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Weekly Games Update: Singers and Swordsmens - Black Sigil, Class of Heroes, Fate/Unlimited Codes, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, The Legendary Starfy, SNK Budget Price games & much more!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days. Swords, magic, fighters and a lot of budget titles are out this week, so have a fantastic journey and save some cash in the process.

Starting with the swords and magic fantasy, we have Black Sigil and Class of Heroes. Pick up your sword and join the cursed swordsman Kairu on his journey in search for true magic and power.

Don't worry if you are not born with magic, like Kairu, you can get your powers in Class of Heroes. Play with their character customization options and determine your job class.

To graduate, you have to venture into the dungeons and defeat monsters to get your credits. Just the sort of school any student would love to join.

Fate/Unlimited Codes is ported to the PSP. Now slip it into your PSP and take it with you wherever you go. See the beautiful 3D CG movies and enjoy the adrenaline pounding action. Gameplay is structured as a 2D fighter with incredible speed, so come and engage in the white hot fights and admire Saber's new costumes.

Guitar Hero is out with a Best Hits game, with a variety of fan favourite tracks. This is a chance for those new to the franchise to get a taste of what the game is about and experiment with all the music genres offered. This is the first gate to your dream as a rock artist, run through it and onto your very own stage.

Besides fantasy and musical adventures, the ocean world is a very good place to dive into, especially in this heat. Join The Legendary Stafy and his friends in this cool, blue platformer. You have high speed spin attacks and other commands at your command. Recruit a friend and take down the incredibly large beasts that lurk in the depths.

Last but not least are the budget titles released this week. The fighters from SNK are famous for their colorful, attractive characters and their powerful moves.

After causing a stir in the arcade gaming communities, they swept their way to the PlayStation2. For those who have missed any game when it first came out, grab it now at budget prices. The two budget price series are NeoGeo The Best and SNK Best Collection.

Here is a summary of all the games that came out within the last seven days, followed by and excerpt of games coming next week that are expected to be hot.

Guitar Hero Smash HitsUS US$ 29.99 1-2w
Guitar Hero Smash HitsASIA N/A sold
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10US US$ 20.99 1-2w
Virtua Tennis 2009US US$ 24.90 1-2w

Devil May Cry 4 (Greatest Hits)US US$ 21.99 1-2w
Ghostbusters: The Video GameASIA N/A sold
Guitar Hero Smash HitsUS N/A sold
Guitar Hero Smash HitsASIA N/A sold
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Greatest Hits)US US$ 24.99 1-5d
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PlayStation3 the Best)JPN US$ 44.99 1w
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10US US$ 59.90 5-15d
Virtua Tennis 2009US US$ 22.99 1-2w

Nintendo Wii™
Grand Slam TennisUS N/A sold
Guitar Hero Smash HitsUS US$ 39.99 1-2w
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 (w/ Wii Motion Plus)US US$ 87.99 1-2w
Virtua Tennis 2009US US$ 19.99 1-2w

Fate/stay Night [Realta Nua] (PlayStation2 the Best)JPN US$ 34.90 1w
Guitar Hero Smash HitsUS US$ 34.99 1-2w
Hayarikami 2 (The Best Price)JPN US$ 34.90 1-5d
King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A (SNK Best Collection)JPN N/A sold
Metal Slug Complete (SNK Best Collection)JPN US$ 89.99 1w
Samurai Spirits Rokuban Shoubu (NeoGeo Online Collection The Best)JPN N/A sold
Sunsoft Collection (NeoGeo Online Collection The Best)JPN N/A sold
The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match (NeoGeo Online Collection The Best)JPN US$ 99.99 1-2w
World Heroes Gorgeous (NeoGeo Online Collection The Best)JPN N/A sold

Nintendo DS™
Asonde Igo ga Tsuyoku naru!! Ginsei Igo DS ChuukyuuhenJPN N/A sold
Black Sigil: Blade of the ExiledUS N/A sold
Compact Pouch DSi (Lime Green)JPN N/A sold
Golgo 13: File G-13 o OeJPN US$ 52.99 1w
Lego BattlesUS US$ 17.99 1-2w
Miami LawUS US$ 29.99 1-2w
Nippon Golfers Kentei DSJPN US$ 48.90 1w
Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai-1-Shuu: Nazotoki Sekai Isshuu RyokouJPN US$ 15.99 1-5d
Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai-2-Shuu: Ginga Oudan Nazotoki AdventureJPN US$ 14.99 1w
The * Kayou GenerationJPN US$ 15.99 1w
The Legendary StarfyUS US$ 24.99 24h
Tomodachi CollectionJPN US$ 42.99 1w

Sony PSP™
Class of HeroesUS N/A sold
Fate/Unlimited Codes PortableJPN N/A sold
Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable Accessory SetJPN N/A sold
Juusei to DiamondJPN N/A sold
Metal Slug Complete (SNK Best Collection)JPN N/A sold
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10US US$ 42.99 1-2w

Game Guides and Magazines
Ghostbusters: Prima Official Game GuideUS N/A sold
Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! 2 Perfect GuideJPN US$ 24.90 5-15d
The Conduit Official Strategy GuideUS US$ 18.90 1-2w
Weekly Famitsu No. 1071 (2009 06/26)JPN N/A sold

Video Game Related Soundtracks
Blow Wind / Time Machine Ga Hosii Yo (~Smily Spiky, Golden Bomber)JPN US$ 11.90 5-15d

A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

The next seven days will be full of hot games, take a preview here:

BlazblueASIA N/A
BlazblueJPN US$ 19.99
Blazblue Fighting StickJPN N/A
Fight Night Round 4ASIA N/A
Fight Night: Round 4US US$ 22.99
Ghostbusters: The Video GameUS N/A
Ghostbusters: The Video GameASIA N/A
Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete ShimattaJPN N/A
Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta [Limited Edition]JPN N/A
Overlord 2US N/A
Overlord 2ASIA N/A
Time LeapJPN N/A
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenUS N/A
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenASIA N/A

Agarest Senki ZeroJPN US$ 86.99
Agarest Senki Zero [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 199.90
BlazblueASIA N/A
BlazblueJPN US$ 39.99
Blazblue Fighting StickJPN N/A
Dynasty Warriors 6: EmpiresUS US$ 44.99
Fight Night Round 4ASIA N/A
Fight Night: Round 4US N/A
Ghostbusters: The Video GameUS N/A
Overlord 2ASIA N/A
Overlord 2US N/A
Rorona no Atelier: Arland no RenkinjutsushiJPN N/A
Rorona no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi [Premium Box]JPN N/A
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenUS US$ 34.99
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenASIA US$ 59.90

Nintendo Wii™
Wii MotionPlus (White)US N/A
Wii MotionPlusJPN N/A
Wii Sports Resort (with Wii MotionPlus)JPN N/A

Nintendo DS™
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SurvivorUS US$ 24.99

Sony PSP™
Monster Hunter Freedom UniteASIA N/A
Monster Hunter Freedom UniteUS N/A

DUX [Limited Edition] N/A


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