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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain Director's Cut (GH), Far Cry 3, Journey (Collector's Edition), Dead Island: Riptide (Special Edition), Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and Hitman Absolution!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of premium titles for less so you can play without all the pay! To the Games!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchases. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons along with this special offer.


PlayStation®3 Xbox360™ [FPS/RPG]

If you've haven't gotten into the Far Cry franchise and don't know where to start, then this game is the one. Similar to all the games from the series, players are literally dropped into a lush tropical world where beauty belies the danger. How one overcomes the trials depends on their approach as all Far Cry games have been sandbox in nature.

In this instance, you are Jason Brody, stuck in an island where every inhabitant you encounter is dubious at best; swept into an insular world of factions and choices, how you survive the onslaught of marauders, pirates, mercenaries and wildlife - it is all up to you. And speaking of wildlife, no other game conditions you to fear bears and tigers like this one; there is nothing more organic than finding the best way to tackle an enemy outpost all the while surrounded by predators in wait! 

Featuring an stellar engin , multiplayer co-op and competitive modes, a map maker, and perhaps one of the best video game villains ever, Far Cry 3 is superb game not to be missed!

Far Cry 3PlayStation 3 (PS3)US sold
Far Cry 3Xbox360 (360)US sold

PlayStation®3 [Adventure/Art]

Would you believe that by playing one game with merely 2 hours of gameplay would wash away all the bad memories from previous titles that promised but never delivered? Journey is that game, and the community whom have tried it swear by how integral this game is with regards to context in the ever-changing world of video games.

As many games are inherently violent, Journey forgoes this formula to bring out the developer's intended reaction in gamers; how can a game bring strangers together and create an unforgettable bond based on a journey? Featuring the first video game OST nominated for a Grammy, Journey is definitely a highly recommended title. This Collector's Edition also includes the titles Flower & flOw, 3 exclusive mini-games, a 30 minute making-of documentary, and creator commentary for all three major titles. 

Journey Collector's EditionPlayStation 3 (PS3)US US$ 24.9924h

PlayStation®3 [Interactive Drama/Adventure]

Having received the status at being premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, Beyond: Two Souls might just be the game to fully bridge the arts of video games and cinema.

A unique psychological action thriller featuring the likeliness and talents of Academy Award Nominees Ellen Page and William Dafoe, delve into an original story of a young girl chasing a phantom of 15 years through a perilous course of extraordinary challenges set with heavy tones of spirituality, emotions, memories and catharsis.

Beyond: Two SoulsPlayStation 3 (PS3)US US$ 14.9924h

PlayStation®3 [Adventure]

Experience a gripping psychological crime thriller filled with innumerable twists and turns, where even the smallest actions and choices can cause dramatic consequences. The hunt is on for the Origami Killer, named after his calling card of leaving folded paper shapes on victims. Four characters, each with their own motives, take part in a desperate attempt to stop the killer from claiming a new victim.

As an interactive drama the story is at the forefront of this PlayStation exclusive - experience even more of the game with the Director's Cut allowing you access to behind-the-scenes footage and 'the Taxidermist' DLC.

Heavy Rain: Director's Cut (Greatest Hits)PlayStation 3 (PS3)US US$ 22.991w

PlayStation®3 [Action]

Taking place immediately after the events of Dead Island, the 4 survivors are back - with a new playable character in tow. Gameplay includes 5 total different characters with specialized and upgradable skills.

Fend off the re-animated fisticuffs style; visceral melee and limb targeting returns in Dead Island: Riptide! Featuring a bloody mess of additions while keeping mechanics true to the original, players are exposed to new vehicles, higher environment detail, better weapons, a new defense mode, and the ability to transfer their save file from the previous game. 

Special Edition includes Alternate Character Skin, Pack of Weapon MODs, Digital Strategy Map!

Dead Island: Riptide (Special Edition)PlayStation 3 (PS3)US sold


Xbox360™ [Action RPG]

If you're new to Dragon's Dogma, you better be ready for an adventure and experience like no other game can offer. With an environment that does true justice to the fantasy genre, you'll find yourself completely and utterly immersed in the thrills of the game. Make use of your AI group companions as you fight against massive beasts and enemies - and of course, Dragons! 

This game takes dragons (and big enemies in general) to a whole new level, climb on to their back but be careful not to be thrown off as it flies into the sky and attempts to crush you to death! These aren't your Skyrim dragons, oh no - they will 'Fus Ro Dunk' your butt from the sky.

Dragon's Dogma is a game of some difficulty, but with incredible immersion that will keep you testing your personal limits as a gamer.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenXbox360 (360)KOR sold


PlayStation®3 [Action]

Follow 'Agent 47', a cold blooded assassin, who takes on his most dangerous contract to date. Betrayed by those he trusted and hunted by the police, he finds himself at the centre of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a personal journey through a corrupt and twisted world, in his search for the truth.

Make even greater use of the disguise tactics, you can disguise yourself visually but also impersonate them in a way that characters will react. With the use of the Glacier 2 engine, the world is even more detailed and reactive than ever before. 

Hitman: AbsolutionPlayStation 3 (PS3)US US$ 19.9924h

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