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WEEKLY RELEASES: Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, WWE 2K14, Gundam Breaker, and Chou Jijigen Geimu Neptune RE: Birth 1!

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As a Pirate it is your right to rule both land and seas! In the Caribbean, Black Flag allows you to set sail in 1715, the Golden Age of Piracy, and plunder to your heart's content as the pirate captain Edward Kenway. 

Much like the previous installments in the franchise, the mixture of action and history grabs the player, drops a sword and pistol into their hand, and crowns you the Assassin in a strange new world. Sail the seven seas, and engage in massive naval battles for your life and gold. With 50 different locations to explore, each new one will fully immerse the player in a world both inspired and afraid by the piracy of the time. 

The title being based largely at sea means that your ship is just as important as you are, and Ubisoft have opened up the option to customize and upgrade your ship to be your very own war machine. As you explore you will come across hidden treasures, very rare animals to hunt, and even underwater wrecks.

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The Battlefield franchise needs little introduction, with the previous three installments already being household names Battlefield 4 is modeled after the excellence of it's predecessors'. 

The biggest focus of Dice is creating a singleplayer experience built with open-play at the core, while continuing and adding on the the already successful multiplayer play. The openness of campaign gameplay is designed to play more like a multiplayer match. The player will have an end-objective on a mission, but how you reach that point is up to you. Giving you all the tools from multiplayer, such as vehicles, your strategy will not be hindered in any way. 

Boasting the Frostbite Engine 3, Battlefield 4 is already said to be a graphical leap for next-gen games.

WWE 2K14

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Leave the masses at the ringside as you take on the limelight and become one of the most famous professional wrestlers ever. WWE 2K14 is the latest entry of this series; developers 2K games have pumped this game up with as many diverse improvements possible to ensure an immersive wrestling experience.

WWE 2K14 also boasts a new single player campaign called "The 30 Years of WrestleMania," a nostalgic gameplay mode that reinvents nearly three decades of WWE history, including more than 45 matches, classic WWE footage and many legendary characters.

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Gundam Breaker lets players customize their own Gundam models and then pilot them in battles against other models of all different sizes in real world locations. The title could easily be described as a Dynasty Warriors-style hack and slash with tons of customizable options. As you battle other models, you can gain their parts and become stronger yourself - which means you can fight your favorite enemies from the Gundam anime and take their power!

For a limited amount of time all Vita pre-orders of Gundam Breaker are reduced in price! Since both PS3 and Vita use the same online world you can have the same game experience on the platform of your choice.

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Hyperdimension Neptunia RE;Birth 1 will be a remake of the original Hyperdimension Neptunia. Based on released screenshots and information from the developers, RE;Birth 1 will implement a great many of the changes since the original titles release, borrowing from both mk2 and Victory, the most noticable of which are the dungeon layouts and battle system. Rather than the traditional standing line-up battles that were in the original title, Re;Birth uses the free-movement combat system that was introduced in mk2, along with Victory's EXE Guage. 

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