 17.9924h
Birds of SteelEUR N/Asold

Birds of SteelASIA N/Asold
Birds of SteelJPN US$ 68.991w
Birds of SteelUS US$ 19.9924h
Birds of SteelEUR N/Asold

The handsome butler Konoe removes her bindings to show the whole world what a lovely girl she truly is. Her wavy hair flows down her back as she bends down to look up at her collectors.

With the faintest blush on her cheeks, she tells her collectors "Please stop looking at me like that."

The figure makers at the studio paints a layer of varnish over her bikini top and gives the wrap around skirt a brown border. The combination of colours sets off the healthy tones of Konoe's skin and matches with the caramel hues of her hair.

Catch Konoe at her most alluring moment:

Mayo Chiki! 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Konoe Subaru Swim Wear Ver. (PVC Figure)JPN N/Asold

In Dungeon Travellers, the ladies turn into action heroines. Kusugawa Sasara belongs to the samurai class. Instead of cladding herself in heavy armour, she dress herself in flowing robes.

The combination of pink and purple brings out the flaxen tone of her hair and the creaminess of her skin. The embroidered flowers on the garment and the sleek lines of her blade give her figure maker Hagii Shunshi plenty of room to show off his sculpt.

Although she is very well covered, the waistband of her hakama falls dangerously low, revealing her slender hips. And the bandages around her wrist highlights the shapeliness of her limbs.

Traditional, exotic and very sexy, Kusugawa Sasara the swords woman comes today:

To Heart2 Dungeon Travelers 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kusugawa Sasara Samurai Style Ver.JPN N/Asold

Meet the new Chopper. He has discovered a lot more transformations during the Time Skip. His Walk Point form and his Heavy Point form becomes more fearsome. But when he is calm and happy, he is still the chubby little reindeer that collectors can cuddle in their arms.

He is plumply stuffed and covered with several types of fabrics. His limbs and face are silky soft and furry, tempting collectors to run their hands down his cheeks and hold his hands. The new blue hat and the horns are cool and smooth while the pink circle around the cross on his cap has extra long fur.

Chopper is always ready for big hugs:

One Piece HQ Plush Doll THE TONYTONY.CHOPPER ~The New World Chapter~JPN N/Asold

Also available today:

Hulk Hogan’s Main EventUS US$ 22.901-2w

Silent Hill: DownpourASIA N/Asold

PC Game
Wargame: European Escalation (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 39.905-15d

Game Guides and Books
Weekly Famitsu No. 1215 (2012 03/29)JPN N/Asold

New Toy Arrivals
Brilliant Stage The Idolmaster 2 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Hoshii MikiJPN N/Asold
Metal Gear Solid Play Arts Kai Pre-Painted Figure: Solid SnakeJPN N/Asold
Revoltech Series No.116 - Fullmetal Alchemist : Edward ElricJPN N/Asold
SIF EX The Tower of Druaga Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Girl of Kai EquipmentJPN N/Asold


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