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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, Fairy Fencer F, AquaPazza + MORE!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of titles for less so you can play without all the pay! This week we packed the lineup with Japanese RPGs and amazing arcade fighters!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons or free shipping with our Weekly Special offers.


PlayStation®3 PlayStation®Vita [Fighting]

While Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! (more exclamation marks = better) may be old news for avid arcade-goers, but for console gamers it was big news in 2014!

Delve into the fantasy world filled with Sacred Maidens fighting the demonic arts in Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! In the quest to restore The International Holy Spirit Institutions after the gruesome “Great Kanto Incident”, the Valkyries who were granted great power, emerge and stand in the way of the adorable combatant.

So what major developments have been made to warrant all that punctuation? The biggest updates from the 2009 arcade title are the newest features: time-attack, survival, gallery, replay viewer and 90-mission trial mode. Stages and music from the original Arcana Heart have also been added to LOVE MAX.

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!!PlayStation 3US US$ 19.9924h
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!!PlayStation VitaUS US$ 21.9924h


PlayStation®3 [RPG]

A hugely anticipated JRPG for all the right reasons, Fairy Fencer F is a completely new franchise supported by the backing of JRPG industry veterans - all of whom are celebrities in their field. Featuring Yoshitaka Amano as the concept artist, Nobuo Uematsu as composer, Tsunako as a character designer, Toshiki Inoue as a screen writer and the "Neptunia Team" on development, this flagship game for Compile Heart's new RPG branch 'Galapagos' is seriously packing some firepower!

As a freshman Fencer you'll need to collect 'Furies', weapons left over from the war between the Goddess and the Vile God, and channel their hidden energy to overcome your enemies. 

Battling your way through the story won't be the only way to increase your stats though! By completing certain tasks set by the 'Challenge Sytem' - some will be non-combat related like jumping 100 times while others will be reserved for using certain combat abilities!

Fairy Fencer FPlayStation 3US sold


PlayStation®3 [Fighting]

Though originally released in Japanese arcades in 2011, AquaPazza is a new western PS3 entry in the 2D fighting genre and is heavily influenced by anime, huge combos and the unique AquaPlus/Examu Partner fighting system.

Examu, the creators of the acclaimed Arcana Heart series have combined their fighting game expertise with AquaPlus and all the characters from the latter's anime series plus franchises; many of these characters have been featured in AquaPlus' branch of adult games (Eroge) made by their subsidiary Leaf.

No doubt an eclectic cast of 26 characters - from the bookworm Manaka who literally uses bookshelves to smash fools to the beautiful Sasara, master of the lance and shield - this PS3 version features famous characters from Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara, all the To Heart series, Kizuato, Routes, Comic Party, and White Album.

As well, each character has their own storyline; when completed, another story mode with an alternate ending is then made available for play. For even more content, there is also a time-attack mode, training mode, gallery mode and online modes like tournament mode with enabled spectators, ranked/unranked matches and friends-only matches.

AquaPazza: Aquaplus Dream MatchPlayStation 3US US$ 34.995-15d

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is the sequel to Conception: Ore No Kodomo O Undekure, a game exclusive to the Japanese region (but believe us it is not at all necessary to enjoy this game). For the sequel, we are much luckier when it comes to the prospects of both available localization and languages. 

In Conception II, players take on the role of a young man starting his education to be a Disciple, gifted with the divine powers of the Star Gods. Disciples possess the rare ability to combine powers with the seven heroines. Together they will create ethereal creatures called "Star Children" to aid and fight for them in battles. Indeed, it's baby-making time!

These feisty progeny then take their parents' skills and lead the turn-based action against the evil monsters of the Pandora Labyrinths. Conception II's story features multiple endings based on the player's choices - so choose wisely!

Conception II: Children of the Seven StarsPlayStation VitaUS US$ 34.991w


Nintendo DS™ [Action / Platformer]

The title that was hailed as the rebirth of Contra - bringing the franchise back to its classic gameplay roots is getting the limelight in Weekly Special!

Set after the events of Contra III: Alien Wars, Contra 4 follows mercenaries Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as they battle to save the world from a new extraterrestrial threat.

Contra 4 takes advantage of the dual screens of the Nintendo DS to deliver all the seamless action - with massive enemies, detailed platform gaming and mind-blowing set pieces!

Using a variety of upgradable weapons, take the fight to the alien army of the Black Viper and reclaim Earth for mankind in single-player action or 2-player co-op mode.

Contra 4Nintendo DSUS US$ 44.9924h


PlayStation®Vita [RPG]

Tales of Innocence expands from the 3DS version, that many fans know and love, onto the PSVita with a big graphics overhaul, two new playable characters (as well as new artwork), new gameplay elements, re-imagined scenarios and areas, as well as the introduction of many new anime-style cut scenes to aid the storytelling. 

The new game uses the 'DILM' battle system that reflects the gamer's style and skills directly. Stringing combos together and fighting has become much more intuitive. The game also revamps the AI system: instead of just basic commands, players can now assign AI characters five specific commands, each with its own priority level. Players can create and switch between five different AI combos to fit different situations - adding a lot more depth to the combat and strategy. 

Some of the new gameplay changes specific to the PSVita version include the "Rave System", where each time the character successfully hits the enemy it fills their 'Rave Gauge'. The Rave Gauge has four levels, and each level has a corresponding Rave Ability that is activated for each level. Players can customize which ability goes to which level and these abilities are purchased from the Grade Shop using 'Grade Points'. At the highest most level it allows players to activate several Rave Abilities simultaneously to attack the enemy in combat.

Tales of Innocence RPlayStation VitaASIA sold


Nintendo DS™ [Action RPG]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days keeps the action role-playing gameplay style of the previous games in the series very much alive. In order to accomplish the high quality gameplay we've come to expect from KH the game makes minimal use of the system's touch screen functionality, in fact it is possible to play and complete the game without using it at all.

358/2 Days includes single player and multiplayer modes of play. The single player mode is quite a bit different from the previous installations as it follows  the player controlling Roxas (Sora's 'Nobody'), who is accompanied by other Organization XIII members on missions to various Disney worlds from the previous games - as well as 'The World That Never Was'. The two different gameplay modes share character growth and progression between them.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysNintendo DSUS US$ 29.991-2w

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