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Was Polybius just a big hoax?

PlayStation®4 | Genre: VR Psychedelic Shooter
Price: US$ 15.49

Jeff Minter is a genius, and one of the most creative game developers, during his very long career (started in 1981 with the puzzle game “Deflex” for Commodore PET, and VIC-20) he has developed a big number of surrealist videogames (Attack of the Mutant Camels, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Tempest 2000). Each of them contains at least one reference that shows his affections for hairy ruminants such as llamas, sheeps, camels, and so on…

Polybius is his latest title, inspired by the urban legend’s game with the same title. If you don’t know it, you should read the whole story…Accordingly the legend, the original game appeared in several suburbs of Portland, Oregon in 1981. Described as an odd shooting game, the rumors told that its players suffered of amnesia, hallucinations, insomnia, anxiety, and other side effects. In addition, the arcade cabinets were frequently examined by men in black who – seems - used the game to test psychoactive effects on the people. Anyway, one month later all the cabinets mysteriously disappeared without trace…During the years this game has been quoted in several media like TV Shows (“The Simpsons”, “The Goldbergs”), Comics (“Batman Inc.”, “House of Mystery”).

In order to keep the legend alive, Minter has released this new 3D shooting game for PSVR that will immerse you into a psychedelic 50 levels’ universe full of flashing lights, and hyperspeed. Piloting a supersonic spaceship you’ll be catapulted into a ludic psychedelic spiraling tunnel that will give you a sense of enlightenment, and happiness. Aided by its trance soundtrack, Polybius one of the most unconventional titles present in the whole PlayStation Store’s catalogue.

Due its fast-paced gameplay, you could die often, so relax and remember to be on the correct side of oncoming flags, avoid the red part of the track, and when you see a red triangle sign change your position quickly. Obviously these tips are good to proceed in the game, but if you REALLY want to enjoy the game experience the you’ll need concentration, and a strong “Zen” state of consciousness.

If you’re calm enough, and you’re ready to blast tons of florescent hairy animals wear the VR Display to enter into “The Zone”, and have the most immersive trippy game experience of this age!
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