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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Bioshock Infinite, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Prototype 2, DMC: Devil May Cry, Just Dance 4, and The Walking Dead - A TellTale Game Series!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we select a batch of games that you may have been waiting on; this week is no different! With a large variety, we hope you find what you need!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons along with this special offer.


Nintendo NDS™ [Platform Action RPG] 

The Metroidvania genre has always been a welcome one; this classic for the NDS celebrates by evolving this formula. The legendary Castlevania series is back with an all-new action packed adventure. Take control of two heroes, vampire killer Jonathan Morris and his ally Charlotte Orlean, a girl with tremendous magical ability. Switch back and forth between their unique and powerful skills amidst the chaos of World War II, all while exploring the return of Dracula's Castle.

Castlevania: Portrait of RuinUS US$ 39.9924h

PlayStation3™ Xbox360™ [Action Adventure]

Shape-shift, and tear your enemies into shreds in Prototype 2! Customize every part of your body and seek to rid the one who made you this way. Alex Mercer is out there somewhere, but you have to battle hordes of behemoth sized bio-weapons, regiments of guards and soldiers and immense dangers to reach to him. Revenge is not easy, but it sure is easier with the powers in Prototype 2.

Prototype 2PlayStation 3 (PS3)US US$ 19.991w
Prototype 2Xbox360 (360)US sold

PlayStation3™ [Action Adventure]

A lot of gamers were skeptical about a reboot of such a beloved franchise but DMC deserves the praise they have received for keeping the fast paced combat the way we love it. Delve into Dante's early years as the gameplay becomes even more brutal than before. Top Capcom staff have taken special care that this series stays true to the roots while making excellent use of today's technology. Teaming up with UK's Ninja Theory the developers were able to create the narrative required to keep such an adrenaline filled game digestible. Be reimmersed into the DMC DNA, and see if Ninja Theory and Capcom were able to do justice to Devil May Cry

DMC: Devil May CryPlayStation 3 (PS3)US US$ 24.991-2w


Wii U™ [Dance]

Ready to party it up with Just Dance 4! Sure, this isn't a game for the hardcore - but everyone wants to relax and just act a little crazy with friends (and you can still keep that competitive gamer inside happy by beating your friends at dancing too!). With tons of popular songs, you can out-score your friends to whatever genre of music as you hammer-dance your way to good times.

Just Dance 4US US$ 24.991w


PlayStation®Vita [Graphic Adventure]

If you're a fan of the comic books or TV shows you'd be crazy not to fall in love with this game. And if you are a fan of games reminiscent of old school adventures, you'd be even crazier not to fall in love! As a 5-part series TellTale captures the essence of the devastated world that Robert Kirkman created in his comics. Play as a convict who is looking to redeem himself in life - and he can as a result of the zombie apocalypse. Protect your friends, find shelter, and above all else survive!

The Walking Dead - A TellTale Games SeriesUS US$ 29.9924h


PlayStation3™ Xbox360™ [First Person Shooter]

Indebted to the wrong people, with his life on the line, veteran of the U.S. Cavalry and hired gun, Booker DeWitt has one way to wipe his slate clean. He must rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since childhood and locked up in the flying city of Columbia. Forced to trust one another, the duo create a powerful bond during their daring escape. Together, they learn to harness an expanding arsenal of weapons and abilities, as they fight on zeppelins in the clouds, along high-speed Sky-Lines, and down in the streets of Columbia, all while surviving the threats of the air-city and uncovering its dark secret.

BioShock InfinitePlayStation 3 (PS3)US sold
BioShock InfiniteXbox360 (360)US sold

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