04. Jul, 2008 17:36 (HKT)

Weekly Movie/Music update: Around 320 new J-Pop, Anime, Soundtrack & Movie releases - Persona Trinity Soul (OST), YUI Summer Song & more!

Welcome to this week's Movie/Music news roundup, containing new Japanese and Hong Kong Video and Music releases from this week listed at Play-Asia.com. Around 320 new items are covered in this week, including new J-Pop, Anime as well as Japanese, Hong Kong and Western movie releases and much more.

The darkly themed RPG series Persona is becoming a well known franchise with all sorts of merchandises coming under it. To wrap up the plot of Persona 3, an anime is released as a sequel, airing in Japan from January to June this year.

Although the anime is coming to an end, the soundtrack has just been published to prolong the exquisite after-taste of the show. This CD includes not only the freshly composed tracks for the show, but remixes of themes from Persona 3 the game.

Aside from instrumentals, most of the vocals from the anime are featured in this CD, this includes the full length version of the ending theme "Found Me" by Kawamura Yumi. For fans of the series who are not currently resided in Japan, the anime and CD are both available to you through Play-Asia.com, please see this here for the full list of Persona - Trinity Soul products.

Let YUI's newest single Summer Song [limited and standard edition] bring in some brightness. YUI's songs are mostly soothing and encouraging, this time, the song is about the period before summer vacation. Like Persona - Trinity Soul, Summer Song is the sequel to its Spring counterpart Laugh Away.

Spring came to an end some time ago, let YUI fill your summer days with encouragement and gentleness.

Here's a summary of all new releases that were published between Saturday, June 28st and Friday, July 4th. If some specific item that you are looking for is missing, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service with your request.

  • J-Pop Music releases (160)
  • ENKA Music releases (22)
  • Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (11)
  • Hong Kong Version Music releases (5)
  • Blu-ray Disc Movies (28)
  • Anime & Animation (56)
  • Hong Kong Version Movie releases (19)
  • Japanese Movies (25)
  • Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (82)
  • J-Pop DVD releases (8)
  • ENKA DVD releases (1)
  • Misc Japanese Movie releases (1)
  • Idol DVD (4)

    J-Pop Music releases (160)

    20 Dai Kids - Shinku Naru Shirabe (~Morikiko) JPNUS$ 15.90
    2222 Nen Picnic (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    3stars (~Alibi) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Aishu Rouman - Murashita Kozo All Songs Collection [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Kozo Murashita) JPNN/A
    All Because Of You Guys - Subete Kimitachi No Saisa (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Always 2 Ano Toki Kimi Ha Wakakatta JPNUS$ 28.90
    Another Side - 2nd Press JPNUS$ 17.90
    Aozora (~Shiori) JPNUS$ 26.90
    Baby A Go Go (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Back To The Real (~Stereo Lynch) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Beat Pops (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Blue (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Blue Blood [Special Edition] (~X) HKUS$ 18.89
    Blue Star (~Vidoll) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Blue Star [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Vidoll) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Boku Ga Tsukutta Ai No Uta (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Boku Ni Dekiru Koto (~Mayo Amagai) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Bosa Nova Time - Miwaku No Bosa Nova Kayo Hit Parade JPNUS$ 23.90
    Chu-bura (~Kelun) JPNUS$ 4.99
    Clover (~Natsuyo Ishinoda) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Cobra No Nayami (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Covers (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Crazy World [CD+DVD] (~Anna Tsuchiya Feat. Ai) HKUS$ 12.90
    Daijobu (~Yummy Yukking) JPNUS$ 10.90
    Del (~Del) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Disco Baby (~80 Pan) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Dive Into Stream (~M.O.V.E) JPNUS$ 24.99
    Eplp (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Especial Doberman (~Doberman) JPNUS$ 24.90
    Eternal Melody [Limited Edition] (~E'm-grief) JPNN/A
    Feel So Bad (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Flavor Bossa Case Tears JPNUS$ 23.90
    Floating Pupa (~Pupa) JPNUS$ 28.90
    For Di Future (~U-dou & Platy) JPNUS$ 15.90
    Futatsu No Kodo (~Tomohiro Kondo) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Future Folder (~Triceratops) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Future Folder [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Triceratops) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Genki Rockets I - Heavenly Star [CD+DVD] (~Genki Rockets) JPNUS$ 31.99
    Gift Music Box Series - Hit Songs - Heart Station JPNUS$ 14.90
    Gokan Elect (~Tokyo Crazy Salt) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Golden Best Akira Inaba (~Akira Inaba) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Golden Best Graciara Susana - Argentina No Utahime (~Graciara Susana) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Haiiro To Watashi (~Shione Yukawa) JPNUS$ 26.90
    Hajo Cross (~Nhhmbase) JPNUS$ 21.90
    Halo (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Happy Heads (~Kiyoshiro Imawano) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Have A Nice Day (~From Youth) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Have Mercy (~Kiyoshiro Imawano) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Heart No Ace (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Hey! Scissorman (~Holidays Of Seventeen) JPNUS$ 6.90
    High Grade Project JPNUS$ 19.90
    Hotaru Boshi (~Chitose Hajime) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Hotaru Boshi [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Chitose Hajime) JPNUS$ 14.90
    I Dream (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    I Like Party (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Ichiban Boshi (~Mihoko Ishida) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Jabberloop Works (~Jabberloop) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Jack Is A Boy (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Jealousy [Special Edition] (~X) HKUS$ 16.90
    Jikan Yo Tomare Feat. Seamo (~Azu) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Karuki Zamen Kuri No Hana (~Ringo Shiina) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Kibo / Yakusoku (~Miku) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kick Star (~Vlidge) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Kimi Ni Okuru Ano Merody / Sunset Summer (~Joys) JPNUS$ 4.90
    Kimi No Tameni Umarekawarou (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    King of Live (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Koi No Uta JPNUS$ 21.90
    Kono Sekai Ni (~Kanna Muragishi) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Kono Sekai Ni [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Kanna Muragishi) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Koya No Shichinin Misaki (~Yokai Project, Zan Nihon Yokai Suishin Iinkai) JPNUS$ 9.90
    La Bailarina Caliente (~Nudyline) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Long Binh Island JPNUS$ 21.90
    Love Addict (~Vamps) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Love Addict [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Vamps) JPNN/A
    Love Forever (~Jyongri) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Love Forever [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Jyongri) JPNUS$ 34.90
    Love Me Live - MB's Best Live 06-07 (~Magokoro Brothers) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Love Me Live - MB's Best Live 06-07 [Limited Edition] (~Magokoro Brothers) JPNUS$ 30.90
    M - Mo Hitotsu No Love Story (~Rsp) JPNUS$ 11.90
    M - Mo Hitotsu No Love Story [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Rsp) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Maho No Kiiroi Kutsu (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Marvy (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Melodic Youth (~Piece4line) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Melody (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Memphis (~Kiyoshiro Imawano) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Mugen Kido (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    My Everything (~May's) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Naki Natsu (~Mihimaru Gt With Soffet) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Naki Natsu [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Mihimaru Gt With Soffet) JPNUS$ 15.90
    Natsukashi No Heibon Song Hit Parade Vol.1 Showa 40 Nendai 1Go JPNUS$ 26.90
    Natsukashi No Heibon Song Hit Parade Vol.2 Showa 40 Nendai 2Go JPNUS$ 26.90
    Natsukashi No Heibon Song Hit Parade Vol.3 Showa 50 Nendai Go JPNUS$ 26.90
    Natsukashi No Heibon Song Hit Parade Vol.4 Showa 50 Nendai & 60 Nendai JPNUS$ 26.90
    Natsukashii Mirai - Longing Future (~Alan) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Natsukashii Mirai - Longing Future [CD+DVD] (~Alan) JPNUS$ 17.90
    New Tune (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Nihon (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Nokosareta Kakera No Yugi (~Oyugi Wagamama Dan X Paradeis) JPNN/A
    Ok (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Omohide Kirakira (~Za Bon) JPNUS$ 9.90
    One (~Tiggerz) JPNUS$ 14.90
    One (~Ami Suzuki) JPNUS$ 9.90
    One [CD+DVD] (~Ami Suzuki) JPNN/A
    Party Yaro A Team (~Alpha) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Pepper Keibu (~Mizrock) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Pepper Keibu [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Mizrock) JPNUS$ 12.99
    Please (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Proposal - Sotsugyo Kokuhaku - 2nd Press (~Vidoll) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Ragga Ghibli (~Thitika) JPNUS$ 21.90
    Rainbow (~Pushim) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Razor Sharp (~Kiyoshiro Imawano) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Remix 2005-2008 (~Yura Yura Teikoku) JPNN/A
    Rhapsody (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Ringo No Uta [CD+DVD] (~Ringo Shiina) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Rudies Generation (~World Apartment Horror) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Sad Morrow (~Non'sheep) JPNUS$ 21.90
    Samael [Limited Edition] (~Lamina) JPNUS$ 12.90
    Say You Luv Me - Maho No Kotoba (~Foxxi Misq) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Say You Luv Me - Maho No Kotoba [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Foxxi Misq) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Seraph [Limited Edition] (~Lamina) JPNUS$ 12.90
    Seventh Ave. (~W-inds.) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Seventh Ave. [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~W-inds.) JPNUS$ 31.90
    Shinkaron Energy (~Hot Bitch's Marie) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Shio Sawagi / New Cinema Paradise [CD+DVD] (~Sushinchu) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Shoki No RC Succession (~RC Succession) JPNN/A
    Shomei (~Shigi) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Single Man (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Someday Somewhere (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 26.90
    Stem - Daimyou Asobi Hen (~Ringo Shiina) JPNN/A
    Summer Song (~Yui) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Summer Song [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Yui) JPNN/A
    Suzuki Shigeru History Box [Limited Edition] (~Shigeru Suzuki) JPNUS$ 85.90
    Sweet Sound (~Jing Teng) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Syrup (~Auncia) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Take Off - Ririku (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Tanoshi Yu Ni (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Tensai Takesh No Genki Ga Deru TV! Presents Dance Koshien JPNUS$ 30.90
    The 10th Odyssey (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    The Best Start Here (~Ala) JPNUS$ 26.90
    The Best Start Here [CD+DVD] (~Ala) JPNUS$ 31.90
    The Day of R&B (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    The Ghibli Set (~Daishi Dance) JPNUS$ 26.90
    The Love Map Shop (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    The Premium Best (~Princess Princess) JPNN/A
    The Tears Of A Clown (~RC Succession) JPNUS$ 23.90
    The Tokyo City Big Nights (~Seventh Tarz Armstrong) JPNUS$ 23.90
    The Tokyo City Big Nights [CD+DVD] (~Seventh Tarz Armstrong) JPNUS$ 31.90
    Then Summer Came (~Katteni Shiyagare) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Tokyo Gannen (~0 Soul 7) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Tsugumi (~Antinoise) JPNUS$ 8.90
    Tulip Best Kokoro No Tabi (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Ukulele Ban Ban Bazar (~Ban Ban Bazar) JPNUS$ 24.90
    Upside-down (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Vandals Bop (~Sa) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Vanilla [CD+DVD] (~Leah Dizon) HKUS$ 12.90
    Vivi Presents Music Fashion Selected By Lena Fujii JPNUS$ 26.90
    Watashi To Hoden (~Ringo Shiina) JPNUS$ 34.90
    Watashi To Hoden [Limited Edition] (~Ringo Shiina) JPNUS$ 36.90
    Welcome To My House (~Tulip) JPNUS$ 17.90
    When I Wish Upon A Star JPNUS$ 19.90

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    ENKA Music releases (22)

    Abare Bune / Anata Ni Saku Hana (~Kumiko Sakurai) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Aete Yokatta New Version / Tsukuda Katagi (~Shohei Naruse) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Aki Shigure / Anta Koi Uta (~Midori Sasa) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Amae Sodatta Jinsei Wa / Akari Wo Tomoshita Jinsei Ni (~Reika Inoue, Masao Takada) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Hiroshi Itsuki Nihon Kayoshi 100nen! Showa Hen (~Hiroshi Itsuki) JPNUS$ 93.90
    Ichido Kagiri No Jinsei Ni / Rock De Aishite (~Hiroshi Kubo) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Itsuka Dokoka De (~Jun Yokouchi) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Jinsei Hanjo (~Rika Hanasaki) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Junaika / Shiawase Ichiban Boshi (~Aiko Moriyama) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kamome No Yuigon / Tenshi No Jealousy (~Setsuko Shimizu) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kita No Zessho / Kita Shigure (~Mika Tachiki) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kori No Hono / Itsuwari No Biyaku (~Hikaru Aoyama) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Masaaki Hirao No Sekai Wo Utau (~Daisuke Kitagawa) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Murasaki Gawa / Yogoto Zake (~Miko Takegawa) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Naniwa No Gashintare (~Koji Nishiki) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Omae Shika Aisenai (~Teiji Yamazaki) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Sewa Nyobo (~Ayako Kimura) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Shiawase Tsubomi (~Kaori Hana) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Shigure Hana No Yado / Ginga No Sato (~Rumiko Hayama) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Shimiru Sake / Chigiri Bashi (~Hachiro) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Taiju / Showa No Furusato E (~Hajime Fukasawa) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Wo Ai Ni Anata Dake / Gin No Umi (~Sairin) JPNUS$ 11.90

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    Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (11)

    Amatsuki Soundtrack JPNUS$ 27.90
    Appare Henge Ja (Kyoran Kazoku Nikki Outro Theme) [CD+DVD] (~Gekka Midarezaki) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion R2 Sound Episode 1 JPNUS$ 18.90
    Contrail (The Prince of Tennis Character CD) [Limited Edition] (~Chotaro Otori) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Exit Trance Best 7 Trance Compilation Vol.1 JPNUS$ 19.90
    Genius Party & Genius Party Beyond Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 37.90
    Persona Trinity Soul Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 34.90
    Speed Anime Trance Best 4 JPNUS$ 23.99
    Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 23.90
    To Loveru Variety CD Vol.1 (~Haruka Tomatsu, Haruna Hanazawa, Sayuri Yahagi) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Yes! Pre Cure 5 Go Go - Web Radio Club Coco & Nuts Vol.2 (~Takeshi Kusano, Jiyu Irino) JPNUS$ 21.90

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    Hong Kong Version Music releases (5)

    Blue Blood [Special Edition] (~X) HKUS$ 18.89
    Crazy World [CD+DVD] (~Anna Tsuchiya Feat. Ai) HKUS$ 12.90
    Don't Want To Let Go (~Eason Chan) HKN/A
    Jealousy [Special Edition] (~X) HKUS$ 16.90
    Vanilla [CD+DVD] (~Leah Dizon) HKUS$ 12.90

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    Blu-ray Disc Movies (28)

    10,000 BC (~Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, ...) HKUS$ 24.99
    Batman The Movie: Special Edition <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Adam West, Burt Ward, ...) USN/A
    Cherry Pie (~Akira Shirai, Mika Hijii, ...) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Day Watch Director's Cut JPNUS$ 46.90
    Drillbit Taylor (Extended Survival Edition) (~Owen Wilson, Leslie Mann, ...) USUS$ 15.90
    Ganges USUS$ 24.90
    Gangs of New York (~Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, ...) USN/A
    Gegege No Kitaro (~Mao Inoue, Rena Tanaka, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (~Larry Miller, Patrick Warburton, ...) USUS$ 14.90
    Giniro No Season (~Rena Tanaka, Tetsuji Tamayama, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Hana Yori Dango Blu-ray Disc Box (~Mao Inoue, Jun Matsumoto, ...) JPNUS$ 239.90
    In The Line Of Fire (~Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, ...) USUS$ 19.90
    John Mayer: Where the Light Is (~John Mayer) USUS$ 29.90
    Live In Amsterdam (~TOTO) JPNUS$ 49.90
    Mad Men: Season One <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, ...) USUS$ 29.90
    Meet the Browns (~Angela Bassett, Rick Fox, ...) USN/A
    Night Watch JPNUS$ 46.90
    Night Watch / Day Watch Blu-ray Disc Box [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 85.90
    Onpu To Conbu (~Chizuru Ikewaki, Yui Ichikawa, ...) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Point Break <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, ...) USN/A
    Prison Break Season 1 Blu-ray Box (~Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, ...) JPNUS$ 239.90
    Rock Montreal (~Queen) JPNN/A
    Sex and Death 101 (~Simon Baker, Winona Ryder, ...) USUS$ 19.90
    The Way Up Tour-Live In Korea (~Pat Metheny Group) JPNUS$ 49.90
    Tokyo No Uso (~Sayuri Iwata) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Vantage Point (~Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, ...) USUS$ 14.90
    White Mexico (~Senri Ooe, Tiala A.k.a.hiromi W., ...) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Wild Hogs JPNUS$ 46.90

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    Anime & Animation (56)

    Alibaba 40 Piki No Tozoku [Limited Pressing] (~Nobuyo Ohyama, Junpei Takiguchi, ...) JPNN/A
    Andersen Monogatari [Limited Pressing] (~Tadao Takashima, Toshiko Fujita) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Anju To Zushiomaru [Limited Pressing] (~Yoshiko Sakuma, Kinya Kitaoji) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Arabian Night Sinbad No Boken [Limited Pressing] (~Hideo Kinoshita, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, ...) JPNN/A
    Chibikko Remi To Meiken Kapi [Limited Pressing] (~Yukari Asai, Etsuko Ichihara, ...) JPNN/A
    Cinnamon The Movie (~Taeko Kawada, Yumi Kakazu, ...) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Cinnamon The Movie / Nezumi Monogatari - George To Gerald No Boken Friend Pack (~Taeko Kawada, Yumi Kakazu, ...) JPNUS$ 49.90
    Countdown Of The Sky Crawlers Count.1 JPNUS$ 14.90
    Cyborg 009 Cho Ginga Densetsu [Limited Pressing] (~Kazuhiko Inoue, Kazuko Sugiyama, ...) JPNN/A
    Cyborg 009 Kaiju Senso [Limited Pressing] (~Hiroyuki Ohta, Judy Ongg) JPNN/A
    Cyborg 009 [Limited Pressing] (~Hiroyuki Ohta, Judy Ongg) JPNUS$ 29.90
    D.Gray-man 2nd Stage 5 (~Sanae Kobayashi, Shizuka Ito, ...) JPNUS$ 44.90
    Dobutsu Takarajima [Limited Pressing] (~Minori Matsumoto, Satoko Amachi, ...) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Genius Party JPNUS$ 56.90
    Ginga Tetsudo 999 Eternal Fantasy [Limited Pressing] (~Masako Nozawa, Masako Ikeda, ...) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Ginga Tetsudo 999 [Limited Pressing] (~Masako Nozawa, Masako Ikeda, ...) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Gulliver No Uchu Ryoko [Limited Pressing] (~Kyu Sakamoto, Chiyoko Honma) JPNN/A
    H2 Vol.3 (~Shinnosuke Furumoto, Mitsuru Miyamoto, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    H2 Vol.4 (~Shinnosuke Furumoto, Mitsuru Miyamoto, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Hakuja Den [Limited Pressing] (~Hisaya Morishige) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Hime Chan No Ribbon 7 (~Ikue Otani, Animation, ...) JPNN/A
    Hime Chan No Ribbon 8 (~Ikue Otani, Animation, ...) JPNN/A
    Hime Chan No Ribbon 9 (~Ikue Otani, Animation, ...) JPNN/A
    Kaeru Otoko Shokai Anthology JPNUS$ 37.90
    Kaitei 3 Man Mile [Limited Pressing] (~Masako Nozawa, Kurumi Kobato) JPNN/A
    Lily Franky Presents Odenkun 16 (~Manami Honjo, Chiemi Chiba, ...) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Lily Franky Presents Odenkun 17 (~Manami Honjo, Chiemi Chiba, ...) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Lily Franky Presents Odenkun 18 (~Manami Honjo, Chiemi Chiba, ...) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Lucky Star Vol.2 USN/A
    Lucky Star Vol.2 [Limited Edition] USN/A
    Nagagutsu Sanjushi [Limited Pressing] (~Kiyoshi Komiyama, Kurumi Kobato) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Nagagutsu Wo Haita Neko 80 Nichi Kan Sekai Isshu [Limited Pressing] (~Osami Nabe, Kousei Tomita, ...) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Nagagutsu Wo Haita Neko [Limited Pressing] (~Susumu Ishikawa, Toshiko Fujita, ...) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Nana Clips 4 (~Nana Mizuki) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Naruto Shippuden Harukanaru Saikai No Sho 4 (~Hirofumi Suzuki (character Junko Takeuchi, Kazuhiko Inoue, ...) JPNUS$ 42.90
    Nezumi Monogatari - George To Gerald No Boken (~Akio Ohtsuka, Megumi Hayashibara, ...) JPNUS$ 27.90
    One Piece 9th Season Enies Lobby Hen Piece.7 (~Mayumi Tanaka, Akemi Okamura, ...) JPNUS$ 44.90
    Panda! Go, Panda! / Panda Kopanda (~Kazuko Sugiyama, Kazuo Kumakura, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Persepolis (~Voice: Catherine Deneuve) HKUS$ 13.90
    Saiyuki [Limited Pressing] (~Kiyoshi Komiyama, Hideo Kinoshita) JPNN/A
    Sanrio Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Hello Kitty No Cinderella / Ahiru No Pekkle No Ahiru No Drake's Tale [Limited Release] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sanrio Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Hello Kitty No Momotaro / Pom Pom Purin No The Rabbit & The Hare [Limited Release] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sanrio Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Hello Kitty No Puss In Boots / Ahiru No Pekkle No Minikui Ahiru No Ko [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sanrio Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Hello Kitty No Thumbelina / Pom Pom Purin No Kitakaze To Taiyo [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sanrio Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Hello Kitty No Yuki No Joo / Hello Kitty No Three Little Pigs [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sanrio Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Kerokero Keroppi No Aladin And The Magic Lamp / Hello Kitty No The Little Match Girl [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sayonara Ginga Tetsudo 999 - Andromeda Shushaku Eki [Limited Pressing] (~Masako Nozawa, Masako Ikeda, ...) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Shin Kyojin No Hoshi DVD Box 1 (~Toru Furuya, Seizou Katou, ...) JPNUS$ 119.90
    Shonen Jack To Maho Tsukai [Limited Pressing] (~Meiko Nakamura, Chiharu Kuri, ...) JPNN/A
    Shonen Sarutobi Sasuke [Limited Pressing] (~Katsuo Nakamura) JPNN/A
    Sora Tobu Yurei Sen [Limited Pressing] (~Masako Nozawa, Akio Tanaka) JPNN/A
    Taiyo No Oji Horus No Daiboken [Limited Pressing] (~Sakiko Tamagawa, Etsuko Ichihara, ...) JPNN/A
    Waga Seishun No Arcadia [Limited Pressing] (~Yujiro Ishihara, Makio Inoue, ...) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Wanpaku Oji No Daija Taiji [Limited Pressing] (~Tomohito Sumida, Chiharu Kuri) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Wanwan Chushingura [Limited Pressing] (~Junko Hori, Hideo Kinoshita, ...) JPNN/A
    Yattaman 2 (~Noriko Ohara, Joji Yanami, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90

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    Hong Kong Version Movie releases (19)

    10,000 BC (~Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, ...) HKUS$ 24.99
    10,000 B.C. (~Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, ...) HKUS$ 11.99
    4 Months 3 Weeks And 2 Days (~Anamaria Marinca, Vlad Ivanov, ...) HKUS$ 15.90
    Air America (~Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., ...) HKUS$ 11.90
    Beyond Loch Ness (~Brian Krause, Paul McGillion, ...) HKUS$ 11.90
    Dan In Real Life (~Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, ...) HKN/A
    Devil Fetus [Legendary Collection] (~Lui Sau Ling, Eddie) HKN/A
    Don’t Believe In Her (~KIM Ha-neul, GANG Dong-won) HKUS$ 9.90
    Ever Since The World Ended (~Calum Grant, Mark Routhier, ...) HKUS$ 12.90
    Ghost of Mae Nak (~Pataratida Pacharawirapong, Siwat Chotchaicharin, ...) HKUS$ 13.99
    Happy Funeral (~I Love You Boyz, Elanne Kwong, ...) HKUS$ 13.90
    Hins Cheung 2008 Concert Live Karaoke [3VCD] (~Hins Cheung) HKN/A
    Iron Eagle II (~Louis Gossett Jr., Mark Humphrey, ...) HKUS$ 11.90
    Kiss Me Goodbye [Legendary Collection] (~Loletta Lee Lai Jan, Wong Yiu Ming) HKN/A
    Persepolis (~Voice: Catherine Deneuve) HKUS$ 13.90
    Pink Lemonade HKN/A
    The Zombie Diaries (~Russell Jones, Craig Stovin, ...) HKUS$ 13.90
    Under The Rose [Legendary Collection] (~Narrator: James Wong) HKN/A
    WMCI-1 World Muay Thai Gran Slam HKN/A

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    Japanese Movies (25)

    Akiho Yoshizawa No Sexy (~Akiho Yoshizawa) JPNN/A
    Akiho Yoshizawa No Yuwaku - Atashi Wo Tabete (~Akiho Yoshizawa) JPNN/A
    Cherry Pie (~Akira Shirai, Mika Hijii, ...) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Clearness (~Sho Aikawa) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Drift 7 R Deluxe Edition (~Takayasu Sugiura, Mizuho Hata, ...) JPNUS$ 35.99
    Futen Rojin Nikki (~Sou Yamamura, Keizo Kawasaki, ...) JPNUS$ 44.90
    Gegege No Kitaro (~Mao Inoue, Rena Tanaka, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Giniro No Season (~Rena Tanaka, Tetsuji Tamayama, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Giniro No Season (~Yoji Tanaka, Tetta Sugimoto, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Giniro No Season [Premium Edition] (~Rena Tanaka, Tetsuji Tamayama, ...) JPNUS$ 64.90
    Hana Yori Dango Blu-ray Disc Box (~Mao Inoue, Jun Matsumoto, ...) JPNUS$ 239.90
    Hotel Season 4 Part.1 DVD Box (~Masanobu Takashima, Hiroki Matsukata, ...) JPNN/A
    Jiro Akagawa Mystery Yon Shimai Tanteidan DVD Box (~Shigeru Muroi, Yuu Yoshizawa, ...) JPNUS$ 189.90
    Kanojo To Tadashii Asobikata (~Tomoka Kurokawa) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Oni No Sumu Yakata (~Shintaro Katsu, Hideko Takamine, ...) JPNUS$ 44.90
    Onpu To Conbu (~Chizuru Ikewaki, Yui Ichikawa, ...) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Onpu To Conbu (~Chizuru Ikewaki, Yui Ichikawa, ...) JPNUS$ 33.90
    Satsujin Yogisha (~Tetsuro Tanba, Shoji Kobayashi) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Sekka Tomuraizashi (~Tomisaburo Wakayama, Masayo Utsumiya, ...) JPNUS$ 44.90
    Shower Girl! (~Sayuri Anzu) JPNUS$ 37.90
    SP Keishicho Keibibu Keigoka Dai 4 Kakari DVD Box [Limited Edition] (~Junichi Okada, Shinichi Tsutsumi) JPNUS$ 227.90
    Tokyo No Uso (~Sayuri Iwata) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Waiting In The Dark DTS Deluxe Edition (~Rena Tanaka, Haruka Igawa, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    White Mexico (~Senri Ooe, Tiala A.k.a.hiromi W., ...) JPNUS$ 38.90
    Yume Oikakete (~Tomokazu Miura, Eiichiro Funakoshi, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90

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    Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (82)

    1.5 Generation Collector's Box (~Woo-sung Jung, Shim Eun-ha, ...) JPNUS$ 147.99
    A Nightmare On Elm Street Platinum DVD Box (~Robert Englund) JPNUS$ 188.90
    A Nous La Liberte (~Henri Marchand, Raymond Cordy, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Absolon (~Christpher Lambert) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Across 110th Street [Limited Edition] (~Anthony Quinn, Anthony Franciosa, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Ambulancen JPNUS$ 37.90
    Ancient Rome DVD Box (~Michael Sheen, James D'arcy, ...) JPNN/A
    Angel (~Romola Garai, Sam Neill, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Apocalypse (~Rhett Giles, Tom Nagel, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Arrivederci Amore Ciao - The Goodbye Kiss (~Alessio Boni, Michele Placido) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Backwoods (~Ryan Merriman) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Big Nothing (~David Schwimmer) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Carlita's Secret (~Eva Longoria) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Carver JPNUS$ 47.90
    Cold Heart Canyon JPNUS$ 47.90
    Crush And Burn JPNUS$ 47.90
    Dark Place JPNUS$ 37.90
    Day Watch Director's Cut JPNUS$ 46.90
    Day Watch Director's Cut (~Vladimir Menshov) JPNUS$ 37.90
    El Viaje (~Dominique Sanda) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Final Approach (~Anthony Michael Hall) JPNUS$ 59.90
    Furyo Couple Box I (~Ryu Su-yeong, Shin Eun-kyung) JPNUS$ 159.90
    Future Shock - Comet Impact (~Cristian Solimeno, James Wilby, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Compact Box (~Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Collector's Box Part 1 (~Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, ...) JPNUS$ 99.90
    Hanazakari No Kimi Tachi E - Kayo Shonen Shojo DVD Box II JPNUS$ 159.90
    Hoodlum [Limited Edition] (~Laurence Fishburne, Tim Roth, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Impact Zero (~Lorenzo Lamas, Kim Little) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Karei Naru Jidai DVD Box 2 JPNUS$ 149.90
    Karel Zeman Perfect Box JPNN/A
    Kiss Of Death [Limited Edition] (~Nicolas Cage, Helen Hunt, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    La Danza Macabra (~Barbara Steele, George Riviere) JPNUS$ 47.90
    La Vergine Di Norimberga (~Rossana Podesta, George Riviere, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Le Million (~Raymond Cordy, Paul Olivier) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Le Scaphandre Et Le Papillon [Special Limited Edition] (~Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Lies And Crimes (~Estella Warren) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Living Hell (~Johnathon Schaech) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Luis Bunuel DVD Box 5 (~Fernand Soler, Rosario Granados, ...) JPNUS$ 143.90
    Margot At The Wedding (~Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, ...) JPNUS$ 39.90
    My Kung Fu Sweetheart (~Cecilia Cheung, Leo Koo) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Naild (~Samantha Noble) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Napoleon And Me (~Monica Bellucci, Movie, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Night Watch JPNUS$ 46.90
    Night Watch / Day Watch Blu-ray Disc Box [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 85.90
    Night Watch / Day Watch Director's Cut DVD Double Pack [Limited Edition] (~Vladimir Menshov) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Outlaw Tail (~Arielle Kebbel, Dan Byrd) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Played (~Val Kilmer) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Prison Break Season 2 DVD Collector's Box (~Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell) JPNUS$ 199.90
    Punch - Unmei No Koi DVD Box 1 (~Ju Jin-mo, Sung Si Kyung) JPNUS$ 119.90
    Razor Eaters (~Richard Causon) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Reign Of The Gargoyles JPNUS$ 47.90
    Resonnances JPNUS$ 47.90
    Sabrina The Teenage Witch Collector's Box 1 JPNUS$ 75.90
    Shanghai Love Story DVD Box 1 (~Hubing, Kelly Lin, ...) JPNUS$ 147.90
    She's A Love Hunter DVD Box I (~Eom Jeong-hwa, Oh Ji-ho) JPNUS$ 151.90
    Siegfried JPNUS$ 37.90
    Silent Scream JPNUS$ 37.90
    Snowman's Pass (~Nicole Eggert, Marc Singer) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Song Of The Dragon (~David Carradine) JPNUS$ 57.90
    Story Of Four Sisters Collector's Box JPNUS$ 179.90
    Sweet Smell Of Success [Limited Edition] (~Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Black Madonna (~Tuva Novotny, Anders W.berthelsen) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Breed (~Michelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Cats Of Mirikitani JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Dark Corner [Limited Edition] (~Mark Stevens, Clifton Webb) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Go Master (~Chang Chen, Akira Emoto, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    The Guardian (~Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The King Maker (~John Rhys-davies) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Street With No Name [Limited Edition] (~Richard Widmark, Mark Stevens, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Way Up Tour-Live In Korea (~Pat Metheny Group) JPNUS$ 49.90
    Thieves' Highway [Limited Edition] (~Richard Conte, Barbara Lawrence, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    To Each His Own Cinema JPNUS$ 46.90
    To Live And Die In L.A. [Limited Edition] (~William L. Petersen, Willem Dafoe, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Transformers Special Collector's Edition (~Shia Labeouf, Megan Fox, ...) JPNN/A
    Treasusre Island JPNUS$ 59.90
    Tropical Passions JPNUS$ 37.90
    Universal Solders JPNUS$ 37.90
    Uwasa No Onna DVD Box 3 JPNUS$ 149.90
    Vinzent JPNUS$ 37.90
    Wild Hogs JPNUS$ 46.90
    Wild Hogs (~John Travolta, Tim Allen, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Yuki No Joo JPNN/A

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    J-Pop DVD releases (8)

    Alice In Pictures I (~Alice Nine) JPNUS$ 49.90
    Alice In Pictures II (~Alice Nine) JPNN/A
    Cute Cutie Circuit 2008 - Love Escaration (~Cute) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Masato Sugimoto Live Heartful & Soulful (~Masato Sugimoto) JPNUS$ 36.90
    Super Chanpuru Vol.5 JPNUS$ 23.90
    Tatsuya Ishii Concert Tour 2008 Pendulum (~Tatsuya Ishii) JPNUS$ 76.90
    The Coca-Cola TVCF Chronicles JPNUS$ 44.90
    Watashi no Hatsuden (~Ringo Shiina) JPNUS$ 32.90

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    ENKA DVD releases (1)

    Sabu Chan To Uta Nakama Saburo Kitajima Hen (~Saburo Kitajima) JPNUS$ 26.90

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    Misc Japanese Movie releases (1)

    Death Smiles Official DVD JPNN/A

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    Idol DVD (4)

    Bakunyu Satsuei I Cup Ura R Shitei (~Aika) JPNN/A
    Gekkan Ryuko Tsushin Vol.39 Saya Moriguchi (~Saya Moriguchi) JPNN/A
    Hip Paradise (~Rika Fujii) JPNN/A
    Taiyo No Hitomi (~Natsuki Ikeda) JPNN/A

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