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Weekly Games/Toys Update: Lost Planet, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Shining Force EXA, .hack//G.U. Vol. 3, Dragon Shadow Spell, Kaitou Wario the Seven, Phoenix Wright Justice for All & more

Welcome to this week's Games & Toys update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days.

It's been the first really interesting release week this year so far. There have been a couple of interesting new games from Japanese, Asian and US territory.

The two hottest releases this week have been published by Capcom, which are Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Regular / Limited) for Xbox360™ and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All for Nintendo DS™.

Further interesting new games have been Nintendo's WarioWare: Smooth Moves (US version) for Wii™, .hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Aruku Youna Hayasa de, Shining Force EXA and Dragon Shadow Spell (PS2™), Kaitou Wario the Seven and Sekaiju no Meikyuu (NDS™) as well as the PSP™ budget release of Initial D Street Stage.

As usually, here's a summary of all new releases from this week. Make sure to check the bottom of this news post for a preview of coming week's hits.

Gears of WarJPN US$ 85.99 1w
Gears of War [First Print Limited Edition]JPN US$ 207.99 1-5d
Lost Planet: Extreme ConditionUS US$ 34.99 1-2w
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Collector's Edition)US N/A sold

Nintendo Wii™:
Excite TruckJPN N/A sold
Datel LAN Adapter (Nintendo Wii) N/A sold
WarioWare: Smooth MovesUS N/A sold

.hack//G.U. Vol. 3 Memory Card 8MB N/A sold
.hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Aruku Youna Hayasa deJPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
.hack//G.U. Vol.1 Rebirth (Welcome Price)JPN N/A sold
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (EA Best Hits)JPN N/A sold
Bionicle HeroesJPN US$ 11.90 1-2w
Dessert Love -Sweet Plus- (Best Collection)JPN US$ 34.90 1w
Dragon Shadow SpellJPN N/A sold
Karaoke Revolution: American IdolUS US$ 35.99 1-2w
Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Bundle (w/ Microphone)US US$ 45.99 1-2w
Meitantei EvangelionJPN US$ 20.99 1-5d
Meitantei Evangelion [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Meitantei Evangelion [Premium Box]JPN US$ 241.99 1w
Shining Force EXAJPN US$ 22.99 1w
Winning Eleven 10 Liveware EvolutionKOR N/A sold

Nintendo DS™:
Arthur & the InvisiblesUS US$ 17.99 1-2w
Kaitou Wario the Seven / Wario: Master of DisguiseJPN US$ 34.99 1w
Ochaken no Heya DS 2JPN US$ 48.90 1w
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for AllUS US$ 29.99 1w
Sekaiju no Meikyuu / Etrian OdysseyJPN N/A sold
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit CallerUS N/A sold

Sony PSP™:
FIFA Soccer 07JPN N/A sold
Initial D Street Stage (PSP the Best)JPN N/A sold
M.A.C.H. (Modified Air Combat Heroes)JPN US$ 48.90 1w
SOCOM: U.S.NAVY SEALs Fireteam Bravo II (English Version)ASIA N/A sold
Talkman Shiki: Shabe Lingual EikaiwaJPN US$ 52.99 1w
Talkman Shiki: Shabe Lingual Eikaiwa (w/ Microphone)JPN US$ 59.90 1w
The Sims 2: Pet Wan Nyan LifeJPN N/A sold
Wizardry Empire III: Haoh no KeifuJPN N/A sold

PC Games:
Carte Blanche First Episode: For a Fistful of Teeth...ASIA N/A sold
First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918ASIA N/A sold
Flyboys SquadronASIA US$ 34.90 1-5d
Freak Out - Extreme FreerideASIA N/A sold
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946ASIA N/A sold
Patriots: A Nation Under FireASIA US$ 34.90 1-5d

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Signature Series GuideUS N/A sold

Toys & Misc:
Aero R/C Remote SuiSui Pikachu Car N/A sold
Animal Crossing Candy Toy (Theater Version) N/A sold
Animal Crossing Face Purse - Buke N/A sold
Animal Crossing Face Purse - Sari N/A sold
Animal Crossing Face Purse - Saruo N/A sold
Animal Crossing Face Purse - Tanukichi N/A sold
Animal Crossing Face Purse - Totakeke N/A sold
Animal Crossing Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Desk Top Sofbi Series (Theater Version) N/A sold
Card Captor Sakura Pre-painted PVC Figure: Sakura Battle Costume (Pastel Pearl) N/A sold
Card Captor Sakura Pre-painted PVC Figure: Tomoyo Daidouj (Pastel Pearl) N/A sold
FA4 Type-Moon Collection Figure: Figure Association For Life N/A sold
Monster Hunter Screen Cleaner Phone Strap GashaponJPN N/A sold
Nohohon Cream White Type N/A sold
Nohohon Double Happiness N/A sold
Peace@Pieces Nagi 1/8 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure: Death Costume Version N/A sold
Rozen Maiden ~traumend~ Little Mascot Keychain Figure (Ver. 1.5) N/A sold
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne One Coin Figure Series Part 5 N/A sold
Tales of the Abyss 1/8 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure - Natalia Luzu Kimuelasca Lanvaldear N/A sold
Tandem Twin Animal Girls Action Figure - Amethyst N/A sold
Tandem Twin Animal Girls Action Figure - Sapphire (Asobitcity Limited Version) N/A sold

Video Game Soundtracks:
Pink Sweets Original Sound Track JPNN/Asold
Rolling Star (Bleach Theme Song) JPNUS$ 11.905-15d
Strike Party!!! JPNUS$ 9.905-15d
Strike Party!!! [CD+DVD] JPNN/Asold
The Complete Sound Track Rune Factory Shin Bokujo Monogatari JPNN/Asold


A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week.

Looking forward to next week, there's a bunch of interesting stuff coming up. Here's a small excerpt of the hottest upcoming games.

The Idolm@sterJPN N/A
Vampire RainJPN US$ 32.99

Enchant ArmASIA N/A
Enchant ArmJPN US$ 96.99

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVAJPN N/A
Final Fantasy X International (Ultimate Hits)JPN US$ 34.99
Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission (Ultimate Hits)JPN US$ 29.99
From Software 20th Anniversary: King's Field -Dark Side Box-JPN N/A
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (CapKore)JPN N/A
Naruto: Narutimett Hero 3 (PlayStation2 the Best)JPN US$ 37.99
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (SNK Best Collection)JPN N/A
Prince of Tennis: Doki Doki Sabaibaru - SecretJPN N/A
Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten (SNK Best Collection)JPN N/A
Taito Memories II JoukanJPN N/A

Nintendo DS™:
Hotel Dusk: Room 215US N/A
Picross DSJPN US$ 15.99
Sangokushi Taisen DSJPN US$ 19.99
Wish Room: Tenshi no KiokuJPN US$ 39.99

Sony PSP™:
Gradius Portable (Konami the Best)JPN N/A
Parodius PortableASIA N/A
Parodius PortableJPN N/A
Salamander PortableASIA N/A
Salamander PortableJPN N/A
Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper (CapKore)JPN N/A
Twinbee PortableASIA N/A
Twinbee PortableJPN N/A

PS one™:
Bushido Blade (Legendary Hits)JPN N/A
Bushido Blade 2 (Legendary Hits)JPN N/A
DewPrism (Legendary Hits)JPN N/A
Tobal 2 (Legendary Hits)JPN N/A
Tobal No. 1 (Legendary Hits)JPN US$ 14.99

Access our preorder lists for further upcoming video game, movie and music releases.


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