09. Feb, 2006 11:41 (HKT)

Weekly Games/Toys update: Siren 2, Gradius Portable, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (US), Winning Eleven 9 (Xbox™), Naruto Collective File DX Figure Part. II (toys) & more

Welcome to this week's Games & Toys update, our Thursday summary, where we are reviewing all related items released during the last 7 days.

About 15 new titles have been released in Japan in this week. This time's top sellers however have been the US version 10th Anniversary Nintendo DS™ action adventure Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, followed by Konami's Asian version Xbox™ soccer game Winning Eleven 9.

Additional highlights have been Konami's portable shooting collection Gradius Portable (Japanese/Asia/ Korean) and Sony's PlayStation2™ horror adventure Siren 2 (Japanese/Asia).

As usually, here's the summary of this week's hottest releases. And if you haven't done so yet, don't forget to join our Lucky Lunar New Year Sale to win fantastic prizes, including a Xbox360™, PlayStation2™, Nintendo DS™ and GP2X consoles, store credit vouchers and much more.

Last but not least, there's a couple of interesting new items coming up, so make sure to scroll down for a preview of next week's hottest releases.

Anya NisasayakuJPN US$ 64.90 1w
Anya Nisasayaku [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 89.90 1w
Meine Liebe IIJPN US$ 64.90 1w
Sengoku Basara (Capkore)JPN US$ 32.90 sold
Simple 2000 Ultimate Series Vol. 95: The Zombie vs. AmbulanceJPN US$ 25.90 sold
Siren 2JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Siren 2ASIA US$ 59.90 sold
The Incredibles: Rise of the UnderminerJPN US$ 59.90 1w

Sony PSP™:
Gradius PortableJPN US$ 52.90 1w
Gradius PortableKOR US$ 49.90 sold
Gradius PortableASIA US$ 49.90 sold
Nakahara no Hasha: Sangoku ShouseidenJPN US$ 52.90 sold
Nakahara no Hasha: Sangoku ShouseidenASIA US$ 49.90 sold
Sangokushi VII / Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIIJPN US$ 52.90 sold
Taito Memories PocketKOR US$ 49.90 sold
The Sims 2: Dr. Dominic no InbouJPN US$ 52.90 sold

Nintendo DS™:
Choco-Inu no Omise: Patisserie & Sweets Shop GameJPN US$ 48.90 1-5d
Resident Evil: Deadly SilenceUS US$ 39.90 24h
The Incredibles: Rise of the UnderminerJPN US$ 48.90 1w
Unou no Tatsujin: Soukai! Machigai MuseumJPN US$ 39.90 sold

Winning Eleven 9ASIA US$ 39.90 sold

The Incredibles: Rise of the UnderminerJPN US$ 59.90 1w

Gameboy Advance™:
Kawa no Nushi Tsuri 3+4JPN US$ 48.90 sold
The Incredibles: Rise of the UnderminerJPN US$ 48.90 sold

Naruto Collective File DX Figure Part. II - Gara US$ 29.90 sold
Naruto Collective File DX Figure Part. II - Neji US$ 29.90 sold
Naruto Collective File DX Figure Part. II - Temari US$ 29.90 sold

Video game related soundtracks:
D.C.F.S - Da Capo Vocal Mini Album (~Yozuca & Rino, Sakura Nogawa, Yui Horie)JPN US$ 22.90 5-15d
Destiny (~Satoshi Matsuda)JPN US$ 11.90 5-15d
Kiniro no Corda - Hokago no Etude CD Vol.2JPN US$ 26.90 5-15d
Spectral Souls Soundtrack BestJPN US$ 27.90 5-15d
White Clarity Drama Album (~Kenyu Horiuchi, Kosuke Okano, Mai Ito)JPN US$ 26.90 5-15d

A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow tomorrow.

Looking forward to next week, a total of around 20 new titles will be published in Japan. A preview of upcoming highlights has been summarized below. After almost a year, there's still a Dreamcast™ title published in Japan.

Bleach: Hanatareshi YabouJPN US$ 64.90
Bleach: Hanatareshi YabouASIA US$ 59.90
Dance Dance Revolution StrikeJPN US$ 59.90
Monster Hunter 2JPN US$ 64.90
Monster Hunter 2 [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 109.00

Radilgy / Radirgy / RajirugiJPN US$ 59.90
Radilgy / Radirgy / Rajirugi [Segadirect Edition w/ Phone Card]JPN US$ 79.90
Radilgy / Radirgy / Rajirugi [Segadirect Edition w/ Refurbished Dreamcast + Phone Card]JPN US$ 149.90

Windows™ PC:
Biohazard 2 PCJPN US$ 24.90

Access our preorder lists for further upcoming video game, movie and music releases.


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