25. Mar, 2004 16:44 (HKT)

Weekly import update: Over 30 new titles including Dragon Quest V, Shikigami 2, King of Fighters 2002 & much more

Even to previous week, this last week in March has been full of new release title. Especially for PlayStation2™ and Gameboy Advance™ we have noticed lots of releases that are certainly only interesting for die hard fans or Japanese customers.

Nevertheless there have been a couple of very impressing titles in this week as well, including Dragon Quest V from Square-Enix, SNK Playmore's PS2™ port of King of Fighters 2002, Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol. 10 After Burner II and Vol. 11 Fist of the North Star and of course Alfa System's Dreamcast™ port of The Castle of Shikigami II.

As common on every Thursday, here's a summary of all new releases shipping this week:

For PlayStation2™:
  • Dragon Quest V
  • King of Fighters 2002
  • Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol. 10 After Burner II
  • Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol. 11 Fist of the North Star
  • Taiko no Tatsujin Special Pack (shipping within the next few days)
  • War of the Monsters
  • Kousen Gaeri: Refrain
  • Sukisyo! Episode 1&2: First Limit & Target Nights
  • Gold Gasho Bell! Friendship Tag Battle
  • Nechu Professional Baseball 2004
  • Pro Yakyu Spirits 2004
  • Mahjong Party: Idol to Mahjong Shoubu
  • Tenohira Taiyouni
  • Tenohira Taiyouni [Limited Edition]
  • Steady x Study
  • Steady x Study [Limited Edition]
  • Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma
  • Raimuiro Senkitan * Jun
  • Raimuiro Senkitan * Jun [DX Pack]
  • Taisen 1: Shogi
  • Taisen 2: Go
  • Taisen 3: Mahjong
  • Taisen 4: Soldier

    For Gamecube™:
  • Puyo Puyo Fever
  • Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma

    For Dreamcast™:
  • The Castle of Shikigami II
  • The Castle of Shikigami II [Limited Edition] (currently sold out)
  • Tenohira Taiyouni

    For Gameboy Advance™:
  • Boboboubo Boubobo: 9 Kiwame Senshi Gyagu Yuugou
  • Kisekae Angel: Charisma Tenin Ikusei Game
  • Aka-Chan Doubutsu Sono
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bukuu Tougeki
  • PukuPuku Tennen Kairanban: Koi no Cupid Daisakusen

    Please notice that Hoshi no Kirby: Kagami no Daimeikyuu from Nintendo™ has been last-minute delayed due to a programming bug. A new release date has yet to be confirmed.

  • Winning Eleven 7 International (Korean PC port)
  • Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack +
  • Psyvariar 2 Original Soundtrack Plus (shipping within the next days)

    Looking forward to next week, it's expected to become very calm with just a couple of new releases at all. Most interesting from the small upcoming selection of titles will be From Software's Kuon for PlayStation2™ and Bandai's Gameboy Advance™ racing game Digimon Racing.

    Also to be noted is next week's issue of Famitsu Wave DVD [May 2004], this time with video footage of Capcom's upcoming Biohazard 4 for Gamecube™.

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