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Weaving fantasies: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack, Kis-My-Ft2 - We Never Give Up, Kanan - Braving! Yugioh theme song

The past and the future weaves together in the new world of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Lightning has disappeared, but Serah is not the only one who remembers her. Come to the fantasy once again and catch glimpses of the warrior goddesses through the music tracks.

From the ethereal to the heart pumping beats, to the quiet peaceful moments to the battlefield, the 4 disc album flies listeners to all the corners of the massive world. Uzuhama Masashi returns, bringing famed music producers Suzuki Mitsuhito and Mizuda Naoshi with him. Together, they create a most captivating adventure.

They have composed new music that represent this Coccoon-less world, they told stories of Sera's longing for her sister, the dance of the Moogles and the Chocobos. Iconic themes written by Uematsu Nobuo are re-mixed to bring in a new taste. Every piece is a fragment of a story, piece the whole picture together with this voluminous collection.

The Limited Edition has a bonus DVD. Watch the emotionally stirring scenes and the stunning action sequences in it:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack [4CD]JPN US$ 44.991w
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack [4CD+DVD Limited Edition]JPN US$ 49.991-5d

Dance, jump and twirl to the voices of Kis-My-Ft2. We Never Give Up is another up-beat song that burns the winter cold away. Kitagawa Johnny once said that "Not only singing and dancing, these boys can do anything". They are the future stars because they never give up.

This is a campaign song for the convenient store Lawson and their new line of service. The second song Kis-My Venus is the theme song of Moshimo Tours. Fly around the world humming their songs and let these boys take you to the stars.

The Limited Editions come with bonus DVDs. Jacket A edition comes with the music video and the making of clips of We Never Give Up. Jacket B comes with clips taken during their Everybody Go to Tokyo Dome concert. The regular edition comes with Love is You.

We Never Give Up [CD+DVD Limited Edition Jacket A] (~Kis-My-Ft2)JPN N/Asold
We Never Give Up [CD+DVD Limited Edition Jacket B] (~Kis-My-Ft2)JPN N/Asold
We Never Give Up [Jacket C] (~Kis-My-Ft2)JPN US$ 9.901w

Kanan has been a famous singer, known throughout the internet (as Yamai) even before she became an Indies singer. From the low, husky and sexy to the crystalline pure notes, she can do them all. She mixes the power of her voice with her delicate interpretation in Braving!, portraying the determination of the characters in Yugioh.

The heavy beats of the digital rock song poses a challenge to any singer, but Kanan rides the waves of the beat with ease. She once again join forces with her long time music producer Su-kei, experience their chemical reaction with this single.

The Limited Edition comes with a music video clip.

Braving [Anime Jacket Edition] (~Kanan)JPN US$ 11.901w
Braving [Artist's Photo Jacket Edition] (~Kanan)JPN US$ 13.901w
Braving [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Kanan)JPN N/Asold


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