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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Caladrius Blaze, Alien: Isolation, Diablo III + MORE!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of titles for less so you can play without all the pay! We've got great games at even better prices!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please do bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons or free shipping with our Weekly Special offers.


PlayStation®3 [SHMUP]

Get excited because Moss' Caladrius is on our Weekly Special! With fantastic art and cutscenes to accompany the adrenaline inducing gameplay this critically acclaimed shooter has received an update, rocketing it onto the must-have list for any PS3 owner with a love for bullet hell shooters!

Featuring many of the weapon styles you're used to in Shoot 'Em Ups, Caladrius Blaze retains the gameplay of the original keeping mechanics like the 'Element Shoot System' - a special attack that makes each character unique - intact. 'Elemental Shots', which can be either defensively or offensively, will also retained along with the resource management system 'Element Gauge'.

We've come to expect excellence across the board from a Moss title, and Caladrius Blaze takes the original title and doesn't disappoint! The fantastic Suzuhito Yasuda, the artist behind Caladrius (360)Durarara!!, and Devil Survivor, has contributed extra content in the form of new artwork, stages, characters, bosses, and characters! Some might say putting it on the region-free PS3 is one of the best upgrades they could have done!

Caladrius Blaze (Japanese)PlayStation 3ASIA sold

PlayStation®3 Xbox360™ [FPS]

Frenetic fast paced action is back again in the newest Call of Duty. As the sixth game, Call of Duty: Ghost is the tenth installment in the now-staple FPS series.

Set ten years after a tragic event forever transforming the geopolitical scene, the United States is in complete disarray, and a new foe with newly emerged technologies call all shots. In response, the surviving remnants of United States’ Special Operation Forces were gathered to create an elite group of troops - determined to eliminate all threats and protect the remains of America. This Special Force is called "Ghost".

Featuring environmental hazards, fish that react to your position, a mo-capped dog companion that you will care for, increased character customization and of course, the most intense firefights possible, Call of Duty Ghosts is a great pickup for your gaming backlog - especially at such a competitive price!

Call of Duty: GhostsPlayStation 3US US$ 7.991-5d
Call of Duty: GhostsXbox360US US$ 21.991-2w


PlayStation®3 [Action / Stealth]

Is it too good to be true? Could this be the Alien game we were promised? The Alien game we deserve!? 

Alien: Isolation is largely focused on stealth mechanics, and unlike most video game adaptations of the Alien franchise Alien: Isolation features few Aliens throughout its duration requiring the player to go unnoticed in order to survive being hunted. That doesn't mean there is no shooting, you will encounter humans and androids to get your FPS fill but it should not consume the gameplay. In fact, increasing your light or sound makes it all the easier to be found. 

All that said the most exciting aspect of the game is the Alien and it's AI, and how it will track down our protagonist. Both you and the Alien will have ways to thwart each other through the non-linear level (reportedly featuring multiple exit and entry points) but the developer's goal is to make you feel like the AI is tracking you, learning from you, and toying with you. If that isn't unnerving enough, you will be unable to track the Alien's specific location and have no information at all if the Alien is not moving. 

Adding to the immersion, the game will feature no on-screen HUD forcing you to inhibit your attention while using your inventory items to gather information. The developers even go so far as to introduce a depth-of-field effect making it impossible to see the Alien's location and what is in front of you at the same time. Alien: Isolation also features a crafting system allowing the player to create weapons and tools to defend themselves. The items used for crafting appear in randomized locations throughout the levels, forcing players to explore in order to find them on each playthrough instead of memorizing their locations. 

Alien: Isolation (English)PlayStation 3ASIA sold


PlayStation®3 Xbox360™ [Action RPG / Hack + Slash]

From the series that set a record for the fastest-selling PC game to date, the Diablo franchise has been taken the leap to consoles! As the Angel of Death and his evil powers strengthen, players must stand their ground and secure the safety of humanity. As monsters swarm and attempt to devour the land, it's up to the players to send them back to the depths.

Play through the game as a barbarian, witch doctor, monk, demon hunter, wizard, and the newest addition: the crusader, an ironclad juggernaut! Unlock the potential of each class as you learn their skillset nuances and the best ways to min/max. Conquer hordes of enemies in a true hack and slash style and unlock new skills to help you do that even better; customize the properties of your weapons and slay to your heart's content in an array of beautifully imagined environments!

Reaper of Souls introduces some welcomed gameplay additions namely the Adventure Mode and Bounties. Adventure Mode is unlocked upon completetion of Act V and allows players to explore every region currently available in the game, without having to create a new game. The new objectives (including Bounties and Nephalem Rifts) are made available in this mode.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil EditionPlayStation 3US sold
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil EditionXbox360, KinectUS sold


Xbox360™ [Fighting]

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona 4 Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold in Japan, continues the thrilling adventures that fans have been craving! This action filled 2D fighting game follows the events of its predecessor Persona 4 Arena with new offerings in gameplay, characters and more mind blowing mysteries to unravel. Join Persona 4's Investigative Team and former SEES from Persona 3 as they find themselves battling once more - exhausting all they've got to save their friends against an unknown enemy.

Set just a couple of days after the events of Persona 4, the city of Inaba is engulfed in a mysterious red fog and the midnight channel had returned showing Mitsuru, Akihiko, Euuka and Aigis as prisoners; Save the said hostages and battle as characters from the previous Persona 3 and 4 or as Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori as the games newest playable characters. 

P4A Ultimax also introduces Sho Minazuki as a brand new character that can both be used with or without Persona. Shadow versions of almost all characters will appear in the game, each having unique abilities that differentiate them from their regular counterparts.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax orders will ship with the Launch Edition Bonus.

Persona 4 Arena UltimaxXbox360, KinectUS US$ 37.9924h


PlayStation®4 [Dance]

Bring the party back in Just Dance 2014! A new iteration of the famous dance game that will bring all new moves with breakthrough features for every motion control platform. This game contains over 40 of the hottest tracks and dances that you can jive along to. It's set to feature a blend of old and new music, with artist such as Bob Marley, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Rihanna, Psy, ABBA, and the Village People with their song Y.M.C.A. 

Just Dance 2014 will feature returning modes like Dance Mashup, Alternative Mode, Puppet Master Mode, Dance Battle, Dance Quests and Dancer Card. Get “Mojo Points” to boost your rank up and unlock dance mashups, new dancer card avatars, alternative modes, battles and more. Players can monitor their workout routine with “Just Sweat” that is first time on Just Dance. It can monitor heart rate by the motion of dance moves and exhaustion. Heart Rate is calculated at the end of the session. Accumulated heart rate is kept in Sweat Storage that is also new to the game. 

Just Dance 2014PlayStation 4US sold

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