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Weekly Game Release: Rayman Legends, Killzone: Mercenary, and Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate!

Welcome to our Weekly Game Release News! Finally after a long wait, Rayman is back for some stunning platform action, Killzone: Mercenary is ready to set the standard for handheld FPSes, and DOA5 Ultimate is out with all assets ready!


Wii U™ PlayStation 3™ Xbox360™ PS®Vita PC [Platformer]

The fifth game in the series and sequel to Rayman Origins is finally out! Rayman Legends is a beautifully crafted platform experience featuring the same 4 player co-op from the latter title, over 120 levels and a plethora of unlockables! Follow titular hero Rayman as he journeys with his friends to face new threats and challenges. With an overwhelmingly positive response from critics worldwide including the highest scores for a Wii U console game, Rayman Legends is definitely a title for all players. 

Rayman LegendsWii UUS US$ 24.991-5d
Rayman LegendsWii UEUR US$ 29.992-4w
Rayman LegendsWii UJPN sold
Rayman LegendsPS3ASIA US$ 48.9924h
Rayman LegendsPS3US US$ 21.2924h
Rayman LegendsPS3EUR US$ 39.992-4w
Rayman LegendsXbox360 ASIA sold
Rayman LegendsXbox360US US$ 24.991-2w
Rayman LegendsXbox360EUR US$ 54.991-2w
Rayman Legends (English Version)PS®VitaASIA US$ 42.991-5d
Rayman LegendsPS®Vita US US$ 24.991-5d
Rayman LegendsPS®Vita EUR US$ 39.992-4w
Rayman Legends (DVD-ROM)PCASIA US$ 5.9924h
Rayman Legends (DVD-ROM)PC EUR US$ 29.902-4w



PS®Vita [First Person Shooter]

First Person Shooters have been a video game staple for years, but on a handhelds, the experience can often be less than impressive. Killzone: Mercenary knows the score, and intends to challenge this impression. 

Taking place immediately after the ending of the original Killzone as well as revisiting many major events from Killzone Trilogy, players adapt the persona of Arran Danner, mercenary. As his title implies, Arran has the liberty to choose sides; his quest for wealth enables a first for fans of the Killzone series: finally fight alongside the Helghast!

Featuring the power of the Vita, frenetic mulitplayer and a robust single player campaign, Killzone: Mercenaries might be the best FPS for handhelds yet. 

Killzone: MercenaryPS®Vita US sold
Killzone: Mercenary (Chinese & English)PS®Vita ASIA US$ 25.9924h
Killzone: MercenaryPS®Vita EUR sold
Killzone: MercenaryPS®Vita JPN US$ 48.991w



PlayStation3™ [Fighting]

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate takes DOA5 and packs it with even more content! What makes the game so Ultimate? Take the distinct DOA fighting style and add dynamic new stages, and deadly new fighters, and gameplay that greatly improves the competitive aspects of the game. 

Of course the original DOA5 had many new features to the franchise itself; with the Power Blow, players can knock opponents in which ever direction selected; this works in tandem with multi-level stages each having its own Danger Zones. When characters are sent to said Danger Zones, a cinematic QTE dubbed Cliffhanger is activated, letting players either react or inflict more damage depending on which side they are on.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate360ASIA sold
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate [Collector's Edition]360JPN sold
Dead or Alive 5 UltimatePS3ASIA sold
Dead or Alive 5 UltimatePS3JPN US$ 39.991w
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate [Collector's Edition]PS3JPN sold

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