18. Jul, 2008 18:13 (HKT)

Weekly Movie/Music update: Around 340 new J-Pop, Anime, Soundtrack & Movie releases - Ghibli the Best, Gyakutei Saiban Orchestral works (OST), Crystal Kay - One, Bemani Top Ranker Ketteisen 2008, Seven Swords & more!

Welcome to this week's Movie/Music news roundup, containing new Japanese and Hong Kong Video and Music releases from this week listed at Play-Asia.com. Around 340 new items are covered in this week, including new J-Pop, Anime as well as Japanese, Hong Kong and Western movie releases and much more.

Cool yourself down and listen to some light classical music to escape from the summer heat. Two elegant soundtracks that serve this purpose have been released, one of them is the orchestral remix of Gyakuten Saiban Tokubetsu Hout Orchestra Concert 2008 and the other is Ghibli the Best.

These two compilations contain a selection of the best loved themes from the respective game and animes and by using the orchestra, the producers of these two discs bring out a mature, classy flavour that appeals even to the slightly older generations.

To a lot of students, summer means graduation and this is certainly the case for Crystal Kay. While graduation means getting out of school, it also means parting with friends. With friendship as a central theme, the 11th Pokemon movie and its theme song, One [limited and standard editions] allows the young singer to portray her emotions to the most touching degree.

A lot of anime are coming out in the summer holidays and due to this, quite a number of interesting anime soundtracks came out. Aside from the works mentioned above, anime CDs like Bleach Beat Collection 4th Session 2 and Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea OST are also released.

For those who are addicted to Bemani games and are looking for ways to improve their techniques or reflexes, the Bemani Top Ranker Ketteisen 2008 DVD is a must buy. The final rounds to the Bemani Top Ranka games are recorded so be prepared to be dazzled by these veteran's moves.

More action are coming in Seven Swords, with Tsui Hark as the director and the kung fu star Donnie Yan featuring in the movie, this blockbuster will quench your thirst for stunning special effects and fast paced fights. Aside from Donnie Yan, many other famous stars in the Hong Kong entertainment industry are in this movie, so star spot while you enjoy the engaging plot.

Here's a summary of all new releases that were published between Saturday, July 12th and Friday, July 18th. If some specific item that you are looking for is missing, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service with your request.

  • J-Pop Music releases (172)
  • ENKA Music releases (1)
  • Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (27)
  • Video Game Soundtracks (1)
  • Hong Kong Version Music releases (5)
  • Blu-ray Disc Movies (17)
  • Anime & Animation (29)
  • Hong Kong Version Movie releases (8)
  • Japanese Movies (14)
  • Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (27)
  • J-Pop DVD releases (10)
  • Misc Japanese Movie releases (5)
  • Idol DVD (14)

    J-Pop Music releases (172)

    0.10 / Zero Ten [Limited Edition] (~Coil) JPNUS$ 19.90
    16 Page Me No Tomadoi Single Collection (~Yukari Usami) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Ai To Shi No Arabia / Red Hot Sea (Takarazuka Dai Gekijo Koen Theme Song CD) (~Takarazuka Kagekidan) JPNUS$ 17.99
    Aiga Kanashi Kara (~Hideaki Tokunaga) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Aiga Kanashi Kara [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Hideaki Tokunaga) JPNUS$ 15.90
    Airi Hiramatsu Best Collection (~Eri Hiramatsu) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Amuse Classical Piano Selection Begin (~Yaeko Takemura) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Amuse Classical Piano Selection Porno Graffitti (~Yaeko Takemura) JPNN/A
    Aquantum (~Mika Arisaka) JPNUS$ 24.90
    Auto Reverse [Limited Edition] (~Coil) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Azuki Iro (~Kanae Hoshiba) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Bab Single Collection (~Ushirogami Hikaretai) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Beautiful Techno JPNUS$ 21.90
    Belong To You Single Collection (~Rieko Miura) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Best Hits 40 Taiyo No Kiseki (~Yujiro Ishihara) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Bi Ki Ni (~Anri) JPNUS$ 22.90
    Big Timers (~Mighty Jam Rock) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Birth Of An Idea [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type Art] (~Megaromania) JPNN/A
    Birth Of An Idea [Limited Edition Type Brain] (~Megaromania) JPNN/A
    Blue Birds Party (~Blue Birds) JPNUS$ 20.90
    Bravo Single Collection (~Babe) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Cassini (~Chitose Hajime) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Cassini [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Chitose Hajime) JPNUS$ 34.90
    Chiharu Matsuyama Best Collection (~Chiharu Matsuyama) JPNUS$ 19.90
    China Rose Single Collection (~Yuko Kanai) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Compromised Oneself (~Neutral) JPNUS$ 13.90
    Coool (~Anri) JPNUS$ 22.90
    Crystal Eyes Single Collection (~Azusa Senou) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Dance Baby Dance / Natsu Wa Kore Kara Da (~Fukumimi) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Dance Baby Dance / Natsu Wa Kore Kara Da [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Fukumimi) JPNN/A
    Daydreamer Feat. Lgyankees (~Clef) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Dokei Single Colllection (~Nana Okada) JPNUS$ 19.90
    E-area Single Collection (~Eri Nitta) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Eighteen Single Collection (~Yuma Nakamura) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Electric (~Hige) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Electric [Limited Edition] (~Hige) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Enamel (~Kyoko) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Enamel [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Kyoko) JPNUS$ 34.90
    Eternal Baseball Boy [Limited Edition] (~Too Close To See) JPNUS$ 10.90
    Fairchild Best Collection (~Fairchild) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Fantasy Of Life (~Enie Meenie) JPNUS$ 21.90
    Fill Me With Flowers [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Watashime Slug) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Flare (~Hitomi Shimatani) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Flare [CD+DVD] (~Hitomi Shimatani) JPNUS$ 36.90
    Fu Wa Fu Ra Single Collection (~Ushiroyubi Sasare Gumi) JPNN/A
    Genocide Streaming - Code Adstract Data Type [Limited Edition] (~Bergerac) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Girl Song (~Coil) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Glass No Kodo Single Collection (~Yuki Saito) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Glass Zaka Single Collection (~Midori Kinouchi) JPNN/A
    Glitter (~Kaya) JPNN/A
    Glitter [Limited Edition] (~Kaya) JPNN/A
    Go-Bang's Best Collection (~Go-Bang's) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Hako Yamazaki Best Collection (~Hako Yamazaki) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Harewataru Sora (~Freeasy Beats) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Hayari Uta Chuka Fumi JPNUS$ 23.90
    Hello (~Joe Inoue) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Higuredoki Single Collection (~Hiroko Hayashi) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Hiki Gatari Passion (~Yosui Inoue) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Himawari (~Miho Fukuhara) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Hitomi Ga Kirakirara (~Kyanari Club) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Hitomi Single Collection (~Hitomi Ishikawa) JPNUS$ 19.90
    I Miss You (~Sonomi) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Immortal Soul (~Orito) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Izumi Kato Best Collection (~Izumi Kato) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Jill Deco 2 (~Jill Decoy Association) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Kanojo No Natsu Single Collection (~Akie Yoshizawa) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Kaori Kawamura Best Collection (~Kaori Kawamura) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Kimi Ni Arigatou - Justin Staff To Suteki Na Nakama Tachi (~Justin Staff) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Kimi Wo Mamoritai (~John-hoon) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kimi Wo Mamoritai [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~John-hoon) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Kiratto Generation Single Collection (~All Nighters) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Kita-q's Music Vol.03 JPNUS$ 14.90
    Koi No Saison / U U Umauma (~Fruits) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kokuhaku JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kokuhaku [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Lemon Angel First Single Collection (~Lemon Angel) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Lily [Limited Edition] (~Brodiaea) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Living (~Labret) JPNUS$ 19.90
    London Live 1980 (~Art Pepper Quartet) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Lonely Road / Monster (~Rip Vans) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Lonely Universe Single Collection (~Chiemi Hori) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Love [Limited Edition] (~Coil) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Lovers Covers J-Pop 2 JPNUS$ 24.90
    Lucky Girl (~Miki Matsuzawa) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Machiboke Single Collection (~Hiromi Kanda) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Maka Hou (~Konishiki) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Make My Day [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type B] (~Yui Aragaki) JPNN/A
    Make My Day [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type C] (~Yui Aragaki) JPNN/A
    Make My Day [Limited Edition Type A] (~Yui Aragaki) JPNN/A
    Maricover (~Erimba With Harco) JPNUS$ 21.90
    Marimokkori Best JPNUS$ 26.90
    Marimokkori Best [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 31.90
    Messages Kokoro Uta Bossa & Acoustic Covers (~Kokoro Uta Project) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Meu Romance (~Yasuko Agawa) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Miki Matsubara Best Collection (~Miki Matsubara) JPNUS$ 22.99
    Mirai De Aimasho (~Yubetsu Main Street) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Miss A Mixture (~Yasuko Agawa) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Moetsukiso / Linda Yamamoto No Miryoku Single Collection (~Linda Yamamoto) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Musical Moments [SACD Hybrid] (~Seiko Niizuma) JPNUS$ 29.90
    My Girl (~Funkist) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Nakajima Single Collection (~Michiyo Nakajima) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Namida Girl Single Collection (~Chie Kobayashi) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Naoko Ken Best Collection (~Naoko Ken) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Natsu Ga Owareba / Kokoro Hakobu (~Triplane) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Natsu Ga Owareba / Kokoro Hakobu [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Triplane) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Nihon Ikuina Kiko Single Collection (~Akiko Ikuina) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Ninpo Ranbu No Jutsu / Iroha Koi Uta (~Otokage) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Noble [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Versailles) JPNN/A
    Ohzappa (~Syakusyain) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Omowaseburi / Futari No Yokohama (~Chieko Hata) JPNUS$ 11.90
    One (~Crystal Kay) JPNUS$ 11.90
    One Pokemon Editon [Limited Edition] (~Crystal Kay) JPNN/A
    Only One JPNUS$ 26.90
    Orange & Blue [Limited Edition] (~Coil) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Outlet Bluse (~Norikiyo) JPNUS$ 24.90
    Owarai Geinin Song Style JPNUS$ 19.90
    Papancake (~Kirari Tsukishima Starring Koharu Kusumi) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Papancake [Limited Edition] (~Kirari Tsukishima Starring Koharu Kusumi) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Paradiso (~Tube) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Paradiso [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Tube) JPNUS$ 36.90
    Partner (~Jr.Dee & Friends) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Picnic At Cape Rose (~Rose Unlimited) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Pin-up Girl Single Collection (~Yumiko Araki) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Reminiscence [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~Nega) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Reminiscence [Limited Edition Type B] (~Nega) JPNN/A
    Repro (~Jazztronik) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Rogue Best Collection (~Rogue) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Ropeland Music [Limited Edition] (~Coil) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Ruddy Afterglow (~Sugar) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Ruddy Afterglow [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Sugar) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Say [CD+DVD Jacket A] (~Misono) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Say [Jacket B] (~Misono) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Sayonara Watashi No Natsu (~Ayaka Hirahara) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Shidoro Modoro (~Aikuru) JPNN/A
    Shidoro Modoro [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Aikuru) JPNN/A
    Shingo Yanagisawa No Climax Koshien [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 29.90
    Shinkokyu No Hitsuyo (~Natsu Kai) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Shoko No My Favorite Songs (~Shoko Haida) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Shounen Jidai (~Yosui Inoue) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Southern Lights (~Doa) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Southern Lights [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Doa) JPNUS$ 13.90
    Stand Up (~Chuo Tokkai) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Step By Step (~Kenji Hayashida) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Straight Single Collection (~Coco) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Subarashi Sekai (~Moomin) JPNUS$ 26.90
    Summer Drive JPNUS$ 19.90
    Summer Story (~Twenty4-7) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Summer Story [CD+DVD] (~Twenty4-7) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Sunset Live On Official Album - Love And Unity JPNUS$ 27.90
    Target Single Collection (~Shizue Abe) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Tears Of Anri 2 (~Anri) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Tegami (~Ai Takeuchi) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Tegami Feat.K / One Summer Time [CD+DVD Jacket A] (~Bright) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Tegami Feat.K / One Summer Time [Jacket B] (~Bright) JPNUS$ 9.90
    This World Is Perfectly Clear In Your Effect (~Fall Sets In) JPNUS$ 15.90
    Timely (~Anri) JPNUS$ 22.90
    Tong Pey (~Jew's Ear) JPNUS$ 22.90
    Tragenic 3 Mixed By DJ Yoshinori JPNUS$ 19.90
    True Links (~Home Grown) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Wardrobe Single Collection (~Yoshimi Iwasaki) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Watashi No Mama De Single Collection (~Mamiko Takai) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Weather Report Single Collection (~Yoshimi Iwasaki) JPNUS$ 19.90
    White Book [CD+DVD] (~Aktion) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Wonderful De Iko Single Collection (~Ribbon) JPNUS$ 19.90
    You & Me Single Collection (~Yumi Morio) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Yuki No Concerto Single Collection (~Chiemi Hori) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Yume Catalog Single Collection (~Onyanko Club) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Yume Moyo Single Collection (~Hitomi Ishikawa) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Yumeko Single Collection (~Yumeko Kitaoka) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Yuyu Kosen Single Collection (~Yuyu) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Zanto / Orange [Limited Edition] (~As.Milk) JPNUS$ 12.90
    Zushi (~Kimaguren) JPNUS$ 26.90

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    ENKA Music releases (1)

    Tsushima Hanto (~Katsuji Nagata) JPNUS$ 11.90

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    Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (27)

    Ami Koshimizu To Jun Fukuyama No Okamikku Radio (Radio DJCD Okami To Koshinryo / Wols & Spice) JPNUS$ 34.90
    Best Setting Sound Vol.03 Relaxing With Woodblue [CD+DVD] (~Woodblue) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Bleach Beat Collection 4th Session 2 JPNUS$ 19.99
    Chura Uta (The Prince of Tennis) [Limited Edition] (~Higa Chu) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Dears Seiza Monogatari Gaiden 25 No Monogatari (~Rie Kugimiya, Tomokazu Sugita) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Disney's Music Town - Holi16 JPNUS$ 19.90
    Flower of Bravery (Koihime Muso Intro Theme) (~Fripside) JPNUS$ 4.99
    Flower of Bravery (Koihime Muso Intro Theme) [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Fripside) JPNN/A
    Ghibli The Best JPNUS$ 28.99
    Gorgeous 4U (S A Special A Intro Theme) JPNUS$ 12.90
    Gyutto Good Luck (S A Special A Outro Theme) JPNUS$ 12.90
    High School Kimengumi Theme Song & Add-in Song Collection JPNUS$ 19.90
    Josei Idol De Kiku! Shudaika No Ayumi JPNUS$ 19.90
    Kirakira Kirara (Onegai My Melody Kirara Intro Theme) (~Yuka Uchiyae) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kitabonics (~Shuhei Kita) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Ku S - Secret Prince Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 29.90
    Mugen No Junin Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 29.90
    Musical Tennis No Ohjisama / The Prince of Tennis Dream Live 5th JPNN/A
    Okami To Kohaku Iro No Yuutsu (Okami To Koshinryo / Wolf & Spice Spin-off Drama CD) JPNN/A
    Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea JPNUS$ 28.90
    Riot Girl (~Aya Hirano) JPNUS$ 28.99
    Tokyo Disney Sea Bon Fire Dance JPNUS$ 19.90
    Tokyo Disneyland Cool The Heat 2008 JPNUS$ 19.90
    Tokyo Disneyland Star Light Dreams JPNUS$ 19.90
    Touch Theme Song & Add-in Song Collection JPNUS$ 22.90
    Wagahai Ha Shugoju De Aru. Ka (Kyoran Kazoku Nikki Outro Theme) [CD+DVD] (~Teika Midarezaki) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Way - Grand Aniki Style (~Ichiro Mizuki) JPNUS$ 28.90

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    Video Game Soundtracks (1)

    Gyakuten Saiban Tokubetsu Hout Orchestra Concert 2008 JPNUS$ 44.99

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    Hong Kong Version Music releases (5)

    Adventurous World [EP+Photo Album] (~Lollipop 2) HKUS$ 19.90
    Adventurous World [EP+Photo Album] (~Lollipop 2) HKUS$ 19.90
    Faces of FanFan (~Fan Wei Qi) HKN/A
    Lady K: Transformations (~Kary Ng) HKN/A
    Red Cliff [Original Soundtrack Special Edition] (~Various) HKN/A

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    Blu-ray Disc Movies (17)

    Alvin And The Chipmunks (~Jason Lee, David Cross, ...) HKUS$ 21.99
    College Road Trip (~Raven Symone, Martin Lawrence, ...) USN/A
    Dragon Ball Z - The History of Trunks / Bardock: Father of Goku USUS$ 34.90
    Enchanted (~Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (~Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, ...) USUS$ 34.90
    Seven Swords (~Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, ...) HKN/A
    Shutter (~Joshua Jackson, Megumi Okina, ...) USUS$ 16.90
    Signs (~Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Step Up 2 - The Streets (~Briana Evigan, Will Kemp, ...) HKUS$ 27.90
    Step Up 2: The Streets (~Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman, ...) USUS$ 15.99
    The Bank Job [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, ...) USUS$ 14.90
    The Golden Compass (~Nicole Kidman, Freddie Highmore, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    The Simpsons Movie [English / Cantonese Dub Version] HKUS$ 17.99
    The Warlords (~Jet Li, Andy Lau Tak Wah, ...) HKN/A
    Unbreakable (~Bruce Willis, Samuel L.jackson, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Virtual Trip Music Edition Island With Gontiti JPNUS$ 46.90
    Virtual Trip Yakushima Yukyu No Rakuen JPNUS$ 43.90

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    Anime & Animation (29)

    Blue Dragon - Tenkai No Shichiryu 1 (~Hitomi Nabatame, Saki Nakajima, ...) JPNUS$ 23.99
    Blue Dragon 13 (~Daisuke Namikawa, Romi Park, ...) JPNUS$ 54.90
    Clannad Vol.8 (~Mai Nakahara, Ryo Hirohashi, ...) JPNUS$ 59.90
    Clanned Vol.8 [Limited Edition] (~Mai Nakahara, Ryo Hirohashi, ...) JPNN/A
    Digi Charat Nyo Vol.8 USN/A
    Dragon Ball Z - The History of Trunks / Bardock: Father of Goku USUS$ 34.90
    Hello Kitty Ringo No Mori To Parallel Town Vol.7 (~Megumi Hayashibara, Miina Tominaga, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Hula Kappa Season 2 Vol.1 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Kimi Ga Aruji De Shitsuji Ga Ore De 4 (~Shizuka Ito, Akiko Koumoto) JPNUS$ 59.90
    Kurenai 1 (~Miyuki Sawashiro, Sawa Ishige, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Major America! Hatsu Chosen 4rd.Inning (~Shotaro Morikubo, Daisuke Namikawa, ...) JPNUS$ 57.90
    My Otome Vol.7 USN/A
    Shugo Chara Vol.6 (~Nanae Kato, Reiko Takagi, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Suteki Tanetei Labyrinth Case.7 (~Miyuki Sawashiro, Junichi Suwabe, ...) JPNUS$ 67.90
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Complete Collection USN/A
    The Simpsons Movie [English / Cantonese Dub Version] HKUS$ 17.99
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Chikyu Saigo No Ryu / Snufkin No Tabidachi (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Mama No Hiitsu / Moomin Dani No Chokokuka (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Moomin Dani No Haru / Maho No Boshi (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Moomin To Myy No Dai Boken / Snufkin No Tabidachi (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Obake To E Yokoso / Nyoronyoro No Himitsu (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Papa Wa Oganemochi / Circus No Heroine (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Sabishiso Na Papa / Tabi Ni Deta Mama (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Tove Jansson No Moomin: Tanoshi Moomin Ikka Suteki Na Otanjobi / Moomin No Tateta Ie (~Akio Ohtsuka, Ikuko Tani, ...) JPNUS$ 7.90
    Toward The Terra Series Part 1 USN/A
    Toward The Terra Vol.1 USN/A
    Toward The Terra Vol.2 USN/A
    Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Gogo Vol. 2 (~Yukiko Sanpei, Junko Takeuchi, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Duel Box 14 (~Kenn, Sanae Kobayashi, ...) JPNN/A

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    Hong Kong Version Movie releases (8)

    Anonymous Blood (~Han Ji min, Oh Tae kyeong, ...) HKUS$ 11.90
    Ghost House (~Jang Seo Hee, Cha Seung Won) HKN/A
    My Wife Is A Gambling Maestro <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Nick Cheung Kar Fai, Meng Yao, ...) HKUS$ 8.90
    Sayonara Color (~Naoto Takenaka, Harada Tomoyo, ...) HKUS$ 11.90
    Seven Swords (~Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, ...) HKN/A
    Show On Cruel Stage Concert Live [2DVD] (~Alan Law) HKN/A
    The Most Distant Course (~Mo Tze Yi, Jia Siao Quo, ...) HKUS$ 9.99
    The Warlords (~Jet Li, Andy Lau Tak Wah, ...) HKN/A

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    Japanese Movies (14)

    Brabra Banban (~Beni, Narumi Konno) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Dark Love - Rape JPNN/A
    Hitori Kakurenbo (~Saki Yamaguchi) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Kage Hinata Ni Saku (~Junichi Okada, Aoi Miyazaki, ...) JPNUS$ 34.90
    Kage Hinata Ni Saku Collector's Edition [2DVD+CD] (~Junichi Okada, Aoi Miyazaki, ...) JPNUS$ 67.90
    Kitaro Ga Mita Gyokusai - Shigeru Mizuki No Senso (~Teruyuki Kagawa, Tomoko Tabata, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Kuchisake Onna 2 (~Yukie Kawamura, Mayuko Iwasa) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Ore Tachi No Sekai JPNUS$ 37.90
    Rookies Omote Box (~Ryuta Sato, Hayato Ichihara, ...) JPNUS$ 75.90
    Shika Otoko Awoniyoshi DVD Box Director's Cut Edition (~Hiroshi Tamaki, Haruka Ayase, ...) JPNUS$ 227.90
    Sono Kodomo / Aoi Saru JPNUS$ 37.90
    Sumire 16 Sai DVD Box 1 (~Nako Mizusawa, Kaoru Hirata, ...) JPNUS$ 119.90
    Theatrical Feature Aquarian Age (~Nao Nagasawa, Alice Nine) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Theatrical Feature Aquarian Age Premium Edition [Limited Edition] (~Nao Nagasawa, Alice Nine) JPNUS$ 64.90

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    Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (27)

    Eight Below (~Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, ...) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Enchanted (~Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Enchanted 2-Disc Special Edition (~Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Enchanted Tokyo Girls Collection Honey Salon Collaboration Poach & DVD Set [Limited Edition] (~Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, ...) JPNN/A
    Hollow Man 2 [Limited Pressing] (~Christian Slater, Peter Facinelli, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Hollow Man [Limited Pressing] (~Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Ninja Cheerleaders JPNUS$ 37.90
    Shadow Puppet (~James Marsters, Tony Todd) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Shanghai Love Story DVD Box 2 (~Hubing, Kelly Lin, ...) JPNUS$ 167.90
    Shukumei Making Version K - Shukumei De Miseru Kwon Sang-Woo (~Kwon Sangwoo) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Shukumei Making Version S - Shukumei De Miseru Song Seung-Heon (~Song Seung Heon) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Signs (~Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Soul Mate DVD Box JPNUS$ 227.90
    Soul Mate Vol.1 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Soul Mate Vol.2 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Soul Mate Vol.3 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Soul Mate Vol.4 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Soul Mate Vol.5 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Soul Mate Vol.6 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Starship Troopers 2 [Limited Pressing] (~Richard Burgi, Ed Lauter) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Super Croc (~Kim Little) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Golden Compass (~Nicole Kidman, Freddie Highmore, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90
    The Golden Compass Collector's Edition (~Nicole Kidman, Freddie Highmore, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Treasureisland Kids: Battle Of Treasure Island JPNUS$ 37.90
    Treasureisland Kids: Mystery Of Treasure Island JPNUS$ 37.90
    Treasureisland Kids: The Monster Of Treasure Island JPNUS$ 37.90
    Unbreakable (~Bruce Willis, Samuel L.jackson, ...) JPNUS$ 46.90

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    J-Pop DVD releases (10)

    Abingdon Boys School Japan Tour 2008 (~Abingdon Boys School) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Abingdon Boys School Japan Tour 2008 [Limited Edition] (~Abingdon Boys School) JPNN/A
    Berryz Kobo & Cute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008 Haru - Berryz Kamen VS Cutie Ranger - With Berryz Kobo Tracks (~Berryz Kobo, Cute) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Clips Vol.1 (~SS501) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Mi Houdai - Et-king Video Clip Collection (~Et-king) JPNUS$ 36.90
    Rip Slyme Fun Fair Tour Final At Budokan (~Rip Slyme) JPNUS$ 45.90
    Sg Wanna Be New Year Concert 2008 My Way (~Sg Wanna Be+) JPNUS$ 54.90
    Tamio Okuda Fantastic Tour 08 (~Tamio Okuda) JPNUS$ 47.90
    The Voice 10th Anniversary Concert (~Kokia) JPNUS$ 59.90
    Tokyo.Ten JPNUS$ 47.90

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    Misc Japanese Movie releases (5)

    Bangumi Tanjo 40 Shunen Kinen Ban 8 Ji Dayo! Zenin Shugo 2008 DVD Box [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 107.90
    Bemani Top Ranker Ketteisen 2008 DVD JPNN/A
    Megumi Yasu DVD Box (~Megumi Yasu) JPNUS$ 97.90
    Refreshing (~Yukie Kawamura) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Tropical Blossom (~Yoko Kumada) JPNUS$ 37.90

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    Idol DVD (14)

    Azumi Suwa T-Front No Subete (~Azumi Suwa) JPNN/A
    Bookmark (~Shiori Kanzaki) JPNN/A
    Chisepyonzu 11 (~Chise Nakamura) JPNN/A
    Feat. A.K.I.K.O (~Akiko Seo) JPNN/A
    Gekisha Premium Inran (~Inran) JPNN/A
    Jukujo No Juku Kyaku Shihori Endo Johin Okusama No Skirt Mekuri (~Shihori Endo) JPNN/A
    M (~Aimi Hoshii) JPNN/A
    Megami No Sugao Rai Morii (~Rai Morii) JPNN/A
    My Kinenbi (~Mai Iwata) JPNN/A
    Sofia Chronicle Vol.14 JPNN/A
    Sweet Pie (~Marin) JPNN/A
    Tama Chihiro No Loli Dama DX (~Chihiro Manabe) JPNN/A
    Tama Sayaka No Loli Dama DX (~Sayaka Nigaki) JPNN/A
    Treasure Chest (~Erina Matsui) JPNN/A

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