07. Aug, 2003 17:47 (HKT)

Weekly import update: 29 new games for PS2™, NGC™, Xbox™ & GBA™: Flipnic, Dragon Drive, Super Robot Taisen D & more

This week has been a really big one with a lot of impressive releases for all major platforms in Japan. After this week's early big releases of Konami's soccer sequel Winning Eleven 7 (PlayStation2™) as well as Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Capcom's well demanded Biohazard Collector's Box, a lot of other interesting releases are rounding up this week's imports.

Among them are Capcom's Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector, Square-Enix's All-Star Pro Wrestling III (both for PS2™) as well as Bandai's Dragon Drive, which we expect to be hot selling through the next few weeks.

Here is a summary of everything new this week:

For PlayStation2™:
  • Winning Eleven 7
  • Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector
  • RahXephon
  • RahXephon [Bonus Pack]
  • All-Star Pro Wrestling III
  • Flipnic (expected to ship on Monday)
  • Real Sports Pro Yakyuu
  • Cardinal Arc: Konton no Fuusatsu
  • SuperLite 2000: Konohana 2
  • Summon Night 3
  • Akudaikan 2
  • SuperLite 2000: Tokyo Bus Guide
  • The Baseball Game
  • Dead to Rights
  • Baskelian
  • Kyoufu Shinbun (Heisei -Han) Kaiki! Shinrei File
  • Shin Contra (Konami the Best)

    For Game Cube™:
  • Dragon Drive
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
  • Biohazard Code: Veronica Complete
  • Biohazard Collector's Box

    For Xbox™:
  • Midtown Madness 3
  • Sentou Yousei Yuki Kaze

    For GB Advance™:
  • Super Robot Taisen D
  • Rockman EXE Battlechip GP
  • Duel Masters

    For Ps one™:
  • PS one Books Policenauts
  • Groove Adventure Rave - Mikan no Hiseki
  • PS one Books Groove Adventure Rave - Yukyu no Kizuna

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