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Weekly Games Update: The Metal singer and the cat - Guitar Hero Metallica, Leisure Suit Larry, Pixel Junk, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Echoes of Time, Lux Pain & more!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days.

Compared to the last few weeks, this week is comparatively quiet. Still, a number of great games came out, such as Guitar Hero Metallica.

All good music genres deserve a tribute from the Guitar Hero franchise, and so here comes one for the more extreme musicians.

Paint your face, get your most outrageous costumes ready, for its time to ride the lightning. Gather a group of like-minded buddies and do what you do best!

Still a star, but no longer singing on stage, you are now taken to Tinseltown in Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, your version of Hollywood. Glitz, glamour and gorgeous women, you are not only acting on stage, but you pull the strings behind these stars or starlets. Find out the mole who wants to air your dirty laundry in this open world.

There are more puzzles for you to solve in Pixel Junk. Previously released via the PlayStation Network alone, 3 of the best loved games are collected and combined into one blu-ray disc. There is a car racer, tower defense strategy game and a platform. Gather your family, siblings or friends around for some healthy fun.

Continue your adventures in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. You are the the ultimate weapon both feared and desired. Carry on with where the film left off and master an arsenal of weapons or engage in acts of mass destruction. You have both the fate of the world and the film in your hands, utilize that power now!

More Japanese adventure or RPGs are localized for English speaking gamers. Echoes of Time [Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS], the newest game in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is another package of wholesome fun that stresses the love between family and friends.

Lux Pain, on the other hand brings out the vengeful emotions one feels about having one's family taken away by some supernatural worm.

Here is a summary of all the games that came out within the last seven days, followed by and excerpt of games coming next week that are expected to be hot.

11 Eyes: Cross OverJPN N/A sold
11 Eyes: Cross Over [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Guitar Hero MetallicaASIA N/A sold
Guitar Hero MetallicaUS N/A sold
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office BustASIA N/A sold

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Ultimate EditionUS US$ 19.99 1-5d
Guitar Hero MetallicaASIA N/A sold
Guitar Hero MetallicaUS N/A sold
PixelJunk 3in1 PackASIA N/A sold
Wanted: Weapons of FateUS N/A sold
Winning Post WorldJPN US$ 39.99 1-2w

Nintendo Wii™
Doala de WiiJPN US$ 54.90 1w
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeUS N/A sold
Winning Post WorldJPN US$ 68.90 1w

Pimp my Ride: Street RacingUS N/A sold
Winning Post WorldJPN US$ 72.90 1w

Nintendo DS™
Disney Fairies: Tinker BellJPN N/A sold
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeUS US$ 24.99 1-5d
Hoshizora NaviJPN N/A sold
Lux-PainUS N/A sold
New Shikakei Atama o Kore Kusuru DSJPN N/A sold
Pachi & Slot HisshoubonJPN US$ 8.99 1w
Pimp my Ride: Street RacingUS US$ 51.99 1-2w
Pro Yakyuu Famista DS 2009JPN US$ 54.90 1w

Sony PSP™
The Legend of Heroes Gagharvtrilogy White Witch (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 34.99 5-15d
The Legend of Heroes IV: Akaishizuku (PSP the Best)JPN N/A sold
The Legend of Heroes V: A Cagesong of the Ocean (PSP the Best)JPN N/A sold

Sony PSP™ Accessories
Face Cover Portable 3 (Black)JPN N/A sold
Face Cover Portable 3 (Silver)JPN N/A sold
Face Cover Portable 3 (White)JPN N/A sold

PC Games
Cryostasis (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold
Necrovision (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold
Wanted: Weapons of Fate (DVD-ROM)US N/A sold

Game Guides and Magazines
Answer x Answer ManiacsJPN US$ 44.90 5-15d
Arcadia Magazine [May 2009]JPN N/A sold
Atsuko Nakajima - IllustrationsJPN N/A sold
Bessatsu Gekirin Biyori Kakumanshiki MonHun Gyaku Monster HenJPN US$ 18.90 5-15d
Biohazard 5 Fastest Official Guide (Capcom Official Books)JPN US$ 24.90 5-15d
Famitsu PSP + PS3 [May 2009]JPN N/A sold
Famitsu Wave DVD [May 2009]JPN N/A sold
Famitsu Xbox 360 [May 2009]JPN N/A sold
Fumitake Moekibara - Lyrical - IllustrationsJPN US$ 37.90 5-15d
MadWorld Official Strategy GuideUS N/A sold
Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Axis no Kyoui V Official Complete GuideJPN N/A sold
Musou Orochi Z Complete Guide Vol.1JPN US$ 23.90 5-15d
Nobunaga no Yabou Online Souha no Shou Player's Bible Premium EditionJPN US$ 26.90 5-15d
Ryu ga Gotoku 3 Perfect BookJPN N/A sold
Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid Official Setting SourcebookJPN US$ 24.90 5-15d
Tales of Hearts Perfect GuideJPN US$ 32.90 5-15d
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 2 Official Complete GuideJPN N/A sold
Tony's Artworks From Shinning WorldJPN N/A sold
Weekly Famitsu No. 1060 (2009 04/10)JPN N/A sold

Video Game related Soundtracks
Drama CD Gensou Suikoden IIJPN N/A sold
Endless TearsJPN N/A sold
Gensou Suikoden Tierkreis Extra SoundtrackJPN N/A sold
Hideyuki Ono - Over ThereJPN N/A sold
The Idolm@ster Master Special 03JPN US$ 20.90 5-15d
The Tower Of Druaga The Recovery Of Babylim [CD+DVD]JPN US$ 31.90 5-15d

A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

Here's a preview of hot games that are expected to come next week:

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark AthenaASIA US$ 55.90
The Godfather IIASIA N/A

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark AthenaASIA N/A
The Godfather IIASIA N/A

Nintendo Wii™
Oboro MuramasaJPN US$ 48.99

Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2JPN US$ 39.99

Nintendo DS™
Tokyo Beat DownUS US$ 29.99

Sony PSP™
Sengoku Basara: Battle HeroesASIA N/A
Sengoku Basara: Battle HeroesJPN N/A


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