03. Mar, 2005 15:35 (HKT)

Weekly import update: Armored Core: Formula Front, Tekken 5, Tales of Eternia, Mario Stage & Magnet Vol. 2 figures, soundtracks & more

The first week in March has brought us a total of around 20 new Japanese game releases. In the spotlight of this week has been Namco's fighting game Tekken 5 - shipping as Asia release version 3 weeks prior Japanese schedule.

Additional highlights from this week include From Software's Armored Core: Formula Front (Japanese / Asia version) for PS2™, Square-Enix's PSOne Books reprints Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi and Star Ocean: The Second Story, Marvelous Entertainment's third Gamecube™ Harvest Moon title (Harvest Moon: Poem of Happiness) as well as Namco's portable RPG Tales of Eternia (Sony PSP™.)

Next to this week's video game highlights, we have stocked a variety of interesting video game related toys and soundtracks. As usually, all new item's from this week have been summarized below:

Aikagi (Best Version)JPN US$ 34.90
Armored Core: Formula FrontJPN US$ 59.90
Armored Core: Formula FrontASIA US$ 54.90
Bakushou! Jinsei Kaimichi (Taito Best)JPN US$ 34.90
Canvas (Best Version)JPN US$ 34.90
Fantastic Fortune 2: Triple StarJPN US$ 64.90
Final Fantasy XI Entry Disc 2005JPN US$ 54.90
Guisard RevolutionJPN US$ 64.90
Horse Breaker (KOEI Teiban Series)JPN US$ 20.90
Kurogane No Houkou 2: Warship Gunner (KOEI The Best)JPN US$ 34.90
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 3 (Best Version)JPN US$ 34.90
Red Ninja: End of HonorJPN US$ 64.90
Sakura Taisen 3 [Segadirect Limited Edition]JPN US$ 69.90
Tekken 5ASIA US$ 59.90
XIII (Thirteen) (Best Collection)JPN US$ 34.90

Harvest Moon: Poem of HappinessJPN US$ 64.90
Shark TaleJPN US$ 64.90

Star Wars Republic CommandoJPN US$ 44.90

Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi (PSOne Books)JPN US$ 39.90
Star Ocean: The Second Story (PSOne Books)JPN US$ 29.90

Windows™ PC:
Final Fantasy XI Entry Disc 2005JPN US$ 54.90
Sakura Taisen 4JPN US$ 95.00

Duel Masters 2: Invincible Advance (Best Price) (GBA™)JPN US$ 29.90
Game Boy Advance SP - Pikachu Edition (110V) US$ 149.00
Card Pocket 3 Pocket Monsters (NDS™) US$ 8.90
Tales of Eternia (PSP™)JPN US$ 59.90

The Game Boy Advance SP - Pikachu Edition will be in stock early of next week.

Toys & misc:
CardCaptor Sakura Figure: Kinomoto Cherry Tree (battle costume) US$ 19.90
CardCaptor Sakura Figure: Kinomoto Cherry Tree (uniform) US$ 19.90
Gungrave 8inch Action Figure: Beyond the Crave US$ 82.90
Kingdom Hearts Wafer Chocolate Trading Card US$ 1.99
Mario Magnet Figure Vol.2 US$ 1.99
Mario Stage Figure Vol.2 US$ 4.90
Microman Micro Action Series: Chun-Li US$ 14.90
Microman Micro Action Series: Sakura US$ 14.90
One Piece Soul of Hyper Figuration Part.1 US$ 4.90
Sega Gals Collection Gashapon Vol. 02 US$ 2.90
Street Fighter Action Figure: Blanka US$ 24.90
Street Fighter Action Figure: Cammy US$ 24.90
Street Fighter Action Figure: Ken US$ 24.90
Street Fighter Action Figure: T. Hawk US$ 24.90
Street Fighter Action Figure: Vega US$ 24.90

Video game magazines:
Famitsu Wave DVD [April 2005]JPN US$ 16.50
Arcadia Magazine [April 2005]JPN US$ 12.90
Famitsu Xbox [April 2005]JPN US$ 12.90

Video game soundtracks:
Animamundi Soundtrack - Shikkoku no ChinkonkaJPN US$ 26.90
Dragonball Z3 SoundtrackJPN US$ 27.90
Fate / Stay Night Image Album - WishJPN US$ 23.90
Gran Turismo 4 KicksJPN US$ 24.90
Shin Bakuso Dekotora Densetsu - Aishu Banka ShuJPN US$ 29.90

Looking forward to next week, once again a total of roughly 20 new titles are scheduled for release. PlayStation2™ highlights include Atlus' Growlanser IV Return, Capcom's RockMan X8 and Shadow of Rome, Aruze's Shadow Hearts 2 Director's Cut and last but not least Konami's RPG Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (regular version and Limited Edition).

Nintendo DS™ fans can look forward to 2 new interesting titles with Namco's Pac-Pix (initially scheduled for arrival in this week but postponed until March 10th now) as well as Bandai's highly anticipated Meteos.

As usually, a more detailed preorder list can be accessed here.


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