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Weekly Games Update: Excitement in the elections spread into the gamers - Tom Clancy's EndWar, 007: Quantum Solace, Resistance2, Legendary, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Valkyrie Profile DS & much more!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days.

Hot titles came in torrents, mirroring the American election hype that has reached its climax yesterday. Same as the political atmosphere, the stream of this weeks' releases tend to be nerve wreakingly exciting.

Participate in the third World War that may end all wars and humanity in Tom Clancy's EndWar. But before a full world war could launch, spy activities must take place. As part of the promotional campaign for the new 007 film, James Bond: Quantum of Solace is out on your home consoles.

But sometimes technology may go awry, especially when they get fused with biology. Become the hero Sgt. Nathan Hale in Resistance 2 and fight both the Chimera, a set of war machines and the virus that threatens to turn you into the enemy of mankind.

You may have realized that your 3rd generation consoles are just as powerful as the famous spy's gadgets in his movies, these consoles make all sorts of mythological monsters come to life on your screen. Fight these swarming beasts for the survival of humanity in Legendary [PlayStation3™, Xbox360™ US, Asian versions, PC-Game].

Challenge your environment through sports instead of firearms in Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. The racer takes its participants to a tropical paradise for this season's races. The game blurs the line between virtual and reality by its accurate portrayal of the environment's physics. Take your mind off your current troubles and burst through the jungle.

Besides challenging the environment, try to live in harmony with it. Madagascar 2, the jungle adventure came out this week. Have fun with your madcap team of friends and strive to save the African savannah in this family adventure.

The newest Nintendo handheld console, NDSi's [black version, white version] debut this week heightens gamers' excitement. Aside from spotting cameras and a larger screen, the new console allows players to access an online shop so they could buy games on the go.

Following the hype aroused by the new portable systems, two new RPGs came out. Valkyrie Profile: Toga Seoumono deepens the title's universe by featuring the darkness and hatred born along with honour while Avalon Code features the birth of a new world.

Besides games, a number of interesting OSTs are also released. Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer Original Soundtrack will prepare you for the new hit horizontal shooter on the PlayStation3™.

As usually, here's a summary of all new releases from this week, followed by a quick preview of what is expected to be hot next week.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Platinum Collection)JPN US$ 34.99 1-2w
Assassin's Creed (Platinum Collection)JPN US$ 23.99 1-2w
Baja 1000US N/A sold
Beautiful Katamari Damacy (Platinum Collection)JPN US$ 19.99 24h
James Bond: Quantum of SolaceASIA N/A sold
James Bond: Quantum of SolaceUS N/A sold
Lost Odyssey (Platinum Collection)JPN US$ 14.99 1w
Madagascar 2: Escape 2 AfricaUS US$ 33.99 1-2w
Madagascar 2: Escape 2 AfricaASIA N/A sold
MotoGP 08US N/A sold
Project Gotham Racing 4 (Platinum Collection)JPN N/A sold
Spyro: Dawn of the DragonASIA N/A sold
Tom Clancy's EndWarASIA N/A sold
Xbox 360 Accessory Bundle - Wireless Controller + Play & Charge Kit (Red)ASIA N/A sold
Xbox 360 Hard Drive (60 GB) Live PackASIA N/A sold
Xbox 360 Value PackJPN N/A sold

Baja 1000US N/A sold
James Bond: Quantum of SolaceUS N/A sold
LegendaryUS US$ 17.99 24h
Madagascar 2: Escape 2 AfricaUS US$ 25.90 1-2w
MotoGP 08US US$ 19.99 1-2w
MotorStorm: Pacific RiftUS US$ 29.99 1-2w
Resistance 2US N/A sold
Resistance 2 [Collector's Edition]US US$ 69.90 1-2w
SingStar Vol. 2US US$ 24.99 1-2w
SingStar Vol. 2 Bundle (w/ 2 Microphones)US US$ 56.99 24h
Spyro: Dawn of the DragonASIA N/A sold
Tom Clancy's EndWarASIA N/A sold

Nintendo Wii™
All Star Cheer SquadUS US$ 44.99 1-2w
Baja 1000US US$ 59.99 1-2w
Ben 10: Alien ForceUS US$ 20.99 1-2w
Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All SeasonsUS US$ 33.99 1-2w
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow PrincessUS N/A sold
FIFA Soccer 09 All-PlayUS US$ 19.99 1-2w
Go Diego Go! Great Dinosaur RescueUS N/A sold
Hunt for Blackbeards BootyUS US$ 44.90 5-15d
James Bond: Quantum of SolaceUS N/A sold
Madagascar 2: Escape 2 AfricaUS US$ 22.99 1-2w
Monster Jam: Urban AssaultUS N/A sold
My Sims KingdomUS N/A sold
Nerf N-Strike (w/ Blaster)US US$ 48.99 1-2w
Shrek's Carnival CrazeUS US$ 15.99 1-2w
Twin Strike: Operation ThunderUS N/A sold

Baja 1000US US$ 36.99 1-2w
Ben 10: Alien ForceUS US$ 17.99 1-2w
James Bond: Quantum of SolaceUS US$ 15.99 1-2w
MotoGP 08US US$ 17.99 1-2w
SingStar CountryUS US$ 33.99 1-2w
SingStar Country (w/ 2 Microphones)US US$ 50.99 1-2w
SingStar LegendsUS US$ 34.90 5-15d
The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi SagaUS US$ 59.99 24h
Wrestle Angels: Survivor 2JPN N/A sold
Wrestle Angels: Survivor 2 [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Zero no Tsukai: Maigo no Period to Ikusen no SymphonyJPN N/A sold
Zero no Tsukai: Maigo no Period to Ikusen no Symphony [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold

Nintendo DS™
Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Tsuki no HikariJPN US$ 24.99 1w
Aruite Wakaru: Seikatsu Rhythm DSJPN US$ 34.99 1w
Avalon CodeJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Bella SaraUS N/A sold
Ben 10: Alien ForceUS US$ 20.99 1-2w
Cesar Millan's Dog WhispererUS US$ 15.99 1-2w
Exit DSUS US$ 17.99 24h
Glory Days: Attack HeroJPN US$ 20.99 1w
Hoshi no Kirby: Ultra Super DeluxeJPN US$ 54.99 1-2w
James Bond: Quantum of SolaceUS US$ 19.99 1-2w
Koisuru Purin! Koi wa Daibouken! Dr. Kanmi no Yabou!?JPN US$ 23.89 1-5d
Liquid Crystal Protection Filter DSiJPN US$ 7.99 24h
Madagascar 2: Escape 2 AfricaUS US$ 16.99 1-2w
Monster Jam: Urban AssaultUS US$ 20.99 1-2w
My Sims KingdomUS US$ 19.99 1-2w
Nintendo DSi (Black)JPN US$ 169.99 1w
Nintendo DSi (White)JPN US$ 129.99 1w
Nostalgia no KazeJPN US$ 23.99 1-5d
Pingu no Waku Waku Carnival!JPN US$ 39.90 1-2w
Screen Guard DSiJPN N/A sold
Seikatsu Rhythm MeterJPN US$ 24.90 1w
Shrek's Carnival CrazeUS US$ 19.99 1-2w
Shugo Chara! Amunonijiro Chara ChangeJPN N/A sold
Six Flags Fun ParkUS US$ 34.90 5-15d
The Wonder Pets!: Save the AnimalsUS N/A sold
TheresiaUS US$ 32.99 1-2w
Tom Clancy's EndWarASIA N/A sold
Valkyrie Profile: Toga o SeoumonoJPN US$ 24.99 24h

Sony PSP™
Bleach: Soul Carnival (Chinese language Version)ASIA N/A sold
Data Communication & Charge USB CableJPN N/A sold
Data Communication & Charge USB Winding CableJPN N/A sold
Hard Pouch Portable 3 (Silver)JPN N/A sold
Hard Pouch Portable 3 (White)JPN N/A sold
Monster Jam: Urban AssaultUS US$ 31.99 1-2w
Neverland Card BattlesUS US$ 16.99 1-2w
The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi SagaUS US$ 19.99 24h
The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi SagaASIA N/A sold

Sony PSP™ UMD Movies
28 Days LaterJPN US$ 19.90 5-15d
AVP2 Aliens Vs. PredatorJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
AlienJPN N/A sold
Alien 2JPN US$ 17.99 5-15d
Alien vs. PredatorJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Behind Enemy LinesJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
DaredevilJPN N/A sold
Die HardJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Die Hard 2JPN US$ 14.99 5-15d
Die Hard 3JPN N/A sold
Die Hard 4.0JPN N/A sold
DodgeballJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
ElektraJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Fantastic 4JPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferJPN US$ 13.99 1-2w
Garfield The MovieJPN N/A sold
I, RobotJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Ice AgeJPN N/A sold
Independence DayJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Kingdom of HeavenJPN US$ 9.90 1-2w
PredatorJPN N/A sold
RobotsJPN N/A sold
SpeedJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
The Day After TomorrowJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
X-MENJPN US$ 19.90 5-15d
X-MEN 2JPN US$ 9.90 5-15d

PC Games
Agatha Christie: Death on the NileASIA N/A sold
Bella Sara (DVD-ROM)US N/A sold
Deer Hunter TournamentUS N/A sold
Exodus from the EarthASIA US$ 34.90 1-5d
FIFA Manager 09ASIA N/A sold
MotoGP 08US US$ 11.90 1-2w
WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. TigerASIA N/A sold

Game Guides, Magazines and Calendars
Arushaado FF Replay Tokei Shikake no HakaishinJPN US$ 29.90 5-15d
BioShock Signature Series Guide (PS3 Version)US N/A sold
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia / Akumajou Dracula: Ubawareta Kokuin Official Complete GuideJPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: BLEACHJPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: D.Gray-ManJPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: GintamaJPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!JPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: Masuda Kousuke Gekijou Gag Manga BiyoriJPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: NarutoJPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: One PieceJPN N/A sold
Comic Calendar 2009: To LoveJPN N/A sold
Gin no Express Official Visual Fan BookJPN US$ 38.90 5-15d
Hakushaku to Yousei Calendar Book 2009JPN N/A sold
James Bond: Quantum of Solace Official Strategy GuideUS US$ 17.90 5-15d
Tom Clancy's End War: Prima Official Game GuideUS US$ 19.90 5-15d
Weekly Famitsu No. 1039 (2008 11/14)JPN N/A sold

Video Game Related Soundtrack
Bleach Original Soundtrack Vol. 3JPN N/A sold
Kimi no Yusha Original SoundtrackJPN N/A sold
Naru Otori (Oretachi Ni Tsubasa Ha Nai Drama Series Vol.4)JPN US$ 20.90 5-15d
Project Soul The Primary Sound Box - Soul Edge - Soul Calibur I & II [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer Original Soundtrack Complete EditionASIA N/A sold
Shining Force Exa Drama CDJPN US$ 29.90 5-15d
Nijiiro Change (Shugo Chara Amu No Nijiiro Chara Change Intro Theme)JPN US$ 13.90 5-15d
Valkyrie Profile: Toga Wo Seou Mono Arrange AlbumJPN US$ 29.99 5-15d
Valkyrie Profile: Toga o Seoumono Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 28.90 5-15d

A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

Here is a preview of what are expected to be hot next week

Call of Duty: World at WarASIA N/A
Call of Duty: World at WarUS US$ 29.99
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3ASIA N/A
Gears of War 2ASIA N/A
Gears of War 2US N/A
Gears of War 2 [Limited Edition]ASIA N/A
Gears of War 2 [Limited Edition]US N/A
Mirror's EdgeASIA N/A
Mirror's EdgeUS US$ 36.99
PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2009US US$ 19.99
SOCOM: ConfrontationASIA N/A
SOCOM: Confrontation (w/ Headset)ASIA N/A
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009ASIA N/A

Call of Duty: World at WarASIA N/A
Call of Duty: World at WarUS N/A
Derby Time OnlineJPN N/A
Mirror's EdgeASIA N/A
Mirror's EdgeUS US$ 37.99
Naruto Ultimate Ninja StormUS US$ 34.99
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm [Limited Edition]US N/A
PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2009US N/A
Resistance 2JPN US$ 39.99
Resistance 2ASIA N/A
Samurai Dou 3ASIA N/A
Samurai Dou 3JPN US$ 56.90
Valkyria ChroniclesUS US$ 9.99
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009US N/A

Nintendo Wii™
Family Ski: World Ski & SnowboardJPN US$ 43.99
Illvelo WiiJPN US$ 49.90
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New WorldUS US$ 33.99

Eternal PoisonUS N/A

Nintendo DS™
KORG DS-10 SynthesizerUS N/A
Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black AceJPN N/A
Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Red JokerJPN N/A

PC Games
Call of Duty: World at War (DVD-ROM)US N/A
Call of Duty: World at War (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 44.90
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion PackUS N/A

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