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Weekly Games/Toys update: Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 tomorrow, beatmania IIDX 10th Style, Talkman, Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children & Naruto toys & more

Welcome to this week's Games & Toys update, our weekly roundup featuring a summary of all new Japanese & Asian items from the last 7 days.

It's been a hot Japanese release week. More than 20 titles have been published, combined with a number of Asian & Korean version games.

Certainly the hottest release of the week - and expected to be in stock tomorrow - has been Tomy's Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 for Gamecube™. Additional news coverage will be posted tomorrow, including videos & impressions of the game.

Further hot selling titles in this week have been Konami's beatmania IIDX 10th Style (also available as Konamistyle Special Edition), Bandai's Gundam Seed Union VS Z.A.F.T (for PlayStation2™) as well as Sony's PSP™ edutainment application Talkman (Japanese/Asia) and Nintendo's latest Pokemon title Pokemon Fushigi na Dungeon (Ao no Kyuujotai for NDS™ and Aka no Kyuujoutai for GBA™).

As usually, here's a summary of all new items from this week. Make sure to scroll down fur a summary of upcoming week's hottest releases.

beatmania IIDX 10th StyleJPN US$ 64.90 1-5d
beatmania IIDX 10th Style [Konamistyle Special Edition]JPN US$ 129.90 sold
Blocks Club with Bumpy TrotJPN US$ 44.90 1w
Evil Dead: RegenerationKOR US$ 54.90 sold
Garouden Break BlowJPN US$ 64.90 1-5d
God of WarJPN US$ 64.90 sold
Gundam Seed Union VS Z.A.F.TJPN US$ 64.90 sold
J.League Winning Eleven 9 Asia ChampionshipJPN US$ 64.90 1w
Keroro Gunsoh - Meromero Battle Royal ZJPN US$ 52.90 sold
MX vs ATV UnleashedKOR US$ 54.90 sold
Pachislot Club CollectionJPN US$ 52.90 1w
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos TheoryJPN US$ 64.90 1w
Surf Wave Wireless Controller (black) US$ 49.90 sold
Surf Wave Wireless Controller (blue) US$ 49.90 sold
Surf Wave Wireless Controller (white) US$ 49.90 sold

Sony PSP™ (including UMD™ Video & Audio):
Armored Core: Formula Front International (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 32.90 sold
Armored Core Formula Front Extreme BattleASIA US$ 49.90 sold
Burnout LegendsASIA US$ 49.90 sold
FIFA Soccer 06ASIA US$ 49.90 sold
Metal Gear Acid (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 25.90 sold
Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Daijiten (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 34.90 1-5d
Lumines (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Minna No Golf Portable (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 34.90 1-5d
NBA Live 06ASIA US$ 49.90 1-5d
Ridge Racers (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 34.90 1w
TalkmanJPN US$ 69.90 sold
TalkmanASIA US$ 59.90 sold
TalkmanKOR US$ 59.90 sold
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06ASIA US$ 49.90 1-5d
Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Virtua Tennis: World TourKOR US$ 49.90 sold
PSP PlayStation Portable Giga Pack (PSP-1000G1)JPN US$ 329.90 sold
PSP PlayStation Portable Giga Pack - Ceramic White (PSP-1000G1CW)JPN US$ 329.90 sold
PSP Hand Strap (casual line) US$ 10.90 sold
PSP Hand Strap (elegant line) US$ 22.90 sold
PSP Hand Strap (urban line) US$ 32.90 sold
PSP Neck Strap (casual line) US$ 14.90 sold
PSP Neck Strap (elegant line) US$ 25.90 sold
BewitchedKOR US$ 24.90 sold
BoA - History of BoA (~BoA)ASIA US$ 19.90 sold
BoA - History of BoA (~BoA)ASIA US$ 22.90 sold
Genseishin Justiriser Super Battle Memory (~Shiori Kanzaki)JPN US$ 27.90 5-15d
SeoTaij Record of the 7th (~SeoTaiji and Boys)ASIA US$ 34.90 1-2w
The Gransazer Super Battle Memory (~Ryou Segawa, Sayaka Isoyama)JPN US$ 27.90 sold
The Mask of ZorroKOR US$ 24.90 sold

Nintendo DS™:
Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Ao no KyuujotaiJPN US$ 48.90 sold
Comfortable Touch Pen DS US$ 5.99 sold
DS Cover + Card Case (black) US$ 9.90 sold
DS Cover + Card Case (white) US$ 9.90 sold

Other systems:
Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 (Gamecube™)JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Pokemon Fushigi na Dungeon: Aka no Kyuujoutai (GBA™)JPN US$ 48.90 sold
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (Xbox™)JPN US$ 64.90 sold

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Bahamut-Sin - Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure US$ 59.90 sold
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Shadow Creeper - Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure US$ 49.90 sold
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: The Sierra - Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure US$ 59.90 sold
Magister Negi Magi Figure Vol.2 US$ 4.90 sold
Naruto Ultimate Collection Gashapon US$ 2.90 sold
Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas Cine Magic Museum Gashapon US$ 3.90 sold

A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow tomorrow.

Looking forward to next week, it's going to be a massive week with around 50 new (and budget) titles that are going to be published in Japan. A pre-summary of all highlights has been listed up below:

.hack// flagmentJPN US$ 64.90
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness / Akumajo Dracula: Yami no JuinJPN US$ 64.90
Dual Shock 2 Controller - satin silver US$ 32.90
Memory Card 8MB - satin silver US$ 32.90
One Piece: Pirates CarnivalJPN US$ 59.90
PlayStation2 Console Satin SilverJPN US$ 219.00
Rebirth MoonJPN US$ 64.90
Rebirth Moon [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 95.00
Soul Calibur IIIJPN US$ 64.90
Soul Calibur IIIASIA US$ 59.90
Soul Calibur III Real Arcade Pro Stick US$ 79.90

Sony PSP™:
Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy and GirlJPN US$ 52.90
Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy and GirlASIA US$ 49.90
Puyo Puyo Fever 2JPN US$ 52.90

Nintendo DS™:
Animal Crossing: Wild WorldJPN US$ 48.90
Bubble Bobble DSJPN US$ 48.90
Puyo Puyo Fever 2JPN US$ 48.90
Simple DS Series Vol. 6: The Party GameJPN US$ 28.90
Snowboard Kids PartyJPN US$ 48.90
Sonic RushJPN US$ 48.90

Gamecube™ & Gameboy Advance™:
One Piece: Pirates CarnivalJPN US$ 59.90
RockMan EXE 6: Faltzer VersionJPN US$ 48.90
RockMan EXE 6: Grega VersionJPN US$ 48.90

Access our preorder lists for further upcoming video game, movie and music releases.

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